…and even in the Orkney Isles (UK)

…and even in the Orkney Isles (UK)


I’ve just sent the following letter in to my local paper The Orcadian (Orkney, the main testbed for the 5G rollout) I hope they print it 🤞 5G Guinea pigs

Everyone in Orkney needs to wake up to what will happen with the rollout of 5G, a technology that was first used as a weapon and is harmful to all biology, human, animal, plant and insect. The article in the Orcadian (May 31st) about uses for 5G in farming should be starting to make it clear 5G is not for the benefit of people.

Anyone with 4G wouldn’t notice a difference in speed which is what is being used as the big selling point to the unsuspecting public. The superfast speeds of 5G are needed for robot systems to communicate so, welcome to the dole queue you out-of-date, now surplus to requirement humans. Dairy/farm workers, professional drivers when vehicles are self-driving, along with all the other people whose jobs will go. Robots are going to make you redundant.

5G is going to make a huge amount of money for some people, the wireless industry, and it will also give Governments a fantastic method to keep us all under surveillance. No privacy in your home anymore and worst of all, your health is going to suffer. Over 230 scientists have demanded the UN and the EU stop the rollout of 5G due to health concerns. There is a mountain of peer-reviewed research showing harm from existing levels of EMFs used by telecommunications, that will increase massively with 5G. Check your insurance policies, Lloyd’s of London insurance underwriters “excludes any liability coverage for harm from electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.”

That means harm from smart meters, phone masts etc. The Government is taking our lack of protest as our consent. Exposing people, without their consent to untested radiation violates the Nuremburg Code Of Ethics and The Human Rights Act. Everyone needs to protest and stop this harmful technology. For more information see emfscientist.org and inpowermovement.com

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