image_pdfimage_print   5G will become the mainstream ecosystem by 2022 – Ericssonresearch report released by Ericsson has provided a perspective on how 5G can be realized in Africa. The ‘Making 5G a reality for Africa’ report, which was conducted in collaboration with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) reveals that 5G will become the mainstream ecosystem by 2022, and we can expect to see 5G start being deployed by global leading operators during 2019. Pub 24 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018

The Namibian journal. One piece on ‘Namibia can have safe wireless technology. Well, that’s a start. Ed.

South Africa

STOP 5G South Africa. National Protest Date Friday 27 September 2019   Added 5 Sept 2019 Are smart meters the answer to saving water. Does having a Smart water meter to measure your water consumption change your water behaviour? Pub 7 Aug 2019 Added 8 Aug 2019  Protest leads to removal of cell mast from school.  According to Chatsworth Community Policing Forum chairman, Jakes Singh, members of the school governing body were present and have also expressed shock as they had no knowledge of the work resuming.  Pub 22 Mar 2019 Added 26 Mar 2019 The impact of 5G in South Africa. Operators in South Africa who leverage 5G-IoT use cases to tap into the full business potential of industry digitalisation can benefit from revenues of $2.4 billion in 2026, according to a new Ericsson report.
In ‘The guide to capturing the 5G industry digitalisation business potential”, Ericsson lists 10 industries that will drive growth in addressable revenues from digitalisation. Pub 30 Sept 2018 Added 30 Sept 2018     South Africa’s Vodacom launches 5G internet service in Lesotho. JOHANNESBURG, Aug 25 (Reuters) – South Africa’s Vodacom launched what it said was Africa’s first commercial 5G internet service in Lesotho on Saturday, but said it would only be able to provide a similar service in its home market once spectrum was made available.
Pub 25 Aug 2018 Added 26 Aug 2018 – 5G countdown for South Africa: here’s what you can expect. Pub 22 January 2018. Added 30 July 2018

Wireless and Clueless. an informative article to all parents on what they are exposing their children to

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