Sheffield Council in the crucible

Sheffield Council in the crucible


Dear Brian,

Thank you for all your work exposing 5G.

I was alerted to this awful prospect at the recent AV9 meetings and have since been active.

I have written to my MP, Two Councilors and the Green Party. I sought assurances that no trees would be sacrificed in pursuit of the dangerous 5G radiation. I have received replies for what they are worth but they have left themselves open for a stronger follow-up which I will forward all on to you once I am done with them. There are many more Establishment shills to pursue if only to expose their hypocrisy.

I have several friends (some AV9 attendees) here in the Bournemouth area who are confronting the 5G threat in their own way.

However, if you know anyone in our area who would like to be active and discuss the subject please refer them to me.

Via email or telephone 01202 769648. Feel free to call me yourself.

Many of us are attending the Freedom March in London on Saturday 23 June, I would be interested if any 5G caps have been produced so some of us could wear them at the march. Also, do you stock the leaflets ‘5g Kills’ I am sure we could distribute a few on a March that should see over 100,000 attend?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Nick Greenwood

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