South Korea Huawei Opens Its First 5G OpenLab in South Korea, Partnering with Korean SMEs to Build the 5G Ecosystem. Pub 3 June 2019 Added 2 July 2019 average 5G speeds in South Korea fall well below maximums, Opensignal finds. Opensignal has published what it calls the first “real analysis” of 5G download speeds, contrasted against the performance of various 4G devices in South Korea. Pub 21 June 2019 Added 23 June 2019    South Korea 5G rollout faces delays. South Korea will likely delay the rollout of 5G networks that was initially planned for this month due to delays in setting the right pricing plan, and smartphone makers and telcos struggling to meet the schedule.  Pub 8 Mar 2019 Added 9 Mar 2019