image_pdfimage_print EMR Health Alliance of BC Cruise Ships add 1700 WiFi Hotspots.  Added 23 Mar 20  Canadian Doctors and Former Microsoft Canada President Warn About Grave Health Risks of 5G. The telecom industry has provided no scientific evidence that 5G is safe and there is research that already proves it isn’t (see 12).  Because of this, some government leaders have already declared moratoriums on installation (see 123).   Pub 5 July 2019 Added 15 July 2019 Ontario doctors warn of rising health care costs after 5G rollout. Video (39:54) and article plus links. Added 3 July 2019   Wi-Fi network radiation hazards community empowerment town Hall series. “We downplayed cigarette smoke. We ignored greenhouse gas pollution. Let’s not do it again with micro-millimeter radio waves.”   pdf summary ‘Empowerment Action List’.  Pub 2019 Added 30 June 2019

Stop5G Canada short promo video. 0:50  Pub 31 May 2019 the Google city that has angered Toronto.… told the BBC that those gathered had a range of concerns, from the lack of transparency in the way Toronto Waterfront had awarded the contract to Sidewalk Labs, to doubts about whether the firm has a proven track record in delivering such an ambitious project. Pub 17 May 2019 Added 19 May 2019 What’s the worst China could do with access to Canada’s 5G network, Any hostile power with the keys to 5G systems could spy, disrupt traffic and even poison water supplies if things got nasty, warn experts. Hence all the fear about Huawei. Pub 19 Dec 2018 Added 20 Dec 2018 –   Part 1/2: Preparing for the 5G Revolution — Why the Next 5 Years Will Be Transformative for Canada’s Wireless Industry.  After years of hype and anticipation, the roll-out of Canada’s first 5G network is a little under a year away, as Canada’s wireless companies prepare for what many expect to be the next phase of the wireless revolution. 5G is being touted by many as the biggest advancement in years for wireless technology and “not just another G.” Pub 28 Sept 2018 Added 30 Sept 2018   A bit dated this one but shows what was going on that leads to the present circumstances Ed. Submission For Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on RF EMFs Causing Accelerated Corrosion Making the Power Plants Non Compliant With Building Codes. How to write a letter to the authorities (shows you need to know your stuff… but even then...).
Pub 29 Sept 2015 Added 24 Aug 2018

Safety Code 6 2015 Canada (applicable to every country) by Professor Curtis Bennett. The new version of Safety Code 6(2015) is an admission of harm. Health Canada did not revise their Safety Code 6(2009), they rubber stamped the same flat earth science of the plastic head.That happened because our ex Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s administration allowed the blanket radiation and an absolutely corrupt process in any code revision. Harper will account for his treason and I say that without malice. Pub 2015 Added 31 July 2018

Annie Logical Uncensored ‘How Canadian workers are funding 5G and the smart network roll-out in UK.  Pub 17 July 2018 Added 19 July 2018

House of Commons Canada – An examination of the potential health impacts of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. 34pp pdf. Dec 2010 Added 7 July 2018.

Refusons les compteurs intelligents   Le saviez-vous ? Depuis mai 2018, Hydro-Québec coupe le courant d’honnêtes citoyens parce que ceux-ci refusent de se faire bombarder d’ondes par les compteurs que l’on nous oblige maintenant à avoir à la maison. Added 5 July 2018

CBC Marketplace – The secret inside your cellphone (CBC marketplace) 1.5M views. Video 22:28 Pub 24 Mr 2017 Added 4 July 2018

Castanet – Concerns over 5G networks – Stop 5G Penticton (BC, Canada). Please share this group with family and friends and let’s preserve a healthier city. This group’s pages are dedicated to holding a public forum the health and safety concerns of the implementing of the 5G network Added 5 July 2018

CQLPE – Coalition quebecoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique. This french site is campaigning against electrosmog. One LONG home page but lots of links to Canadian sites.

WEEP – The Canadian initiative for safe wireless, electric and electromagnetic policy.There is a blogspot with the last entries in 2017. Ironically the people who run this site have not been able to do much as they are suffering from electrosensitivity themselves.

