Superb resource from Physicians for Safe Technology on need-to-know facts to oppose/regulate wireless infrastructure threats | EH Trust 4g/5g science….

With much appreciation to Physicians for Safe Technology for this great resource! 

Cell Towers and City Ordinances  Physicians for Safe Technology

The most significant and comprehensive need-to-know facts to oppose/regulate wireless towers in your community.  
Everything you and your city need to know about what options still remain to protect residents and push-back on Telecom/FCC aggression. 

Includes everything you will need: legislation, laws and legal actions, protective ordinances and actions by communities, “The Science” and so much more –  clearly explained with hyperlinks to the original documents.

Please share widely with city councils, planning commissions, government officials, the public, facebook groups, twitter feeds etc.

And from Environmental Health Trust: 

Peer Reviewed Published Science On Radiation From 4G/5G “Small” Cell Wireless Antennas

EHT was just asked, ” What published research shows the low radiation levels from cell antennas could be harmful?” EHT decided to summarize a short list of studies and share our answer with the public.

Hopefully, we can reclaim our democracies without having to resort to the following:

The people of Chatsworth, South Africa were ready to camp out by the tower until it was removed…AND IT WAS REMOVED!! The world’s watching and supporting your steadfast resolve, Chatsworth. Thank you for leading the way. 
“After the residents objected strongly to the construction of the tower and threatened to camp at the site where the mast was erected until it is taken down, all workers and equipment were removed from the school.”
“Residents braved the inclement weather and sacrificed their day off from work, to take a stand and show that they are committed and mean business.”
“Finally, the principal instructed the contactor to stop work and to bring down the mast. The message from parents to the principal was very clear: that they will not leave until the mast comes down. Preparations for parents to camp overnight were well on the way. Residents united and in a show of strength, have exercised their democratic right on Human Rights Day and have sent a very strong message that the school belongs to the community and they need to be consulted on matters that affect them,”

Stop5Gappeal – 5G: Österreich bekommt Turbo-Internet / 5G: Austria gets Turbo-Internet / 5G: l’Autriche obtient Internet Turbo

5G: Österreich bekommt Turbo-Internet / 5G: Austria gets Turbo-Internet / 5G: l’Autriche obtient Internet Turbo
With the 5G auctions completed, now full 5G is being rolled out in Austria. Après ça le déluge.
Nachdem die 5G Auktionen abgeschlossen sind, wird nun volle 5G in österreich ausgerollt. Après ça le déluge.
Avec les ventes aux enchères 5G terminées, maintenant 5G complet est en cours de déploiement en Autriche. Après ça le déluge.
Rough translation / Grobe übersetzung / Traduction approximative
Excerpt / Ausschnitt / Extrait:
Austria is a pioneer for 5G Internet. What the network can do, what it brings to the site.
The Internet future begins in Austria. On Tuesday, T-Mobile launched the first European network with the new mobile radio standard 5G. This makes it clear that Austria is a pioneer for the future Turbo Internet, which is up to 100 times faster than its predecessor 4G and can cope with the rapid increase in data volumes. “We switch from a 4-lane motorway to a 40-lane motorway,” says T-Mobile CEO Andreas Bierwirth. A 400-lane motorway is also conceivable in the future.
17 municipalities throughout Austria at the beginning
For the time being, 17 municipalities in 5 provinces enjoy the high-speed 5G network (see below). It includes both urban areas such as Innsbruck and rural areas. Initially for 200 customers with routers provided by T-Mobile. Because there are no 5G devices on the market, the first Smartphones come in the summer. Also 5G-tariffs are not yet available.
Österreich ist Pionierland für 5G-Internet. Was das Netz kann, was es dem Standort bringt.
Die Internet-Zukunft beginnt in Österreich. Am Dienstag nahm T-Mobile bei uns das europaweit erste Netz mit dem neuen Mobilfunkstandard 5G in Betrieb. Damit ist klar: Österreich ist Pionierland für das künftige Turbo-Internet, das bis zu 100 Mal schneller ist als der Vorgänger 4G und die rasant steigenden Datenmengen bewältigen kann. „Wir wechseln von einer 4-spurigen zu einer 40-spurigen Autobahn“, so T-Mobile-Chef Andreas Bierwirth. Denkbar sei künftig auch eine 400-spurige Autobahn.
17 Gemeinden in ganz Österreich zu Beginn dabei
Vorerst kommen 17 Gemeinden in 5 Bundesländern in den Genuss des Highspeed-5G-Netzes (siehe unten). Es sind sowohl städtische Gebiete wie Innsbruck dabei, aber auch ländliche Gegenden. Zunächst für 200 Kunden mit von T-Mobile zur Verfügung gestellten Routern. Denn am Markt gibt es noch keine 5G-Geräte, die ersten Smartphones kommen im Sommer. Auch 5G-Tarife gibt es noch nicht.

