Meeting with Councillors and officers 6th of March 2019

Meeting with Councillors and officers 6th of March 2019

Hope you can all arrange a meeting with Councillors where you are! And do make a Freedom of Information request. The Public have the right to now…. 
Report of Meeting with Councillors and officers 6th of March 2019
Present: John Hobart, Steve Hastings, Alex Minns, Jim Fawcett, Tanja Rebel
Focus was on three questions: 5G Wireless Technology, Climate Emergency and Cycling Provision
1) 5G: Tanja read out the quote from Onthewight 10th of March 2018 where residents were assured that “any testing or deployment [of 5G] would be subject to full scrutiny under our member decision making and planning regulations.”  Kindly see further down for full quote and source. 
Tanja asked how this squares with the recent announcement by Vodafone that it is making the Isle of Wight “5G ready”. Councillors and Officers promised to get to the bottom of this and to come back with more information as soon as possible. Tanja also asked them to request that Government allows for independent Health and Environmental Impact Assessments before any roll-out. On top of this, robust statements are needed by Planning Committee to ensure that it will not allow any roll-out on the Island without these assessments. Council must also allow for Public Consultations, as promised by Councillor Hobart. A Public Meeting arranged by concerned residents will take place on Sunday 24th of March 3pm in the Utilitarian Meeting House in Newport and Tanja asked for a representative of the Council to be present at this meeting. 
The first Duty of Councillors – and Government – should be to protect Public and Environment. The UK Government is seriously flouting its Duty of Care with regards to 5G, but the Isle of Wight Council needs to dare put its foot down on this. To expose residents to 24/7 mandatory pulsed millimeter radiation without said strategic impact assessments is against the Law and would constitute a breach of Human Rights. Potentially, roll-out of 5G without Due Diligence would constitute a Crime Against Humanity and serious litigation could follow. In this context, it is important to note that LLoyds of London Insurers, who will insure almost anything, as long ago as 2010 identified wireless technologies as an uninsurable risk. No insurance company in the world will now cover health risks from WIFI or EMF radiation – see further down for source. 
What’s more, the INCRP guidelines, which both Government and Public Health England are referring, to are out of date. The Lancet states in 2018 that: 
“It has been widely claimed that radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, being non-ionising radiation, does not possess enough photon energy to cause DNA damage. This has now been proven wrong experimentally.Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation causes DNA damage apparently through oxidative stress,

similar to near-UV radiation, which was also long thought to be harmless.”–bLjm8zybmfmM
2) Climate Emergency: Tanja asked that the Council declare an Environmental Emergency where all forms of pollution – including Light – in particular Blue-Rich White Light (BRWL) – pollution and Electo-Magnetic Radiaton (EMR) pollution – are included and where urgent Action Points are developed to ensure that the Island becomes Carbon, Air, BRWL and EMR pollution free. Councillors Hastings stated that he preferred the term “Climate Aware”/Environmental Aware”, Tanja was concerned that this would not be strong enough. Regardless of title, the main point is that urgentmeasurable targets are set out to combat above forms of pollution.  Another one to add is the banning of harmful pesticides and herbicides, such as Glyphosate, which is still used by Island Roads to spray Public Spaces….
3) Cycling Provision: Tanja asked Councillors and Officers to make Cycle Infrastructure (whether shared or separate) an absolute priority and to speed up the process to create a fully connected, commutable Cycle Network by 2022. Getting people on their bikes would greatly reduce the amount of Carbon emissions (and Air Pollution) on the Island, but for that to happen cycling needs to be made safe – away from the road – and healthy – away from fumes. Councillors and Officers agreed that this is important and Mr Minns would ask Officers to publicise some of the good work that is going on with regards to the West Wight and East-Cowes route. Whilst this is welcome, Tanja asked for the completion of the whole network to become a priority and for that to be one of the main targets once Environmental Emergency has been declared.
Full scrutiny assured
Residents who are worried about the possible risks of 5G to the health of those living on the Isle of Wight will be comforted to know that “any testing or deployment would be subject would be subject to full scrutiny” by members of the council.

The council spokesperson finished by saying,

“Those who have concerns regarding any potential negative impacts of 5G technology need to be assured that if the council is approached again to take a more active role in bringing 5G technology to the Island, or if any future test bed bid is successful, any testing or deployment would be subject to full scrutiny under our member decision making and planning regulations.”

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