Huge post from Kate Kheel – well worth a look

Huge post from Kate Kheel – well worth a look

H.R.7236 – Radiofrequency Radiation Site Safety Information Act of 2018
New Telecom-generated House Resolution. Was it in response to Senator Blumenthal’s letter to FCC Commissioner Carr  requesting “the science” re health effects of 5g? Who knows its etiology. 
The gist of this new bill is that a so-called “independent” data base (designated by the FCC and presumably underwritten by tax-payer money), will be set up to report on the Radiofrequency safety of “covered facilities”, notifying the public of areas of hazard.
The data will be made available to the public “except that any information that the licensee of the covered facility determines to be sensitive shall only be accessible by the persons described in paragraph (1)” 
AND VOILÀ- THE “PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE.” Telecom will not be held liable: 
Text from bill: 
“A person [company] described in subsection (b)(1) with respect to a covered facility shall not be liable in any civil action for an injury alleged to have been caused by radiofrequency radiation emissions of such facility”
With great appreciation to Environmental Health Trust for putting together this very useful resource! 

USA City Ordinances To Limit And Control Wireless Facilities Small Cells In Rights Of Ways
“This page is a compilation of top examples of what cities are doing to protect their communities. For each city we provide a short synopsis along with a link to download the ordinance or policy. Scroll down to see the City and policy. Please download and share these examples with your community.”  

AT&T turns on its mobile 5G network on Dec. 21, starting with 12 cities and mobile hotspot  Dec. 18th, 2018 | Eli Blumenthal | USA Today”On Friday [today], Dec. 21, AT&T will turn on its mobile 5G network for the public in 12 cities around the country. The first batch: Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Louisville, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, San Antonio and Waco, Texas.” 
“AT&T is currently in the process of building out two mobile 5G networks that will work together, technologies known as millimeter wave (or “mmWave”) and sub-6 GHz. The former network, is ideal for faster speeds in less dense areas will be the one launching Friday. The latter, which will come out next year, will be better suited for covering larger areas.”  

Two short video interviews re health and privacy of 5g: 

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg Questioned on 5G Safety, Privacy Concerns  
“There are studies that have been done over years…has not shown any effects on the radio signals….No evidence of health effects. We of course [are] following it carefully…” yada, yada, yada. “No impacts.” 
And privacy? 
“Cannot really see that…applications define privacy, not the delivery infrastructure.”  

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Questioned on 5G Safety, Privacy
“Has anyone stopped to ask about potential health effects of 5g?”
Mayor Sylvester Turner: “You know, I haven’t seen any recent studies on it. The reality is…is that if you want to move things quicker, if you want to innovate,  the infrastructure is critically important.  You’re always assessing the pros and the know. But I haven’t seen anything yet that would cause us to slow down.”
“MEH ON 5G” according to tech proponent!!

5G is Really Starting to Sound Awful  Dec. 6th, 2018 | Kellen | Droid Life
“…the current 5G picture being painted is no Picasso. My guys, 5G sounds really bad right now.”
“The thing is, mmW [technology] doesn’t travel that far, is easily blocked, and is typically thought of as a high-traffic coverage product. In other words, we’re going to need a lot of mmW small cell cites installed in cities on every damn corner of the block, so that you almost always have a direct line of sight to it.”
“The FCC recently pushed through rules that should help wireless carriers hammer 5G into your city as fast as possible. “
“Now, the CDC says there are no links between cell phone use and cancer. The wireless industry will also have you believe that. Studies upon studies have been done to debunk the idea.”
“The current carrier-friendly FCC thinks we need to be faster to win a made-up race to 5G. That if we don’t get innovation in this country from 5G before the rest of the world, life will stop and we’ll all fail, or something.”
“…over the next 2-3 years, it could very well be higher prices, limited phone options, toss-up connectivity, and the beginning of Wall-E.”  

