Any news of your local council’s attitudes?

Any news of your local council’s attitudes?


The Isle of Wight Council have applied for a grant to allow the Island to be used as a test bed for the New 5G Mobile Network. We are horrified they did not ask us the population of 150,000 for their thoughts.

This is an experiment on us the people on our health and well being to see how 5G will/can function and the side effects. Even our MP says he is in agreement.

We need to come together as a group to rasie awareness of the dangers and hopefully try and stop this being implemented. any ideas welcome, leaflet distribution or maybe an organised Table somewhere central.

Folk seem to more interested in speeds for the phones etc.unaware of the dangers.

This cannot be allowed in schools, homes, places of work etc.the effects will be devastating. Radiation form Mobile Phones has been proven to be detrimental to our health and all living things, including plants and insects. Warnings from Top Scientists and Doctors across the Globe are being ignored.

Cathy Mass, Mod. STOP5G. Facebook link

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