Editor – there has not been much activity on this page as Russia has banned 5G and discourages WiFi.     31 mar 20  Russian Ministry of Health Says Reduce Kids’ Exposure to WiFi While FCC Commissioner Wants WiFi Hot Spots in Kids’ Homes, Pub 30 Mar 20 Added 31 Mar 20

The Wall Street Journal – Russian Hackers Reach U.S. Utility Control Rooms, Homeland Security Officials Say. Blackouts could have been caused after the networks of trusted vendors were easily penetrated. This is a gift to hackers of Smart Meters. Pub Jul 25 2018 Added 25 July 2018

IEEE Spectrum Moscow is building new civic services on 5G. The Russian capital wants to use 5G to file traffic reports, remotely park cars, and stream soccer matches Pub 11 June 2018 Added 18 July 2018

Russia Today via Phonegate scandal. Are there call phone health risks. This is about cell phones, Smart Meters and 5G – one big whistle blow. 2nd out of 3 RT mini series. 3:24 Ps 11 July 2018 Added 16 July 2018