India Wi-Fi on board train networking in India.  Can the demand fro uninterrupted WiFi on trains be met? Added 22 Sept 2019 – now, “smart meters” to curb power theft. In view of the power distribution companies incurring heavy losses due to unbilled consumption and unlawful usage, ‘smart meters’ would soon be installed in the State’s urban areas to curb meter tampering and power theft Pub and added 20 Aug 2019  Now, Smart meter for every household. Indore: Smart meters for smart city — Every Indore household will get the hi-tech meters after the initiative proved to be great success…… Pub and Added 6 Aug 2019    Xiaomi President Lin Bin shows Mi Mix 3 running on 5G network. 5G is the next big bet for the entire telecom industry, with chip-makers making a big push for creating 5G radios and smartphone manufacturers promising 5G enabled handsets by 2019, including Xiaom…24 Nov 2018 Added 25 Nov 2018

NOT 5G but relevant to mobile telephony –    Mobile usage: Brain cancer on rise, people going deaf, says Mumbai IIT   findings the new study point towards something even more sinister. According to the latest research, using cellphones for more than half an hour daily can double the risk of brain tumour in the next 10 years.  Pub 30 Sept 2018 Added 1 Oct 2018 5G coming to India by 2022 after pit stops in Korea, China. India plans to roll out state-of-the-art 5G telecom services in the next four years, a senior official said, as the nation rushes to catch up with its Asian peers. “We are not there yet,” Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said in an interview in New Delhi, adding that complete roll-out of 5G will be done by 2022. “5G won’t be driven by supply, it’ll be driven by demand and the rest of industry needs to wake up to this.” Pub 6 Aug 2018 Added 8 Aug 2018

Indian researcher to study health impacts of 5G networks in collaboration with Auckland University of Technology.

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