Diese 17 Gemeinden haben ab sofort 5G

1. Hohenau a.d. March (NÖ)

2. Hochstrass (NÖ)

3. Loosdorf (NÖ)

4.Wartberg/Mürztal (Stmk.)

5.Kapfenberg (Stmk.)

6. Kalsdorf b. Graz (Stmk.)

7. Pirka (Stmk.)

8. Kaindorf/Sulm (Stmk.)

9. Villach (Ktn.)

10. Feichtendorf (Ktn.)

11. Serfaus (Tirol)

12. Seefeld (Tirol)

13. Innsbruck (Tirol)

14. Kirchbichl (Tirol)

15. St. Johann (Tirol)

16. Oberhofen/Irrsee (OÖ)

17. Ried im Innkreis (OÖ)

L’autriche est un pays pionnier pour 5G-Internet. Ce que le Réseau peut, ce qu’il fait le Site.
L’Internet de l’Avenir commence en Autriche. Mardi, T-Mobile a mis en service chez nous le premier réseau européen avec la nouvelle norme mobile 5G. Il est donc clair: l’Autriche est un pays pionnier pour le futur, le Turbo-Internet jusqu’à 100 Fois plus rapide que son Prédécesseur, la 4G et la rapide augmentation de la quantité de données qui peut maîtriser. “Nous allons passer d’une 4 voies à 40 voies de l’Autoroute”, T-Mobile, Andreas Bierwirth. Il est possible d ‘imaginer une autoroute à 400 voies à l’ avenir.
17 communes de toute l ‘ Autriche
Pour l ‘ instant, 17 communes de 5 Länder bénéficient du réseau high-speed-5G (voir ci-dessous). Il y a des zones urbaines comme Innsbruck, mais aussi des zones rurales. Tout d ‘ abord pour 200 clients avec des routeurs fournis par T-Mobile. Car il n ‘ y a pas encore de 5G sur le marché, les premiers Smartphones arrivent en été. Il n’ existe pas encore de tarifs 5G.

Too much good news to wait till the next update!!!

This 5g/IoT – mania is imploding on itself. Telecom wants us to believe the 5g/IoT market is exploding, but the only things exploding are smart meters and IoT “Things”.
1. The people of Chatsworth, South Africa were ready to camp out by the tower until it was removed.  And it was removed!!!

2. Sprint has announced it will be removing the cell tower from the elementary school in Ripon California where there were about 9 cases of cancer among children and teachers. 
3. Portland blocking 5g for health:
What some other cities are doing:
4. Verizon 5g pilot in Sacramento is failing:
Kate Kheel,

Good advice from Scott Compton, Admin. EMF Warriors. FB

EMF Warriors,

It should be exceptionally clear that the EMF Issue is highly synergistic and detailed in the science. Learning curves vary from person to person and over time. When we watch others write or convey the EMF issue, it is often just a slice of the EMF story. Often people are not well-learned in the biophysics at work and might have just a physics-angle on the issue. Others may understand the biological side more, but be more unlearned in electrical engineering and physics. And most people I encounter have very little knowledge in the energy production with our mitochondria and the greater depth with specific biochemical pathways and signaling processes that inform our biology about circadian biology and epigenetic expressions.

For these reasons, it is a wise approach to gauge other people that are spreading awareness on the EMF issue. Have patience and help teach everyone over longer periods of time. Casting judgment upon specific people in this area can be somewhat foolish because when we PROJECT OUR EGO by making assumptions on others. We could be correct in our analysis also, but the way in which we convey a problem also needs wisdom. It’s rare to find alignment in both the breadth and depth of knowledge in these subjects that cross multiple scientific disciplines.