EMR Protection Services. A Canadian site. Well discussed. Various products for sale. Monthly newsletter.  See post ‘Why are infants more susceptible….’   Added 3 July 2018

Citizens for Safe Technology C4ST Their mission is to educate and inform Canadians and their policy makers about the dangers of the exposures to unsafe levels of radiation from technology. Worth looking at:  HESA 2015 recommendations on Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the health of Canadians. Added 5 July 2018

EMF and Health. A web site in two languages written by ‘real’ scientists. How it changes from English to French is a mystery. Questioning some of the data of other approaches. A liability case was thrown out due to this site providing evidence. Added 5 July 2018.

Contre Les Compteurs Émetteurs de Radio-Fréquences. À Propos, Avis Important, Comment Traduire des Pages Webs en Un Clic et Fair Use Notice. Many links. Wide ranging. Added 7 July 2018. This site has a bug in it so I cannot give the link. Ed. I will check back.

Welcome to Dr. Havas’s PhD. Ontario, Canada, Academic Website.

This site provides a collection of Dr. Havas’s publications, technical reports, open letters, testimony as an expert witness at hearings, and invited presentations on chemical and electromagnetic contaminants.

Abstracts and/or conclusions of research publications, as well as selected figures or tables are provided as are links for dowload, where available.

Dr. Magda Havas, PhD. ADVICE FOR HEALTH CANADA REGARDING WI-FI, CELL PHONE ANTENNAS, AND OTHER FORMS OF RADIO FREQUENCY EMITTING DEVICES. On October 4, 2011, Health Canada issued a warning for those under the age of 18 to limit their cell phone use. Pub 8 Oct. 2011. Added 27 June 2018


Alberta Smart Meters. Very lively site with lots of videos – out there information. Well done folks.  PS It has the name Alberta but is intended for national consumption at the very least.  Added 6 July 2018

British Columbia

Movie Night 24th July LSL Hitting the streets of Pentcton on the dangers of 5G and our upcoming ‘Movie and Chat’ A good local initiative in B.C. Good role model. Should be copied. Pub 23 July 2018 Added 24 July 2018

Thermoguy . com call for immediate suspension of B.C. Smart Meter programs, damage is measurable by the second. Pub 1 July 2018 Added 18 July 2018

GreenKids.Doc Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units: what are they. Not sure how much this site is used. Last correspondence 2011.  Added 6 July 2018


Pembina Valley  Morenet reamins on track despite delays.  Morenet, is still planned to cover all residents within Morden city limits by this fall. Installations had been planned to begin in May, however, Engineering Director Dave Haines says a number of factors meant those households were unable to connect to the service. Pub 20 June 2018 Added 13 Aug 2018

“The City of Morden is thrilled to announce Morenet, a community-wide, ultra-high speed, FREE internet service provided by the City. Morenet is an unlimited internet service, with no costly infrastructure. Speeds start at 100mbps upload and download. Certain locations can be hooked up as early as May 1st, 2018. Check out for more details.”  Service is based on a 5G internet service.  Added 13 Aug 2018


ASEQ-EHAQ – L’Association pour la sante environmentale du Quebec. Notre Missiion: la protection de l’environment e la sante humaine par une stabilisation, un soutien et des activites de formation de la population.  Added 5 July 2018   Le Rassemblement ElectroSensibilité Québec (RESQ) a vu le jour à la suite d’une rencontre en Estrie d’électrosensibles, le 12 décembre 2015, dans la sacristie d’une église (la seule salle de la municipalité où le niveau d’ondes était tolérable). À la grande surprise des organisatrices – quatre femmes électrosensibles habitant Sutton et une Montréalaise – 50 personnes, presque toutes électrosensibles, se présentèrent, venant de diverses régions du Québec….. etc… Added 6 July 2018

Option Consommateurs  Notre mission  Association sans but lucratif depuis 1983, notre mission est de promouvoir et de défendre les intérêts des consommateurs, tout en veillant à ce qu’ils soient respectés. Pour ce faire, nous nous engageons dans divers recours collectifs et nous nous intéressons de près aux questions reliées dans ces domaines….. Added 6 July 2018

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