EMF insurance and liability policy exclusions

EMF insurance and liability policy exclusions


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I have had a problem trying to post this on the EMF page, so here goes… Suggestion: people might want to check and keep an eye on the details of their insurance policies, such as buildings, medical, etc., for any mention of electromagnetic field/radiation/etc. exclusions – if mentioned at all they are likely to be listed under “pollutant” exclusions. It might also be worth contacting the respective insurance companies to ask them to confirm their position on electromagnetic risk and, if any, on what basis did they come to that decision – invite them to consult their brokers/actuaries to confirm the details if necessary.

Also, ask them how their insurance policies are or will likely be managed to reflect any identified electromagnetic risk, e.g. the risk is/will be noted under policy exclusions; the insurance premium will be increased to offset any risk; a separate policy might be constructed for the specific risk.

On the basis that insurers confirm that electromagnetism presents a risk to the public , potentially or otherwise, then I see no reason why we cannot raise this as a matter of urgency and concern with our MPs and demand that they provide clear and concise responses to explain why insurers’ specialist risk management teams are identifying electromagnetism in all its forms as a risk, potential or otherwise, whilst government and members of parliament maintain a contrary view and behave as though it presents no risk of harm or injury to anyone and anything, by supporting industry to proliferate its applications of electromagnetism across swathes of public and private space.

The situation becomes even more ironic when you realise that according to website emfs.info there are no statutory public exposure limits in the UK, but there is statutory legislation for occupational exposure in the form of the Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016.

The public are supposed to rely on government policy for their protection that is based on the 1998 ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guidelines ‘in the terms of the EU 1999 EU recommendation’. Again according to emfs.info, not all industries comply with this policy, and its limits may not even be legally enforceable.

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