An experiment with routers you don’t want to see

An experiment with routers you don’t want to see


We have four awesome kids and we home educate them all. We’ve heard of a science experiment that we wanted to replicate at home and we’ve been horrified at the results. We took two identical plants. We put one on a sunny windowsill and fed it two tablespoons of water each day. We put the other plants on the same side of the house, so it was exposed to the same amount of sunlight and fed it the same amount of water. But this time, we put it on top of a Wi-Fi router.

Within 10 days the Wi-Fi plant is dying. What is so very strange as that it doesn’t look like a typical dying plant, it’s not got dry yellow leaves, it looks like very strong moist leaves, very green healthy plant that is dead. What is the Wi-Fi doing to us?

It’s worth Googling the Wi-Fi cress experiment we actually are doing another experiment with two other plants and all are still thriving, except the Wi-Fi plant. Please feel free to share, this is clearly something that needs more research globally.

A FB member in the UK

28 Oct 2018


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