Green Party Conference Stop 5G Demo Report

Dear 5G Concerned,
Today people from across the country came to make a stand outside Green Party Autumn Conference regarding their deafening silence on Electro-Magnetic Radiation Pollution and 5G – kindly see enclosed picture. Green Party members and non-members from Lampeter, Stroud, Bristol, Reading and The Isle of Wight came to speak Truth to Power, something which the Green party traditionally prides itself upon, but which it sadly does not apply in this area. 
The Protest was a success in that we got to speak to many people, including several key people within the Party. It was filmed by Media company Vice and will appear online. Many leaflets were handed out and I went inside during Plenary to ask for our EMR Motion – which was well supported and well researched – to be reinstated. Sadly, it was ruled out of order again due to “procedural rules” which are obviously being used to thwart any discussion on the subject. I then raised my voice and spoke Truth to Power from the inside, pointing out that the Green Party are missing the boat on this and how Ecology has all but been eradicated from its Agenda, making them lose valuable members. There were many people in the hall and some later came out to support us. Still, the Party Elite are not listening and there are too many members who choose to remain ignorant in favour of a one-eyed Climate Agenda. The full force of the leadership’s anger was made clear when the Conference “organiser” was sent out to tell us that we are not allowed to stand outside the venue to protest on Saturday as I had “disrupted Conference.” I had done no such thing. I had merely spoken out against a corrupt and unjust handling of two motions with almost Kafkaesk consequences – first claiming we didn’t have an underpinning policy then claiming we didn’t ask for action – putting us in a Catch 22 situation where the only avenue left to us is to protest.
The Green Party are supposed to be the Party of Free Speech – we have been silenced and now stifled. The Green Party are supposed to be the Party of inclusion and against discrimination in all its forms. What about the Electro-hyper sensitive? The Green Party are supposed to be the Party that promotes local sustainable solutions. Why then do they support a lean mean corporate control green-wash spin machine? Why have they left the Precautionary Principle by the wayside? Where is the pioneering debate about the need for safe and bio-sensitive Technology? The mind boggles and the heart crumples.
But I will not be stifled or crumpled. I will be there again tomorrow from noon and those of you who want to stand with me are welcome to join. We urgently need to bring back our Party to its original values where Ecology and the Environment are seen as one integrated whole which needs to be tackled as one. 
I am looking forward to seeing you there.
Best wishes from Tanja the 5G Rebel