More states expected to pass small cell legislation in 2019  Dec. 17th, 2018 | Mike Dano | Fierce Wireless
Those states that have held out and still don’t have any 5g bill may be about to cave. We need to keep a close watch on our state legislatures for any 5g bills coming down the pike!! 
“So far, 21 states have enacted legislation aimed at speeding up the deployment of small cells. And, according to one top wireless industry executive, that number is set to expand significantly next year.
“There will be a substantial number” of states that pass legislation on small cells during 2019, predicted Jonathan Adelstein, head of the Wireless Infrastructure Association trade group…He declined to say exactly how many additional states might pass such legislation, but he said the trend lines indicate movement. “We’re gaining a lot of momentum in the states. It bodes well [restated…horribly!!] for more success [failures] in 2019.”
We’ve got our work cut out for us.   

Crony Deal Between Telecom Giants and Feds to Radiate Your Home  Dec. 2018 | NAH USA
“WE MUST SPEAK OUT TO PREVENT TELECOM GIANTS AND THEIR GOVERNMENT CRONIES FROM TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS AND THREATENING OUR HEALTH.””State and local government shut out. Health risks ignored. Action Alert! Telecom companies are preparing to unleash the next wave of wireless technology in neighborhoods across the nation, deployed block by block.

The telecoms industry, with an assist by the federal government, is barring the ability of local governments to manage how the new technologies get installed. We must speak out to prevent telecom giants and their government cronies from taking away our rights and threatening our health.”  

Testimony in Sonoma County regarding ADA issues and “small cells”. 
It is illegal to create an access barrier for people disabled by EMS. 
For more information please see


Blumenthal Presses FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to Disclose Evidence of ‘5G Safety’  Dec. 3rd, 2018 | Businesswire
Please consider sharing with local officials or others, this very important letter that Senator Blumenthal sent to FCC Commissioner Carr on the health effects of 5g. In his letter the Senator asked Commissioner Carr to provide the studies and citations to which he referred when making the statement that the FCC has “reached the determination that these [small cell antennas with millimeter wave frequencies next to homes] are safe.” …   

Some encouraging predictions from Computer World, and assurance we are having a positive impact!! 

Washington DC is Ground Zero for the Race to 5G but is the American Public Fully Informed?  Oct. 19th, 2018 | Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH | Thrive Global 
Dr. Devra Davis on the firing of Dvorak who wrote an OpEd piece on the “problems with 5g;” a wake-up call to heed the words of scientists calling for a halt to 5g; and wise advice to get it right the first time when building tech infrastructure…i.e. fiber for the vast majority of all Internet and Telecommunications technology, reserving wireless as an ancillary service for short calls and texts when out and about. 

“I have joined the hundreds of expert scientists calling for a halt to 5G deployment. When we build bridges, buildings or networks, we employ safety factors. The headlong rush to 5G ignores a substantial body of science. Firing reporters does not change the facts but is a modern variation of shoot the messenger. When it comes to networks, just as with bridges, it’s far better to construct it correctly now rather than be forced to repair avoidable damages later.” 


Why 5G will disappoint everyone  Wireless connections that are 20 times faster? What could be disappointing about that?  Sept. 29th, 2018 | Mike Elgan |Computer World

Excerpts [Hype followed by reality check]:
“Hooray! We’re months away from a 5G-enabled Age of Aquarius!”
“Let me be very clear: Five years from now your smartphone will be using 4G almost all the time, even when you’ve got a 5G phone in a 5G city.”
And because of the way 5G works, rollouts will soon face another huge hurdle. The coming health scare around 5G
A coalition of 52 grassroots organizations called Americans for Responsible Technology this week called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to slow 5G infrastructure deployments until we can figure out the health effects.”
“I think it’s entirely possible that anti-5G political action will massively slow widespread deployments and make them come years or even decades later than today’s optimists predict.”
“But it’s not even remotely conceivable that everybody will agree that 5G is harmless.
The only questions are: How widespread will opposition to 5G become, and how effective will that opposition be in delaying deployments?”
“So if you take anything away from this column, take this: Rosy scenarios about how awesome the world of 5G will be in a few years are simply not realistic.
For the next decade at least, actual 5G connectivity will be very rare indeed.”
According to Wikipedia Epoch Times, is a multi-language newspaper headquartered in NYC and sold or distributed in 35 countries. its print edition is in 11 languages, and the online version in 21. The Epoch Times has also won several awards for journalism. 