Instead, try these basic strategies: First, be uplifting. Next, when you find an issue with an ally that is negative, a half-truth outright wrong, attempt to handle it personally by inquiring to the individual directly, rather than spewing venom over social media. When a person spews, it’s done to drive home a point that “I must be right, and I’ll show how another person is wrong.” This type of ego festers negativity and should be obvious to anyone that attempt to do it directly, especially here at EMF Warriors. I personally could not care who is right or wrong, when we are all right about spreading awareness on the EMF issue to the rest of the world.

We are all Pro-Health advocates even if we have detailed-disagreements. When we show childish ego, it makes other people watching our action turn away and say, “Geez, I don’t want to hang around that person too long.” When two adults cannot come to a basic resolution with Communication 101 in this arena, it does us all a disservice. Attitude is everything. Projecting an attitude of gratitude attracts humankind, rather than pushing humans away. Humans have a multitude of problems, and we will from now until eternity. In the face of problems, it is wise to recognize how we treat our fellow human brothers and sisters.

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and text

Various topics and links by Dave Ashton


28th March 2019 – 5G Action Meeting, Glastonbury Town Hall. 7-10pm. See flyer below.


If you would like help and support regarding your own electrosensitivity (or if you suspect that you may be electrosensitive, but would like to find out more), please click on the link immediately below, to find a group member who is from your general area, and who you can then contact by Facebook message in the first instance.

Alternatively, please feel welcome to post in the group, or add a comment to an existing thread.


Support for Group Members

Get in Touch (with other group members)

UK EMF Shielding / Meter Retailers

List of things to check/remember when searching/moving to a new home

Symptoms experienced by group members (group document)

EMF Surveyors (group document)

EHS Retreats and Holidays (group document)

Doctors and therapists (group document)

EMF Shielding Tips from Group Members


Group post: UK House Surveys – references to EMFs

Mast Data – find the mobile phone masts near you…

Chris Meek’s low-EMF work setup

Which meter should I get? Group discussion

Open letter by British medical doctors: Health and safety of Wi-Fi and mobile phones…/03/British-Doctors-Letter-March-2014.…

International Scientific Declaration on Electrohypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, September 2015


Press Release:…/up…/2015/09/Press-Release-EN.pdf

Environmental Radiation website and links (Steven Magee)

EMF/EHS Documentaries

A Radiant Day – excellent EMF documentary

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Resonance Beings of Frequency

Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (1 of 2)

Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (2 of 2)

Facebook Groups

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – MCS & EHS – UK & INTERNATIONAL

Smart EMF Resistance UK

EMF and EHS Law

EHS Media Forum (“EMF”)

Secret group – please contact Dave Ashton or Stephanie Dickerson

Is Wearable Technology Safe?

The GROW Dome EHS Project

Agenda 21 – an overview of corporatism including 5G

The Enlightenment is Dead. Welcome to the “New Age” of Globalist Anti-Intellectualism. – Bruce Cain  Tuesday March 19, 2019

