I have just this moment heard some good news from Wales written by Dana Amma Day on Facebook website   19 May 2019   For some reason we do not until now a year into the site have a Welsh page. Maybe the Cardigan Bay is the first sign of activity. Ed.

News just in.
Some good news from Wales: we’ve heard from an anti-5G group in West Wales. The anti-5G movement is gaining in traction as Cardigan Bay now has 5G infrastructure and it is due to be activated. A number of GPs have joined the protest, and one has succeeded in getting the Woodland Trust to acknowledge the tree felling that’s taken place in recent days. The Labour MP for Gower, Antonia Antoniazzi, is tabling a motion at the Welsh Assembly calling for white (wifi/5G- free) zones in Wales. If she succeeds, this would be a massive step forward and could set a key precedent by preventing 5G going into national parks and other areas.

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