Correspondence with a colleague – it is worth protesting?

Correspondence with a colleague – it is worth protesting?


This conversation started a a couple of months ago when a subscriber asks about getting some leaflets. Ed.

They wrote:

Can you send me your options please for what leaflets you have, and the costs?
I feel I need to do a leaflet drop in my locality. I am thinking A5 size – either one or 2 sided.
I have had the idea of doing my own leaflet, but since you seem to have a few leaflet options
already, I need to be clear if I want to say anything else,  or the present the issues differently.

For what it’s worth, I briefly brain-stormed my thoughts, and thought the header should  be:

Say NO to 5G. Then it needs to cover briefly and > succinctly:
> – What is 5G?
> – How is it being rolled out?
> – What are the dangers?
> – How can one say “No”?

I replied:

The only options I have at the moment is the original one as mentioned in the website with the big antenna on the front.   I totally agree with you about the preferred size, A5

If you wish to do your own leaflet and have the means to create the artwork, then your best bet is where you can get 5000 double sided leaflets for £50.
I agree with you about “say no to 5G”. My only problem with that is that the population is not really fully aware of what they should ‘say no’ to; that argument would perhaps better be applied to Smart Meters.

I can see an argument for rewriting the leaflet.

Yes by all means use my old artwork, copy, if you wish.

They replied:

I have come to the conclusion that it is too late to stop  implementation and rollout of the technology, based on interactions. I have had with my local MP and also some guys who were changing a light  bulb on a street lamp. I said in a jocular tone, “i hope it’s not one  of those 5G  ones?”. He abruptly and quite assertively said, “I  don’t know what that is”. My arse.

The next option is removing the threat as and when it occurs. But  scientific measurement of the radiation is required to be sure – I know  nothing about that side of the subject. It is going to require a more  technically informed public, who are content to deal with the threat  without resulting to bureaucracy. The MP’s and local councils are not  on the people’s side.

To which I replied

This whole 5G/EMF topic is the biggest takeover of consciousness and the human mind/soul in the history of the world.

The people who conceived this decades ago made sure that the national and international management have been well compromised. The creatures behind the scenes knew there would be an outcry and have thus taken the appropriate steps. That is why those in control are deaf to our words.

I cannot exclude the possibility that ‘people power’ could change the scenario. There is a mountain of scientific evidence to show that 5G is in the class one carcinogenic category but whilst all the mainstream media suppressed this it is left to the alternative press to do their best and I believe they are doing so. The 5G video on my site gives ample evidence of this

My own particular point of view is perhaps a spiritual one more than anything else. I don’t think this life is the only one and this body is the only thing we possess but we are spirits having an experience in the human body as David Icke would say. I think our thrust and momentum on a daily basis determines where the real us, the essence of us, we’ll end up so in a way I’m working on this by putting out as much as possible to as many people as possible.

The point is that no one knows if their own example might be a tipping point. The 5G monsters have gone way over the top for example as Tom Fellows did, declaiming in public that research is not necessary. That will come back and haunt him one day.

Meanwhile I would think it is sensible thing to follow the commonsense rules and minimise the use of anything which involves wireless EMF and possibly exploring the wearing of clothes which offer some measure of protection, though having said that, I am not sure how much protection is actually offered in the absence of earthing.



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