(North and south) Viridian’s Catherine Gardiner: ‘Smart meters will be introduced in Ireland next year’. Viridian Group CIO Catherine Gardiner is preparing and securing the energy player for a digital world of smart meters and internet of things devices. Pub 20 Apr 2019 Added 234 Apr 2019 What can we expect as the 5G revolution begins in Ireland. ..If I was to tell you that the revolution in fifth-generation (5G) mobile technology began in Ireland on a day so rainy at Silicon Docks that even the ducks and swans took cover, you would not believe me.   As a matter of fact, the revolution really began in Ireland in February this year at Trinity College Dublin, when speeds of 15Gbps were proven by pre-standardised 5G mobile technology by Vodafone and Ericsson. Pub and added 23 Nov 2018

Smartphone ban at school This Kerry school introduced a ban on smartphones – in the classroom and at home for 6th class pupils this year. Added July 2018

Note about the Thirteenth Annual Lecture 24 May 2018 Technology and Education – how safe are our children? Stormont Hotel, Belfast. 29 academic links.  12 pp pdf. gives the flavour.

Electromagnetic Sense Ireland. the implications of wireless technology and electromagnetic radiation for our health. Thoughtful and well researched including ‘5G radiation dangers – 11 reasons to be concerned. Added 1 July 2018

This is a techie website. Ireland to be the first country in Europe to roll out 5G geographically

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