Censorship is becoming a significant part of the Progressive Left, Big Tech and the Globalists. When the Uni-Bomber released his manifesto the newspapers published the entire document. But when I tried to post this — [The Great Replacement — Manifesto of New Zealand Mosque Shooter, Mar 2019] Facebook censored the post because it was against their community (e.g., Globalist) Standards. I placed a Google search — as the first comment link — for those that want to read this idiots manifesto. If I posted the actual link I’m sure I would have been censored again.
For many years I used to end my day at the Donut Mill where we would smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and discuss the issues of the day. Often we were not in agreement and that was just fine. That is no longer the case. Today we have gone to our ideological corners and quickly paint our opponents as Xenophobes, Snowflakes etc. The civility is gone. No longer can you have an honest discussion without being castigated. This is dangerous. Because our very Republic was built upon the cornerstone of Free Speech: a gift to humanity from the Enlightenment. Better that we have honest discussions. Better that we look for viable solutions to our shared problems and challenges. But sadly that is evaporating before our eyes.
This is no aberration by the way. It is being enforced by Big Tech — and others — in a vain attempt to shut up those of us challenging the Globalist Agenda. Last Saturday was the 18th “Yellow Vest” Protest against France’s Globalist Macron. The French are tired of the Open Borders and the Globalist Austerity Measures that are being imposed on them. Macron has also censored those critical of the waves of Muslim immigration: again pushed by the Globalists. So France is a perfect example of this new Globalist Anti-Intellectualism, weaponized by Globalist censorship. When you can freely discuss such things we often find solutions. When you can’t discuss these thing what do you have left? Picking up some bricks and taking to the streets. And that is exactly what is happening in France in 2019. And it is spreading.
The Globalists want to Displace Us and perhaps Erase Most of Us. Time to get off our butts.
To be clear I deplore the Mosque Shooting, the Gay Night Club Shooting and every other act of the slaughter of innocent humans. But the Psychopatic Killer does bring up an important point in his 70 page article: the White populations of Europe and the US are literally being displaced: largely by Muslim immigrants that do not share our social morays much less our disfavor of theocratic government found in Islamic Sharia Law. We are also being displaced by populations from Africa, Central and South America as well as by chain migration. And Trump has not even fought to reverse the Flores decision that forces us to release the Illegal Aliens into our country after a mere 20 days.
And here’s the thing. This population displacement IS happening. It is not a figment of your imagination. Do a little research. If we continue allowing Muslim immigration then Muslims will become the EU Majority by 2050. I challenge anyone that wants to dispute that fact. It is also the Globalist UN, Global Corporations and other groups (Open Society/Soros, USAID) that have been pushing this very agenda.
My fellow humans. We are being played and everyone will suffer if we allow this to continue. And there is not a whole lot of time left to act.
I see this as a plan to conquer the US and EU nations through a divide and conquer strategy. It seems obvious that the UN — and other globalist organizations — want us divided by race, religion, wealth etc. Because when you are fighting among yourselves you are no longer fighting against the real enemy that should unite all humans: the Globalists pushing 5G and the New World Order. And I hate to say it but we humans are losing at the moment.
What I also find frightening is the Anti-Intellectual movement being promoted by Big Tech, the Left and the Globalists. Suddenly you can no longer have a nuanced discussion about immigration, Vaccines, 5G, Smart Meters. Nope all they have to do is call you a racist, and Islamaphobe, a Xenophobe, a Trump supporter and that ends the discussion. This is the opposite of what led to our Republic: the Enlightenment which challenged all false ideologies: religious, scientific, whatever. You should not be allowed to end an argument by saying shit like:
“You know what. Fuck You. You are a racist. You are a Technophobe Luddite.”
Yes, I also suspect that, those of us opposing 5G, will soon be labeled “Technophobes.” I’ll give that another 6 months.
I have been studying 5G for about a year or so and also worked for 5 years in Medical Research: Radiation Physics. There is no doubt, in my mind, that 5G will have vast negative implications for our health. And yet the globalists want it and to hell with anyone that denounces their plans. Dvorak (PC Magazine) was fired, after 30 years, because he wrote an article critical of 5G. He was fired within days of posting the article.
