image_pdfimage_print Austrian Parliament commissions technology institutes to study on 5G health effects. Pub 9 Aug 2019 Added 5 Sept 2019

Der Standard – Wie gefahrlich ist 5G?  Etwa sechs bis acht Prozent der Bevölkerung leiden unter dem “Mikrowellensyndrom” – Pub and added 12 Mar 2019 English version here -pdf –

Sudden launch of 5G in Vienna. Important for those living in Austria. Scroll down to see references. … Pub 3 Jan 2019 added 5 Jan 2019

Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association (w) for the diagnosis and treatment of EMFrelated health problems and illnesses (EMF syndrome). Consensus paper of the Ausfrian Medicar Association’s EMF Working Group (cn< AG-EMF)
Adopted at the meeting of environmental medicine officers of the Regional Medical
Association’s and the Austrian Medical Association. 17pp pdf . Pub 3 March 2012. Added 17 July 2018  Not quite 5G but important anyway. In German. Use google translate if you need to.

Question to SG at UNOV 14 May 2018 Today the Secretary-General of the United Nations visited the United Nations office at Vienna and met with staff. He took questions and I asked him the question in the document attached ‘Claire’

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