The sort of response we can expect

The sort of response we can expect


Response from Science and Tech Committee.

Dear Miss Dowd,

Thank you for your email dated 19th June sent to the Government Office for Science, about the safety of radio frequency fields from mobile phones and other devices. I am responding on behalf of the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Dr Patrick Vallance. Dr Vallance receives a very large volume of correspondence so he can’t reply personally to every letter. He has therefore asked me to reply to you on his behalf.
In your letter, you requested that we examine evidence on the safety of radiofrequency fields and attached details of concerns raised in Canada. In England, this is the responsibility of Public Health England (PHE). PHE monitors the scientific evidence relevant to radio wave exposures and health, and publishes comprehensive reviews of the evidence.
I have attached a summary document from Public Health England, setting out its current advice and the evidence reviews that underpin that advice. Their conclusion, based on substantial international research, is that there is no convincing evidence that radio wave exposures below the international guideline levels that are adopted in the UK cause health effects in either adults or children.
The attached advice contains links to more detailed information and, I hope, will help to address your concerns.

Ruth Marshall
Policy Advisor
Government Office for Science

I have written to the recipient asking about the links.  Ed.

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