Amazon is taking Anit-Vax video’s off their site and is also taking off books that question this New World Order. From the censorship of Alex Jones to Robinson (England) there is one common denominator. If you criticize the Globalist Agenda — Open Borders, 5G, Gun Confiscation, a critical assessment of Supremacist Islam etc. — you will be censored, deplatformed, shadow banned, demonetized. In other words if you question the Globalist Agenda they will do everything in their power to shut off your right to Free Speech.
If our government had not lost its soul — to globalist corporations — there would be no more immigration for at least the next 20 years and 5G would have been dead on arrival. I want all people to thrive within their own “cunt trees.” One way we could turn the tide is eradicating GMO farming in Central and South America. GMO farming is toxic to the soil and humans alike. And getting rid of GMO farming would probably double the number of jobs for farmers that have been displace when GMO farming began in these countries: around 2009.
IT is time to stop the displacement of European and US populations through immigration. Each country needs to assess what is required to become sustainable economies. But if they choose to multiply like bacteria in a petri dish they will perish in their own toxic waste. So let us hope they choose wisely.
IT is also time to stop the deployment of 5G: which is the Globalist infrastructure with which our every movement will be monitored and controlled.
Stop the Displacement. Stop 5G. Stop the Psychopathic Globalist Agenda. The hour glass is emptying faster than you might think.
FB will not allow me to post this link directly. Yep they censored me AGAIN. But you should be able to find the document through this google search. I just wanted to add this post from a few weeks back. In this post I review all the “great things” our Globalist Overlords have “done to us” in the last hundred years. Given what they’ve already done I see no reason to trust them moving forward. And you? ===== “Good morning Globalist Overlords”
Hey I got a bone to pick you guys . . .
I would support this New World Order if, in fact, YOU were proverbial Philosopher Kings drawing from the wisdom of Sophia: basically science, knowledge and wisdom. And I would support YOUR Global New World Order IF you had a record of pushing for an American Dream where each generation would be a little bit better off than the last.
But hey, let’s take a quick look at what YOU have actually given us:
* Cigarettes “are a great way to relax and good for you.” 380,000 US deaths per year which takes the burden off of Medicare and Social Security.
* GMO Foods: involving glycophosphates (Carcinogen) and Genetically Modified DNA (that the body does not know how to handle). GMO farming also used pesticides and herbicides that are emasculating men and women through estrogen mimicking chemicals, now in our drinking water.
* Over Vaccination: Yep they doubled in the early 90’s and “may” have been a cause of the exponential rise in Autism.
* The Federal Reserve (1913) to debase our earnings by printing money for the rich while destroying the value of our money. [A dollar in 1913 (100 cents) is not worth about 3 cents in real money: what it will buy.
* Viet Nam over the Bay of Tonkin incident that didn’t happen.
* Iraq invasion over Weapons of Mass Destruction that did not exist.
* The Obama Administration financing ISIS in order to take over the Middle East and Africa.
* Big Tech pushing driverless trucks that will result in the loss of at least 4 million jobs. And implementing robots, autonomous vehicles, AI etc. will destroy 50% of all remaining jobs in the next 20 years.
* An exponential rise in Electrosmog compared with the 1950’s when I was born.
* Margarine and Trans fatty acids over Butter.
* Putting our children on Amphetamines in our schools: they get a $5000 annual stipend for each child and Big Pharma makes billions.
* 80 years of Cannabis (Marijuana) Prohibition when they knew, in the early 70’s, that it killed cancer cells.
* Exposing our children to very high EMF levels in the schools from powerful wireless routers . . . instead of hard wiring so there is no EMF radiation.
* 50 years of unmitigated Legal/Illegal immigration to insure that our wages and benefits NEVER really go up. And you have not a foggy clue of what will happen to all this unskilled labor when it is no longer required. Oh or is it that you are going to kill all the useless eaters once you gain full control?
That would be a very short list. So unfortunately we are really being pushed toward this New World Order by Demonic Psychopaths. Got it?
If the people were truly awake a revolution would have taken place decades ago. What you are really seeing is the movement from an Analog, Carbon based world, toward a digital, Silicon Based World. [Note that Silicon, from which integrated circuits are made, is just below Carbon, on the Periodic Table of Elements]. Yep this is the greatest leap in human knowledge in known human history. And these Demonic Psychopaths are in control.
Once 5G is fully implemented we will all become slaves of a Globalist Plantation. We will be analyzed and objectified in terms of how valuable we are in serving our Global Overlords.
And unlike the Abrahamic Literalist Religions, that tried to convince their flock that God was watching . . . the New Technocratic Ideology will be watching every move you take and every move you make. Oh, in real time.
It is time to prepare for WAR my friends. Nothing will just be given to you.

