Malaysia YTL COMMS PENANG TERRAGRAPH TRIAL HITS 170MBPS PEAK DOWNLOAD SPEED. First update of trials in Unicef Heritage City of Georgetown, show peak upload of 160Mbps – 40 locations with 350 Terragraph nodes on 160 city lamp posts in 6 weeks since going live. Pub 22 Apr 2019 Added 9 July 2019  YTL launches Asia’s first Terragraph trial in Penang. Free gigabit wireless access for 6 months. YTL Communications has kicked off its trial launch of Terragraph in Penang. This is a new wireless technology developed by Facebook which aims to provide gigabit speeds in urban areas without the complexities of laying fibre. Malaysia is the second country in the world to kickoff large scale Terragraph trials after Hungary. Pub 18 Feb 2019 Added 9 July 2019