Resistance to 5G: Roadblock to a High Tech Future or Warning of a Serious Health Risk?  Nov. 12th, 2018 | Conan Milner | Epoch Times
Their coverage of 5g is clear, fair, and well-referenced. Quoting Martin Pall, the article writes:

“I think we’re looking at an absolute nightmare scenario, and it’s incredible that we would even be considering this sort of thing.” 
The article includes some particularly nice “tidbits” from Dafna Tachover:
“If you ask most people if they’d want an antenna in front of their home, they would say no. If you ask them if they want all their data transmitted out there, they would say no. But no one is asking them.” 
“Tachover says that in some of these bills, the industry has built convenient loopholes in the event of damage or health problems related to the small cells, safely protecting them from any retaliatory lawsuit.
‘The industry will create the damage, but the taxpayer will pay for it,’ Tachover said.”
“The industry with its check book and control of our legislators in Congress and the States’ legislatures win. The people undoubtedly lose, and most don’t have the slightest clue.”
Live updates: Tenant rights demonstration kicks off busy San Rafael council meeting  Dec. 17th, 2018 | Marin Independent Journal

Article touches on how municipalities and Telecom are going to grapple with the Sept. 26th, FCC Order preempting local authority in the siting of “small cells”. 
One resident challenged her city council (which was working to pass an Urgency Ordinance) to take on the FCC: 
“I would like to see one of you say no, just one of you,” said resident Sangrita Moscow, who complained that having staff write the urgency ordinance was effectively “arranging the chairs on the Titanic” for the citizens of San Rafael.   


Microchipping should go a long way toward awakening people to the insanity of our increasingly tech-infested world.
Are We Microchipping Our Way Into Madness, Menstrual Problems, Miscarriages, And Other Maladies?  Dec. 17th, 2018 | Patricia Burke | Activist Post
“We do not have any evidence that randomly stimulating the meridian point will not cause harm. And in fact It is likely that cutting the point and then inserting an RFID chip will be a form of what TCM would deem an ‘insult’ to that energy system.”
“The reality is that the knowledge that could help steer us back into balance [ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture] is being ignored in favor of the rush to fuel the investment market, regardless of the cost to human health and the environment.”
Please also see,

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips  Nov. 11th, 2018 | Julia Kollewe   

2018 Year in Review: America’s Communications Is Mired in a Toxic Swamp.  Dec. 17th, 2018 | Bruce Kushnick | The Medium
Cost of wireless service is one of the highest in the world – brought to you by…the captured FCC. 
But that’s just the cost of wireless service. The cost of wireless to humans, wildlife and the earth is immeasurable. 
“In October, 2018, the US became the most expensive country among the 41 EU 28 and OECD countries, In April 2018, it was the 3rd most expensive ahead of Cyprus and Canada.”
“Who to Blame? The FCC.
As mentioned, Chairman Ajit Pai is a former Verizon senior attorney. Commissioner Brendan Carr worked for Verizon, AT&T as well as the CTIA, the wireless association. On their watch, prices continue to rise, our wireless services are more expensive than the rest of most of the world, and this is just going to get worse.”

Motion of Stay on FCC Order In the Matter of Accelerating Wireless Broadband Deployment by Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment
The first two links below is to the Motion for Stay submitted to the FCC by the following municipalities and organizations. 
The third link is to the FCC’s denial of the Motion. 
Hopefully, this will be appealed in court. Not certain if that is in process or not. 