UPDATE: Around the world in 5g opposition

This update is long…but thankfully that’s because so many people are waking up now and taking a stand, so there’s a lot going on. 
There’s a section in this update “Around the World In 5g Opposition” which gives a sense of some of what’s going on around the world. 
Also, at the end of this update are two updates from the 5G International Appeal which covers 5g and satellites more internationally.  
“A global architecture of behavior modification threatens  human nature in the 21st century.”  Shoshana Ruboff, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, on Surveillance Capitalism. 
“They have no interest in us. It doesn’t matter if we are happy or sad. It doesn’t matter if we’re doing well or poorly. It only matters that we do these things in ways that they can scrape the experience and turn it into data.” Shoshana Ruboff, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, on Surveillance Capitalism. 

“How can a prisoner know the size of the prison and the prison cell when the bars and walls are unknown or invisible?”

“Yes, humans are drowning in a tidal wave of toxic technologies separating us. But there are also cheap, simple, safe touch techniques and technologies, right under our noses, which give relief surpassing drugs or surgery, which connect us and which help us heal each other. The really good stuff exists already, unmonetizable and thus unexploited. Finding it, inventing it and collaboratively spreading it in time to help will be the challenge of the ages.”   Douglas Rushkoff, Team Human

FCC opens up experimental spectrum licenses for 6G  5G has barely gotten off the ground, and US regulators are already looking to the next big thing in wireless.  Mar. 15th, 2019 | Marguerite Reardon | c|net 
“The Federal Communications Commission is paving the way for 6G and beyond. 
On Friday, the agency unanimously voted to open up ‘terahertz wave’ spectrum that could one day be used for 6G services. The spectrum, which falls in the 95 gigahertz (GHz) to 3 terahertz (THz) range, will be open for experimental use to let engineers dreaming of the next generation of wireless begin their work. 
The spectrum, once thought of as useless, could offer super high speed internet service for data intensive applications, such as super high resolution imaging and sensing applications. 
Through its rules, the FCC will give innovators a 10 year license to experiment with new products and services.

Get this!! FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel on these 6g Terrahertz frequencies: (Trigger warning!) 
“…there is something undeniably cool about putting these stratospheric frequencies to use and converting their propagation challenges into opportunity.”

IEEE Future Networks Tutorials   Mar. 24th – Mar. 26th, 2019 | 6g Summit
“The tutorial day will include several state-of-the-art technologies relevant for 2030 and beyond era. The event is a golden opportunity for researchers, professors and students from both academia and industry to learn about the latest advances on some of the hottest topics towards 6G – such as Quantum communications, Bio signal processing, Blockchain technologies, THz radio technologies, Wireless AI, Molecular communications, Visible light communications, AR/VR & holographic communications as well as Localization techniques for beyond 5G.”


How Human Collaboration Can Beat Screen Addiction  Mar. 7th, 2019 | William Softky | Fair Observer 
Review of Douglas Rushkoff’s new book, Team Human. 
“Team Human’s core warning is that human-created technology on the whole, including even words and writing, damages human interpersonal interaction and affection via a tangle of runaway vicious circles that are accelerating year on year. Its core advice is to revive and practice our hard-wired natural capacity for social resonance.”
“…two people talking and touching face-to-face share so many millions of micro-messages a minute they have plenty of time to lock in and confirm that they’re on the same page. They can trust each other’s “content” (whatever that is) because they can see and interact in real space and real time at maximum sensory-motor bandwidth, which is the native communications protocol for homo sapiens’ 3-D nervous systems.”
“Yes, humans are drowning in a tidal wave of toxic technologies separating us. But there are also cheap, simple, safe touch techniques and technologies, right under our noses, which give relief surpassing drugs or surgery, which connect us and which help us heal each other. The really good stuff exists already, unmonetizable and thus unexploited. Finding it, inventing it and collaboratively spreading it in time to help will be the challenge of the ages.”

Video: Telemóveis – Conan Osíris (subtitled music video) 
Conan Osíris – Telemóveis – Final | Festival da Canção 2019  Tiago Teixeira  Published on Feb 2, 2019
This is the song that will represent Portugal in Eurovision 2019.

Translation of Text for Telemóveis (Mobile phones) by Conan Osiris:

I broke my cellphone
Trying to call up to heaven
To find out if I kill the longing/missing Or if I’m the one who dies
page2image58300992 page2image43845824
I’ll break the cellphone
Both yours and mine
And I’ll wreck my phone
I want to live and obliterate my cellphone

And who kills whom? Who kills whom? Will it kill?

And if I break my cellphone
I’ll only break what’s mine
I have yet to see if my longing/missing will die
Or if it turns out I’m the one who dies

Not even I know
When I find out
I won’t call another soul

And who kills who
I don’t even know
The snitches have never seen anyone be born

If life calls you up
If life sends you a message If it doesn’t stop

I used to break cellphones
But I will never break mine anymore

And you don’t have the courage to pick up You already know what is going to happen 

I know that the longing/missing is dead

I’ll go downstairs
And I’ll wreck my cellphone The ol’celly

The one who shot the arrow was me The one who shot the arrow was me

Two short public outreach video clips (seconds long) to help convey a very simple and straightforward message:  5G bad. 


Is your city council in need of a pep talk?  Consider sharing. 

