Surviving in Wales (UK) with EMF

Surviving in Wales (UK) with EMF


(FB conversation) But yea… Dawn Cooper has just asked me about Wales ? & the potential of moving to Wales … Unfortunately Since the Haarp Installation in Wales, Parts of Wales have become a Bad place for ES Sufferers, and anything Breathing. The Only thing that Can Survive in parts of Wales are Sheep, & the Resilient. & for good reason . I just spent a few months in Wales, & towards the end of my time there it made me Sicker … I was in a Tipi for a period, In Tipi Valley, the Largest off the grid community in the U.K, on 100 acres of land, and during the Heat wave i couldn’t sleep for 3 nights in a row, and many other people were having trouble sleeping… I saw alot of Drugs and drink, in all ages of life, especially the teenagers, excessive amounts of class A even (bought online )….. The Valley now have wifi too, beamed in from a hill top.

Rick the Vic , 1 found the founding members that introduced it and runs the website, has sadly now got alzheimer’s…. I saw a lot of mental health issues in the close by town of Carmarthen, and a lot of people going to the doctors. I was always prompting people to talk about illness, and recent deaths, as i was obviously trying to put two and two together. The people who remain in the Valley, are very resilient, as they are not city dwellers, so they naturally can handle and tolerate a lot more then for instance i can. Many of them are still very strong in comparison, enjoying a life of heavy smoking, ‘More natural’ valley weed, drinking and even Drugs … This is all good….. But there are 3 TV Transmitters now emitting RF, just outside the valleys land, and most of the valley now receives 4g and ee signal . & HAARP set up shop near by…

Since the HAARP installation, as well as the rest , there have been many incidences of Cancer, and there were 2 young male suicides while i was there. (of close friends that lived in the town) … I also saw the Valley practically run out of water, as they were waiting for rain for what seemed like an eternity. During the Super hot stretch in Wales, i was there, and i started noticing alot of animals dying . Something was going on in Wales, and the valley turned somewhat from dream, to a nightmare. They have been residing on their land, for 40 years almost, and never once have their streams run dry, untill now . After a couple of months there, i started to get a pain in the back regions of my head, and also lymphatic fluid build up in my ears (they are no doubt linked) which has now resulted in a ruptured eardrum (2 days ago) . One lady also said she felt like there was a generator over her head . I felt like i was dying ,and couldn’t sleep well (Only 35 miles from HAARP Aberystwyth, Under canvas, before you ask, no i did know HAARP was there at the time)…. , so Thank God i left & went on a Shamanic Healing Course, which tbh couldn’t have come any sooner as i was 1 blood spot away from Leukaemia, and had what a Expert iris scanner would call the ‘Death Wish’…

I owe a lot to the Course holder ‘Peter Aziz’, as i don’t know what i would of done another week in wales, and am very happy that he helped me steer my life to the light… . He said that ‘HAARP was notorious for giving people pains in the back of the head, as thats where the creative part of the brain is’, & where all the ‘Out Side The Box’ thinking gets done. When you start to think outside the box, These transmissions are designed to ‘Put You Back iN’ , Hence the pains in parts of your brain, and ‘Dis-Ease’…. That’s Why energy work is so important ‘Right Now’, & Fortifying Your Energy and Shielding From Dark energies has never been so Necessary in Human History . Its amazing how much you can achieve with Knowledge, But application of this knowledge is a whole other thing. The Amount of dark energy coming at us, in many different forms & from many different angles, leaves the Average Joe very susceptible for infiltration.

But Just as easily as you get sick, You can reverse it, and begin to get better. But the first step is In the Mind. Pain is something that will come, and go, its how you react to it and how much power you give it which can determine how it will develop, or cease . Obviously, its a mixture of trying to get away from the RF, & being positive , but if your mind is not in a clear state, your next move wont be a good move, or a positive/Helpful thought , wont become a reality . You are creating your future right now , as your reading this message, and what you think for the next few hours, days, will play a big role in the unfolding of your future . Its a constant regime of thinking positive, and clearing your energy, and the energy of the water you drink . Thoughts become things, & i know about this 1st hand, as i grew up listening to Gangsta rap music, and went to Forest Gate School back when is was Run by Gangstas and a lot of dark energy floating around.

Couple that with me being highly susceptible, it spelt a recipe for disaster. If you think something, eventually you start to feel it . If you repeat something to yourself everyday, eventually you will believe it . That’s why trying to explain to ‘Normal’ people about the danger of waves, Will be ignored by most, or not given to much thought and attention, because , as soon as they give it the thought and attention, it will happen and it will become their reality . Their energy fields are not going to be ‘disrupted’, by anyone, whether it be you, or me (or Millions of people, scientists & research papers). Its a basic defense mechanism and quite frankly a survival instinct, and just think lucky that we do ‘Know’ about it, and we are also strong and positive. The power of the mind and emotion, is very underrated, & whatever it is you decide to do, Positivity , meditation, Grounding, and breathing exercises and supplementation (zinc , Mag, Vit C, E, D3, K2, & more) Fresh Fruit and veg (& in my case, and probably many others,

After getting a hair mineral Analysis test done, CHELATION of LEAD!! …..and nickel, Aluminium, mercury) will help you achieve it quicker, and better. I just felt compelled to share my journey & insight of Knowledge with all of you as it sure did help me And we are all learning new things along the way, the next step for me is Chelation, & to find Love , as i realise full-heartedly since my mum left me and my dad 11 years ago, that love has been been missing from my life and that a woman’s touch is going to be essential if i am to survive 


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