Motion For Stay Of The National League Of Cities; The United States Conference Of Mayors; The National Association Of Counties; The National Association Of Regional Councils; The National Association Of Towns And Townships; The National Association Of Telecommunications Officers And Advisors; The City Of Ann Arbor, Michigan; Anne Arundel County, Maryland; The City Of Arcadia, California; The City Of Atlanta, Georgia; The City Of Bellevue, Washington; Bloomfield Township, Michigan; The City Of Brookhaven, Georgia; The City Of Boston, Massachusetts; The City Of Burien, Washington; The City Of Burlingame, California; The City Of Chicago, Illinois; The City Of Coconut Creek, Florida; The City Of College Park, Maryland; The Colorado Communications And Utility Alliance; The City Of Culver City, California; The City Of Dallas, Texas; The City Of Dubuque, Iowa; The District Of Columbia; The Town Of Fairfax, California; The City Of Gaithersburg, Maryland; The City Of Gig Harbor, Washington; The City Of Hillsborough, Florida; Howard County, Maryland; The City Of Huntington Beach, California; King County, Washington; The City Of Kirkland, Washington; The City Of Lacey, Washington; The City Of Las Vegas, Nevada; The League Of Arizona Cities And Towns; The League Of California Cities; The League Of Oregon Cities; The City Of Los Angeles, California; The City Of Lincoln, Nebraska; The County Of Los Angeles, California; Meridian Township, Michigan; The Michigan Coalition To Protect Public Rights-Of-Way; The Michigan Municipal League; The Michigan Townships Association; The City Of Monterey, California; Montgomery County, Maryland; The City Of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; The City Of Olympia, Washington; The City Of Ontario, California; The City Of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; The City Of Piedmont, California; The City Of Plano, Texas; The City Of Portland, Oregon; The City Of Rye, New York; The City Of San Bruno, California; The City Of San Jacinto, California; The City Of San Jose, California; The City Of Santa Monica, California; The City Of Seattle, Washington; The City Of Shafter, California; The City Of Tacoma, Washington; The Texas Coalition Of Cities For Utility Issues; Thurston County, Washington; The City Of Tumwater, Washington; Washington County, Washington; And The City Of Yuma, Arizona 

Order Denying Motion for Stay in WT Dkt No. 17-79 and WC Dkt No. 17-84  

Montgomery County’s Petition of the Fourth Circuit for review of the FCC’s Declaratory Ruling and Order, in which the County asserts that the R&O’s issuance was premature because the FCC did not first determine whether the RF emissions standards would adequately protect the health and safety of citizens living in Montgomery County.

Message and attachment from Elizabeth Kelley

5th Generation wireless antennas are concerning electrical utilities and union leaders
APS, Arizona’s largest electrical utility, as part of a group called Concerned Utilities, that includes electrical utilities across the U.S, has filed a Motion for Reconsideration on FCC’s 5G rules, in part due to concerns about worker and public safety. See filing attached. 
David Wiedlich, President of the Communication Workers of America local union 1298 in New England, spoke at a press conference held by U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal,  about the concerns he has about telecommunications workers near working on poles. He said, “AT&T workers use RF monitors when they work . There is no consistent safety mechanism for radiofrequency.  We need to study how the RF will affect those working on poles.”  (see Wiedlich comments at 4:46-5:5:15 at the press conference on this link: ) 
Elizabeth Kelley
These concerns have been raised about worker hazards on rooftops where their operating cellular antennas are installed in past years.
Elizabeth Kelley
Executive Director
Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.


FCC Commissioner slams San Jose mayor for not approving 5G cells… then slams him for approving them  I’m best, you’re worst, cries telecoms watchdog man  Nov. 9th, 2018 | Kieren McCarthy | The Register
Fact check of Commissioner Carr, and an all but subtle critique of Telecom/FCC’s current policy where “people are being systematically misled by the telco industry and the federal regulator is doing their bidding without looking at the facts on the ground.” 

Pandora’s box is now open! No going back. 
Senator Blumenthal questions 5G health impacts
“Faster, better, more reliable Internet. That’s the promise. But there is also the peril.” 
“We’re not talking about the aesthetic effects of additional towers, or the inconvenience of antennas….We’re talking about health and safety.” 
“We need facts. We need evidence. The American people deserve more from the Federal Communication Commission than they are getting right now.” 

PowerWatch: 1,670 Scientific Papers on Electromagnetic Fields  Oct. 22nd, 2018 | Electromagnetic Radiation Safety
One of many such lists for people who want to “see the science”. What’s nice about this list is it starts in 1979 showing that the understanding of health effects is not new. In fact, the science goes back decades before the 70s. 
“This list is a compilation of citations for 1,670 peer-reviewed papers about electromagnetic fields (EMF) published in scientific journals from 1979 through 2018. The list includes all papers that PowerWatch published on its website as of October 11, 2018.
This is not a comprehensive list of studies. PowerWatch selected these studies from their internal database of 15,000 (approx.) scientific papers, most of which address EMF.” 