Mar. 14, 2019 | Derrick Broze | Waking Times
“On March 6, the Danville Town Council voted four to one to block a permit for an upcoming small cell wireless installation by Verizon. During the meeting, Danville Mayor Robert Storer stated that the vote was an effort to stand up to the federal government and telecommunications companies, like Verizon.
The Danville Town Council’s decision to deny the land use-permit for the small cell opens the town to possible lawsuits from Verizon.”
Mayor of Danville stands his ground in the face of Telecom bullying. 
“We’ve made a lot of difficult decisions over the years, and this one is right up there in my top three. But that is exactly why somebody elects us to do the right things,” Mayor Robert Storer said during the council meeting. 
“We’ve lost local control and this says: ‘You know what? We are sick of this and we’re not going to just sit here and be bulled over.’ We say no; we play our cards out. We’ve been in lawsuits before.”

Wireless Policy Minimum Requirements

Suggested lists of what to encourage your city to include in their ordinance.  (An activist who prefers to remain anonymous generously shared this list.) Not saying these will be in compliance with the FCC Order if it is not overturned – but hey, who cares? If enough people, towns, cities, and states object, things will begin to unravel…as they rightfully should!
Beginning at about 6:40 in on the following video is testimony from one of the moms whose child got cancer – likely from the school’s cell tower. Her testimony is powerful and she holds the school board (rightfully so) fully accountable. 

Mar. 11th, 2019 at the Ripon Unified School district meeting where 4 children and 3 staff were diagnosed with cancer at Weston Elementary School after a tower was built on school grounds (leased to them by the district). They have been requesting that it be relocated for two years with no cooperation as they are standing behind the safety net of the FCC “safety” guidelines.

For more on this please see,

Outreach Video Clip on what’s wrong with living next to a 4g/5g antenna? 
Danville Citizens for Responsible Growth
This 2 minute video clip, made by Danville Citizens For Responsible Growth, explains very clearly what’s wrong with living next to a 4g or 5g small cell antenna – especially if you’re a child. 
A good choice to share with people new to the issue.

How to oppose 5G “small cell” towers  EMF Safety Network
The telecom industry has switched from primarily installing large, macro cell towers to deploying “small cell” towers (5G).  The following information is focused on the “small cell”, but the “how to oppose” can apply to larger towers too. “
Two short (seconds long) video clips with music to convey the simple but key message: 5g bad!

Testimony in Favor of Oregon Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure bill: SB 283

Testimony can be sent to this email: with following subject heading.
Subject: SB 283 Relating to exposure to radiation in schools in this state

Petition against 5g

The Text of “Hippocrates Electrosmog Appeal Belgium”
If you are a health care practitioner, consider signing. (You may have to use Google Translate to do so, but well worth it IMHO.)

“Our task is to remind that technologies must also be safe.  This day is for safety of all people, nature and the magnetic field of the earth. 

Сontact the Organizing Committee via @O_Grigoriev

“With support of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (A far cry from our FCC!!)

Please see this link from DC’s Casey’s Trees and consider adding your voice to our nations capital deliberations on the 5G and 3/4G close proximity microwave antenna densification. 
(I sent a short message the gist of which was: Yes, indeed it’s important to protect our trees, but just as important is to protect ourselves, our children, wildlife and our earth.)



All 4 Maryland 5g bills ( the “bad” and the “worse” ones) have been referred to Interim Study.





And message from Oona: 

Connected Communities – a site that provides tools for building community-owned wired fiber networks, as an alternative to wireless 5G,  is here! Connected Communities ~ Wired fiber for Sustainable Last-Mile Solutions

Although the site is Canadian-focused, its content will be helpful to citizens and local governments everywhere. I want to say a special thank you to Tim Schoechle as his work in this area of `Re-inventing Wires`has been a tremendous support to me.

The press release announcing the launch is attached. Feel free to share it, and thank you for being on this journey with me,

Link to Press Release for new website: 

Fair coverage of silent EMF weapons, though the obvious connection to 5g is not touched on. 

Brain trauma suffered by U.S. diplomats abroad could be work of hostile foreign government   Since 2016, dozens of American officials have come home from Cuba and China with unexplained brain trauma. Evidence shows it may be the work of another government using a weapon that leaves no trace  Mar. 17th, 2019 | Scott Pelley | 60 Minutes
“In 2016 and ’17, 25 Americans, including CIA agents, who worked in the U.S. Embassy in Cuba suffered serious brain injuries causing impaired vision and memory loss among other persistent symptoms. Now, we’ve learned that at least 15 American officials in China suffered unexplained brain trauma soon after. The FBI is now investigating whether these Americans were attacked by a mysterious weapon that leaves no trace. Over many months we have been collecting evidence of what appears to be a hostile foreign government’s plan to target americans serving abroad and their families.”

