from the editor: for some reason I’m not getting information about Australia to the extent that I would like. I feel the whole country is being underreported so anyone from this country please put me in the loop about any article, action, court case, rally.

Visit our sister site www.extinction-rebellion-exposed for many interesting videos.

Australian radiation safety agency fires back at 5G health fearmongering.   5G is fine, ARPANSA has said, and a single study does not make for scientific consensus. Pub/added 18 Nov 19

Guest Blog from Dr. Don Maisch, Australia: ‘Are community concerns over the 5G network rollout based on unfounded anxiety or valid evidence?’  Pub 25 April in the2019 Added 3 Oct 2019   TPG says community health fears stopped its 5G rollout in Australia – as experts blame disinformation campaigns on social media.  Pub and added 18 Sept 2019

Australia Community Kit. How to campaign.  This is a labour of love and a huge amount of effort has gone into it. It is a 49 pp pdf document with lots of links. Please distribute freely. Added 6 Sept 2019 Huawei bans and spectrum delays hit 5G plans in Australia, New Zealand. Some Australian and New Zealand operators are getting a jump on their rivals with their access to 5G spectrum. Telstra and Optus in Australia have both begun commercial 5G even though the designated 3.6GHz band won’t be available until March 2020. Pub and added 21 Aug 2019

Here’s a lively 5G Facebook site “5G Free Sunshine Coast”.  Added 31 July 2019

Stop the roll out of 5G worldwide – Last week council rejected Telstra’s application for the Currumbin Valley but4GX Tower and today it was ratified. (you will need to scroll down) Pub 31 July 2019  Revealed: 5G tower locations across Australia – Exclusive. Pub 16 May 2019 Added 5 July2019   It’s been touted as revolutionary – the fastest Internet connection we’ve ever experienced but some residents are concerned about the potential health risks associated with 5G network and are taking to the streets to protest. Pub 13 June 2019 Added 30 June 2019

Perth’s Stop 5G rally today. Awesome turn out of the elderly, women, children, babies and men… and all in the rain. That’s the true Spirit needed to make positive change. Video. Well done Perth! Pub June 22 June 2019 Added 30 June 2019   Australian government works with Huawei despite 5G ban. The Australian government gave over $1 million to research projects involving Chinese technology giant Huawei and contributed funds to student trips to Huawei’s facilities in China even as it has barred the company from building next-generation 5G mobile infrastructure for security reasons.  Pub 11 Feb 2019 Added 16 Feb 2019

Telstra launches 5G across Canberra, Adelaide, Perth. Telstra now has 50 live 5G sites, with the latest across parts of the cities of Canberra, Adelaide, and Perth. Pub 23 Oct 2018 Added 25 Oct 2018   Knowledgebase  Inconvenient truth – the John Patterson story. What inconvenient truth led a highly-regarded radiation expert to take the law into his own hands and demolish six mobile phone stations? As he faces sentencing this month, John Patterson talks to EMR and Health about the story behind the news.
John Patterson is a pleasant, considerate and well-mannered man with an easy smile and a wicked sense of humour. He is also one of Australia’s leading radiation experts—a man who has been at the cutting edge of communications technology for the past 33 years. Pub 2 March 2010 Added 27 Sept 2018

Video. SUCCESS!  Meeting 20 September 2018 Willows Creek NSW We had a remarkable win this week against the Big Boys – giant Telstar. The community of Wilsons Creek where I live in northern NSW actually stopped them in their tracks from foisting on us a 30m wifi tower which pumps out and receives 24/7 deadly Electro Magnetic radiation – a giant microwave oven that fries our brains and organs, our kids…and the unique creatures we have living with us here in the Bush. Go Wilsons Creek! 2:35  Pub 21 Sept 2018 Added 22 Sept 2018