The Lancet

PLANETARY ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION: IT IS TIME TO ASSESS ITS IMPACT Dec. 2018 | Priyanka Bandara and David O Carpenter | The Lancet 
First and last paragraphs:
“As the Planetary Health Alliance moves forward after a productive second annual meeting, a discussion on the rapid global proliferation of artificial electromagnetic fields would now be apt. The most notable is the blanket of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, largely microwave radiation generated for wireless communication and surveillance technologies, as mounting scientific evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation has serious biological and health effects. However, public exposure regulations in most countries continue to be based on the guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which were established in the 1990s on the belief that only acute thermal effects are hazardous. Prevention of tissue heating by radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation is now proven to be ineffective in preventing biochemical and physiological interference. For example, acute non-thermal exposure has been shown to alter human brain metabolism by NIH scientists, electrical activity in the brain, and systemic immune responses. Chronic exposure has been associated with increased oxidative stress and DNA damage and cancer risk. Laboratory studies, including large rodent studies by the US National Toxicology Program and Ramazzini Institute of Italy, confirm these biological and health effects in vivo. As we address the threats to human health from the changing environmental conditions due to human activity, the increasing exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation needs to be included in this discussion.”
“At a time when environmental health scientists tackle serious global issues such as climate change and chemical toxicants in public health, there is an urgent need to address so-called electrosmog. A genuine evidence-based approach to the risk assessment and regulation of anthropogenic electromagnetic fields will help the health of us all, as well as that of our planetary home. Some government health authorities have recently taken steps to reduce public exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation by regulating use of wireless devices by children and recommending preferential use of wired communication devices in general, but this ought to be a coordinated international effort.”
Download open access paper: 

Screens are Poison’: Tech Elites Keeping Devices Out of Their Children’s Schools  Oct. 30th, 2018 | Fox News Report
Excellent and integrity-filled coverage of the detrimental effects of technology on children!! “An average family of 4 is really more like 4 individuals, living a solitary life, under that same roof, staring at a screen. BTW people can’t read anymore… their brains have been destroyed, all of ours have been.”
“We’re going to look back on this moment and say, ‘I can’t believe we were so passive in the face of something that was killing us.’” 
…if indeed we have the chance to look back on this moment.   

Fox News Covers “60 Minutes” Segment On Kids And Screens: “Kids’ Brains Are Being Damaged”  Dec. 13th, 2018 | BN Frank | Activist Post
Collage consisting of links to a few articles, videos and news coverage on the adverse effects of wireless on kids.
Clearly we don’t need more of this cr$p. Yet industry continues to pitch the move to 5g and the IoT as “responding to public demand!!”

Telia and Nokia Take Children on a Virtual Visit to Santa’s Office Over 5G
Children are taken on a Virtual Reality trip to Santa’s “Workshop” via 5G technology. 
“Children, did you know that this Santa message is being broadcast to you using the latest 5G TECHNOLOGY which is [will be] put to use widely in Finland next year.“ 

New Rule: Social Media is the New Nicotine | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)  May 2017 Bill Maher on what technology is doing to our world.

“Pedestrian deaths are way up because people in the cross walk looking down are getting run over by drivers looking down. The whole damn country is constantly looking down….Phillip Morris just wanted your lungs, the app store wants your soul.”
Groundbreaking study examines effects of screen time on kids
60 Minutes goes inside a landmark government study of young minds to see if phones, tablets and other screens are impacting adolescent brain development  Dec. 9th, 2018 | Anderson Cooper | CBS News
A few excerpts:
“We’re sort of [sort of??!] in the midst of a natural kind of uncontrolled experiment on the next generation of children.”

“There’s a whole playbook of techniques that get used to get you using the product for as long as possible.”
“This is about the war for attention and where that’s taking society and where that’s taking technology.”
“It’s not just the loneliness and depression from these surveys. It’s also that ER visits for self harm like cutting have tripled among girls age 10 to 14.”
“…you have to use it for what it’s good for and then put it down. I mean, it should be a tool that you use. Not a tool that uses you.”
With wired technology, you are limited to using it when you are near a wired connection. With wireless, like a parasite, it’s with you permanently. 
…and of course, wireless brings with it documented health harms (especially to children), impacts on wildlife, huge energy consumption, cyber security risks, and now – wireless “small cells” in front of homes around the country.

