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VIDEO – 5G – Gigantisk helbredsfare – dr Barrie Trower & sir Julian Rose  1:36:16 Pub 14 Dec 18 Added 3 Apr 20

5G: Danish Lawyer is in the process of preparing a class-action lawsuit against the state of Denmark. (added 28 Jan 20)  Watch his presentation of his teams legal response to the State of Denmark (presentation now with subtitles in various languages including English):

“It is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating a 5G-network, as it is currently described, would be in contravention of current human and environmental laws enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, EU regulations, and the Bern- and Bonn-conventions.”  International STOP 5G demonstration – Copenhagen, Denmark  25 January 2020 Video.

From Pernille Schriver 22 October 2019

Here is what is going on in Denmark at the moment:

1. A demonstration is planed to take place in Copenhagen on the 24th of nov.

2. On the 24th of oct. The Danish EHS Association has a short meeting with the Danish Health Commitee in Copenhagen where the EHS Association survey will be presented. The survey shows an estimated cost of 1 billion danish kroner on community spendings the next 10 years because of EHS persons who are unable to work ect.

3. I have to make a speech at a conference in Norway on the 1st of Nov. where lawyer Christian F. Jensen will present the 5G Legal Opinion aswell

4. On November 7, we will meet with the Danish health authorities to discuss the health consequences of electromagnetic pollution for EHS members in particular and for the general population.

5. The 20th of oct. a demonstration in Copenhagen

6. We have send a letter to the UN:

7. We are at the beginning of starting op a Danish Committee, that will be responsible for gathering signatures related to The European Citizen Initiative

8. We have just been invited to give a  speech at a meeting beeing held by the political party  “Liberal Alliance”.

9. We are working on how to invite ourselves to meetings with the Healthminister, the Environmentalminister and the Energyminister where we will hand over the “5G Space Appeal” to the ministers personally.

Danish Parliament – mobile and wireless radiation extremely dangerous (2018)  This is the full VIDEO of a meeting referred to below. Published on Brighteon. 2:03:17  MOSTLY IN DANISH Pub Oct 2019 Added 5 July 2019   Denmark 5G network to begin rollout in 2019   Denmark will see the rollout of 5G this year after hardware supplier Ericsson was selected by provider TDC.  Pub 19 March 2019 Added September 2019

Sianette Kwee,  former associate professor by Aarhus University and the only honest  EMF-expert in Denmark, said in 2005″ “I believe, the Danes have been chosen as a group of guinea-pigs to be brainwashed  by cell phones, and it works. The Danes now believe, they are the happiest people  in the world.” See one of her videos here. 720 – Sianette Kwee (1 af 3): Ingen kan længere være i tvivl! Se www.MitFrederiksberg,dk Video 14:09
pub 7 Nov 2010 Added 15 Aug 2018

Video – This video SHOWS the harmful mechanism of EMF, in no uncertain terms. They want their proof? They got it. Cancer and Science of Cell Phone Radiation: Dr. Lennart Hardell Testifies in Danish Parliament.  19:28 Added 9 July 2018   Beskyt dig selv og din familie mod farlig mobilstråling  Herunder er kvik menuer, for mere info se menu’er øverst på siden  Added 7 July 2018

Feltfri  An advice centre for telecommunication radiations. Not a huge site but may have useful links.  Added 7 July 2018

The Danish EHS Association. EHS Foreningen for Elektro Hyper Sensitive. In Danish. Well developed site. Her kan du finde informationer om, hvad EHS er, og hvad der sker på området. EHS er en forkortelse for Elektro Hyper Sensitivitet og kaldes ofte el-overfølsomhed. EHS Foreningen er Danmarks forening for elektrosensitive. added 7 July 2018  Another advice site for health. Part of EHGS Foreningen. Added 7 July 2017

EUROPAEM EMF-retningslinjer 2016 for forebyggelse, diagnosticering og behandling af
EMF-relaterede helbredsproblemer og sygdomme 43 pp document in Danish.  Pub Jan 2017. Added 3 July 2018

E-stress en bioelektrisk kortslutning. Har du e-stress? Alle elektroniske apparater udsender elektromagnetisk stråling. Din personlige eksponering for stråling afhænger af tre ting

Image Above   Mængden af elektriske apparater i vores omgivelser er steget dramatisk de seneste årtier. Det er mængden af e-smog dermed også. Vores miljø og vores hjem fyldes med stadigt mere e-smog fra den elektronik, vi omgiver os med, men måske særligt fra den trådløse teknologi. Added 7 July 2018

Radet for Helbredssikker Telekommunikation.. Portalen om trådløs teknologi og sundhedsrisici  Added 7 July 2018 I put this in for completeness but it does not look like it is kept up to date, not this year 2018 anyway.  Some useful links and videos.  Added 7 July 2018