From Facebook – how fighters are treated

From Facebook – how fighters are treated


Curtis Bennett Mark Steele I hear you brother, it is actually in these groups where admin spoke of so called leaders in the fight against wireless private messaging them to ignore me. Slandering my credentials globally through their vast networks undermined themselves as well the professionals fighting this.

Real professionals would step up, ask questions and be accountable as those professionals. It has cost all of us an extra 7 years of radiation. Unfortunately they have to own it and our team has to ramp it up fighting them to help you.

ALL of you need to address this for the absolute hell that is happening and the unbelievable hell coming for your children and theirs if they can reproduce. As the Chief, International Science Advisory Board for the Integrative Health Forum and associates, I have that title because my background includes the structure of ALL matter(all sciences), Thermal Radiation which is the natural frequencies and vibrations of all matter above Absolute Zero. Temperature for our team starts at -496 deg F(-273 deg. C)
There is no such thing as non thermal, it can all be seen using non invasive radiology.

I want Cathy Dowd or whomever to pass this on to your government including EPH. I just got off the phone with medical education associates speaking about the body at the atomic and molecular level for what it is. It absolutely shocked me to hear him say how delicate and vulnerable biology is. He said those electrons associated with the atoms and molecules of biology are directed intelligently.

I had to explain the mechanisms of interaction were assaulting every atom and molecules with oscillations 180 degrees billions of times per measurable second, 86,400 times per day. This unbelievable electrical biological hell has to be stopped NOW.The entire circuitry of the body is compromised and electron are being forced by electromagnetic fields nothing is compatible with. They need to cease and desist or arrest them. This can be qualified as the extreme assault it is physically. The damage and liability to the UK and others is measurable by the second.

from Stop 5G UK Facebook

Clock is ticking and the plastic head can not prevail. You have to hold me accountable and don’t think you are throwing us under the bus, we will lift it. Keep pushing on, if your on the right side of the law, we have your back. The others will reap what they have sown.

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