And what about the educational benefits?

Dr. Dimitri Christakis: So what we do know about babies playing with iPads is that they don’t transfer what they learn from the iPad to the real world, which is to say that if you give a child an app where they play with virtual Legos, virtual blocks, and stack them, and then put real blocks in front of them, they start all over.
Anderson Cooper: If they try to do it in real life, it’s as if they’ve never done it before.
Dr. Dimitri Christakis: Exactly. It’s not a transferable skill. They don’t transfer the knowledge from two dimensions to three.”

Controversial Chinese ‘gait recognition’ technology being used to identify people by their WALK

• Chinese authorities are using gait recognition technology to identify people
• It studies a person’s silhouette to determine how they walk and who they are
• Police in Beijing and Shanghai are already using the controversial technology
Nov. 5th, 2018 | Associated Press
A new surveillance tool: “Gait Recognition” technology. 
Facial Recognition Technology identifies people by their facial features. Gait Recognition Technology, now being used, identifies people by their gait. 
Shi Shusi, a Chinese columnist and commentator remarks: 
“Using biometric recognition to maintain social stability and manage society is an unstoppable trend. It’s great business.” 
And we’re in a “race to 5g” with China.

My devices are sending and receiving data every two seconds, sometimes even when I sleep  Dec. 3rd, 2018 | Simon Elvery | ABC News
Your phone and laptop have a life of their own…. 
“When I decided to record every time my phone or laptop contacted a server on the internet, I knew I’d get a lot of data, but I honestly didn’t think it would reveal nearly 300,000 requests in a single week.”
Add to this 5g – a network of cell towers every one to three homes, all the Internet connected “things”, sensors, surveillance cameras, and data points from so-called “smart cities” and “smart homes”, and the only question remaining is whether there is anything we do that is not harvested, commoditized, or used for surveillance.
And all this is happening because we’re asleep.


Thankfully, Toronto’s not buying it! 
Toronto is setting a fine example in their opposition to Google’s omniscient, omnipresent, omni-creepy, and omni-hazardous so-called “smart city”. 

The fight against Google’s smart city   Aug. 8th, 2018 | Brian Barth | Washington Post
“Wylie, however, has zero tolerance for smart city PR-speak. ‘The smart city industry is a Trojan horse for technology companies,’ she told The WorldPost. ‘They come in under the guise of environmentalism and improving quality of life, but they’re here for money.’” (This quote is from the Washington Post article found here,)  




“blatant disregard for resident concerns about data and digital infrastructure….There is nothing innovative about city-building that disenfranchises its residents in insidious ways and robs valuable earnings out of public budgets, or commits scarce public funds to the ongoing maintenance of technology that city leadership has not even declared a need for.”
“It’s one thing to willingly install Alexa in your home…It’s another when publicly owned infrastructure — streets, bridges, parks and plazas — is Alexa, so to speak.” 
This link is no longer working:  

So disturbing that microchipping is surfacing in more countries, but thankfully, there is some pushback in the UK. 

Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips  Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage  Nov. 11th, 2018 | Julia Kollewe | The Guardian 
“Microchipping would give bosses even more power and control over their workers. There are obvious risks involved, and employers must not brush them aside, or pressure staff into being chipped.” 


Katie Singer just submitted her newest book to her publisher – Our Web of Inconvenient Truths.  It uncovers the huge footprint of our Internet and Telecommunications Industry which includes massive amounts of energy consumption, Green House Gases, and hazardous toxins.  Also, included is a section on how wireless not only consumes way more than wired infrastructure, but that wireless does not hold up under extreme weather events.  Katie’s book will be out in about a month…hopefully.  Stay tuned!! 
Please consider giving an end of year donation to an organization that is working to avert the wireless Tsunami we are all now facing. Below are a few suggested organizations…but there are many more doing great work – Please choose one. 

Consider Donating to :

Environmental Health Trust
Broadband – Our Town, Our Choice
Americans For Responsible Technology
Wishing all a peaceful, RF and consumerism-free Holiday Season with much rejoicing and time spent face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart with others.

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