Draft letter about SMART meters

Draft letter about SMART meters


Excellent letter by John Watkins prior to installation (not 5G but related to it)

Since the installation of your smart/AMR/AMI water meter I have been having heart palpitations, nausea and suffering from mild depression. I am aiming for a WiFi free home so I would like the present WiFi water meter removed and replaced with a non-emitting analogue water meter that measures my water use only.

If this is a problem and you insist on leaving the smart/AMR/AMI in my home, I would like you to answer the following questions relating to safety, security, human rights and my family’s health.

What are the exact frequencies (measured in Hz, MHz + Ghz) used by your meters – both the carrier and the data signal components?

How many times are signals emitted per minute/hour/day from the meter – not just data messages, but network mgt messages, etc.?

What power densities are present at 1m, 3m, 5m and 10m from the meter
Please confirm whether you are aware of any evidence of harm caused by the frequencies/power densities associated with your Smart/AMR Meters, and if so provide details?

Do your smart/AMR/AMI meters use RF/MW signals for flow control or measurement, for data transmission, or both?

Is the unit capable of being remotely disconnected, terminating my supply?

What temperatures is the unit rated to (highest/lowest)? What happens to the unit — and to my water supply — if these temperates are breached?

Is the unit designed to “fail-to-off” in the event of the meter being instructed, compromised or affected by, for example, hackers or adverse weather events?

How is the unit’s security handled? What security technology is used to prevent hacking?
Please confirm the manufacturer and model of the unit.

What pre-market safety testing was done on this device?

Are you aware of any research that has been conducted on the effects of microwave radiation on water and on the the human body? Please provide details.

Dan Rogerson MP confirmed in April 2014 that I am under no obligation to have a ‘smart’ meter – what evidence do you have supporting any claims that I must have a ‘smart’/AMR/AMI water meter specifically or any kind of meter which has capabilities beyond the explicit and sole function of metering usage?

Are any of your company directors prepared to sign a formal, written Statement of Accountability taking full and personal responsibility for any harm that may be caused to me, my child and/or unborn baby as a result of insisting that I have a smart/AMR/AMI water meter.

Kinds Regards

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