Channel 9 news (via  Sydney: Cancers, tumours’:  Fears surround phone towers near homes. There are concerns over health risks posed by new mobile phone towers being rolled out in residential areas in preparation for the launch of 5G. With the new technology on its way, the federal government introduced legislation which allowed telecommunication companies the power to erect towers onto power poles without needing permission from local councils. Pub 19 Sept 2018 Added 21 Sept 2018  Sydney Morning Herald Top 5G suppliers linked to China’s communist party.Three potential suppliers of equipment to Australia’s next generation 5G network have connections to China’s Communist Party. While the Turnbull Government has been strongly lobbied by federal MPs and security officials to ban Chinese-owned Huawei from involvement in the 5G network, there has been little focus on the Chinese-connections of two other likely 5G participants, Nokia and Ericsson. Pub 13 Aug 2018 Added 13 Aug 2018 Physicians for Safe Technology. Dr. Leszczynski Sounds Warning at Australian Meeting: Precaution with 5G. A sober warning about the safety of 5G technology was sounded by Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski, Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry Division of Biochemistry and Biotechnology University of Helsinki, Finland,  at a recent international meeting in Australia. The 5th Asian and Oceanic IRPA Regional Congress on Radiation Protection (AOCRP-5) was held in Melbourne, Australia, May 20 – 23, 2018.. Pub 18 July 2018. Added 13 Aug 2018

Environment and Community safe from Radiation?- live. FB Barrister Raymond Broomhall. Courageous and humorous. A great way to hit those creating EM Radiation. 2:16:40 Long.  Pub 4 Aug 2018 Added 5 Aug 2018  PS web site is Something potentially BIG is brewing down-under for the 5G – A class action lawsuit is being developed in Australia to show down deployment of 5G. Pub 30 July 2018 Added 31 July 2018

The Sydney Morning Herald – 5G network will be ‘made in China’ with or without ban: Huawei Huawei has hit back against a potential ban on its involvement in building Australia’s 5G mobile networks, saying there will be a Chinese influence in the infrastructure regardless of the government’s decision. Pub 26 July 2018 Added 26 July 2018

Cancer Council NSW There is inconclusive evidence regarding electricity as a risk factor for cancer (this is not discussing Smart Meters or 5G) but a discussion about magnetic fields themselves.  Added 16 July 2018

NSW Government Planning and Environment FAQ’s on Digital Meters, Added 13 July 2018

Petition by  To: senator the Hon Mitch Fifield – 5G roll out in Australia. Campaign created by chris Degenhardt.  Petition started April 2018

EMR Aware, originating in NSW, Australia. A thorough and methodical site of listings and info. Regular newsletter.  Long front page. Added 23.6.18

Between a Rock and a hard place. Australian – based Science blogs on various subjects including mobile phone radiation and health. Dariusz Leszczynski  is moderator of the blogs.  Scientific contributions.  Disciplined internal architecture of site. Added 26 June 2018

Stop Smart Meters Australia – Top health experts revealed that 5G networks may pose serious health risk to all humans and all species. Pub. June 18, 2018.

Australian Government – Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety agency – report by ARPANSA radiofrequency expert panel. Scientific literature 2000-2012.  76 page pdf.

Ayubowan Health & Lifestyle Education Service. Advocacy group.

Open letter to ABC Australia after removal of Wi-Fried documentary

Unaware general article on 5G in Australia: Everything you need to know

5G network: Expert concerned by lack of understanding of potential health effects. “more research needed”

Griffith University – concerns rise over potential adverse health effects of  5G technology

EMR Australia Australia’s leading source of electromagnetic radiation information, services and products. Partly a commercial site but information also.

Smart Meter Awareness and Support Group SMAS

Due to a growing number of smart meter awareness and support groups emerging throughout Victoria, this page within the Stop Smart Meters Australia has been established for those groups who would like to advertise their existence.  If you would like to list your group here or know about any groups please Contact Us so we can add it.


Broadmeadows Progress Association (FB group).

The Progress Association has been involved in the Smart Meter Issue since 2009. Currently active in working with the Moreland and Hume Councils to protect the interests of residents concerned with the smart meter roll out.  Also working with other groups and individuals to gain meetings with Government Departments as well as assisting with public meetings

Western Australia


Kaye Handley, (thank you Kate),  has got together the list of Facebook STOP 5G groups in Western Australia.

Many of the groups are new (winter 2019) and small in membership and I am sure your participation would be valued.
















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