via       Cyprus – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation & Health. …Cyprus has removed Wi-Fi from elementary schools and supported a strong educational initiative to educate children and families about cell phones and wireless radiation. They have developed comprehensive brochures for public health and video public service announcements regarding the issue…. Added 5 Nov 2018

NewsinCyprus – Cyprus to get 5G technology by June 2018. Pub 26 Apr 2017 Added 5 July 2018

CyprusMailOnline – Cyta unveils fast mobile 4.5G platform.  STATE-owned telecoms company Cyta on Friday unveiled its mobile-internet speed upgrade to 4.5G, saying it was part of the complete upgrade and modernisation of its mobile telephony network. Pub. 7 July 2018. Added 5 July 2018 UK And 14 Other EU States ‘Oppose’ Minimum 5G Spectrum Licences
15 EU countries claim minimum 25 year licenses would stifle innovation and flexible in the mobile sector. The UK is among one of 15 EU member states to have voiced opposition to proposals that would result in mobile spectrum licenses being awarded for a minimum of 25 years. Pub. 25 April 2017. Added 5 July 2018

A year later, Cyprus will be 5G-Internet.  – EU member states, including Cyprus, was instructed to begin the preparatory work for implementation by June next year 5G networks. Pub 26 Apr 2017  Added 5 July 2018 Cyprus removes Wi-Fi from kindergartens and halts wireless deployment into public elementary schools. The Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture issued a Decree on January 31, 2017, marked “urgent” to all Directors of Kindergartens and Primary Schools, with specific measures to eliminate and minimize wireless radiation exposure to children in schools.

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