Also see,
DISCLAIMER: I have not watched this video as I have satellite Internet and don’t like to use it on data consumptive things such as videos – so cannot vouch for the content. 

WARNING: Get Off the Grid While you Can | Clock is Ticking on 5G  Mar. 17th, 2019 | Canadian Prepper 
“Is 5G the next Asbestos? Many scientists are warning about its profoundly negative effects but who is listening? “
Radar In Cars

Please consider submitting comments!  Please see the following post for instructions: 

Stop radar in cars!  EMF Safety Network
“V2V is like a smart meter in your car! The antenna is omni-directional, allowed to transmit up to approximately 2 watts of power output at 10 Mhz and 5.9 Ghz with a range of 300 meters, or three football fields in length, every 100 milliseconds, or 10 pulses a second. The proximity of the transmitter to the driver and passengers is unknown, but could be inches to a few feet away from people in the car.”

Satellites And Human Rights

“Since the deployment of, initially, up to 25,000 satellites – orbiting at altitudes between roughly 350 km and 1,500 km – would certainly have a lasting and growing impact on society and the planet…the only civilized thing to do right now is to involve everyone in the debate in order to enable everyone to have their voices heard and their interests represented and defended.”

“The only way that all of this is going to work properly is when the space-based communication system, 5G and 6G are being operated in an omnicratic framework…..Operating these systems in an omnicratic framework means that BEFORE further implementations are executed we must address all implications, healthwise and others. Including but not limited to privacy, security and other human rights.”

“Sending up to 25,000 satellites into orbit (that by the way need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years) without knowing what can go wrong and to what extent is simply insane!”

“People must be given the opportunity to vote for or against the implementation of 5G and 6G devices in their communities and the construction and activation of the space-based communication system.”

Please also see, 
This next section is quite long and thankfully, is just a fraction of the many websites, FB groups, efforts, petitions, protests against 5g happening around the world! It inspires me. 
Please consider joining some or all of these groups and sharing posts, ideas and encouragement around the globe!  Also, invite people you know from these countries to join the movement!!!

The following is a great resource that has 48 5g-opposition groups (mostly on FB) from around the world.


VERY INSPIRING what’s brewing in Italy!! 
Most of us will not be able to attend this event in Italy, but no reason we can’t bring a similar action to our respective communities, cities, states or countries.



Stop 5g Australia



Last June in Segovia, they made a human chain in protest of 5g. And now they have a stop 5g parade/carnival of cell antennas marching down the street!!  In their words: We will not stop singing, playing instruments, and making a LOT of noise, because with humor, music and much art, we will reach places that not even we ever imagined. 

No pararemos de cantar, tocar y hacer muuuucho ruido, porque con humor, música y muuuuucho arte llegamos a lugares que ni nos imaginamos #STOP5G #carnaval #segovia

Stop 5g Carnival in Segovia of marching cell tower antennas – music and all!!

STOP smartmeters y 5G en España

5G en Talavera de la Reina. Por el derecho a conocer  5g in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo).  For the right to know.



Stop 5g Wexford

Stop 5g Waterford

Hundreds pack out local pub to voice opposition to Castleknock phone mast   The proposed mast would be just 50 metres from a local school  Jan. 11th, 2019 | Mark O’Brian | Dublin Live 
“Local opposition to the mast has been so strong that up to 50 people had to be turned away from the meeting in Kavanagh’s Pub on Tuesday evening.
Chairperson of the Laurel Lodge Mast Action Group, Derek Lambert, told Dublin Live he was “blown away” by the support from the community.”



UK  (Some of the groups under Ireland may be wrongly placed)

Stop 5g UK (Close to 8000 members)

Stop Smart Meters & 5g Glasgow UK

Stop 5g London

5g Aware, Isle of Mann


Finnish Citizens seek to ban 5G Technology in Finland owing to its Adverse Impact on Human Health  Mar. 18th, 2019 | Santosh Kumar | The Swiss Times 
Helena Ertz is leading a group of 2,300 backers in a petition to the government which seeks to completely ban 5G technology on the ground that the relatively higher density of 5G base stations from their 4G predecessors increases the exposure of citizens to potentially hazardous radiation. Ertz claims that despite warnings about harmful effects of 5G frequencies on human health by doctors and scientists from multiple countries, the government has brushed the claims aside.

Petition against 5g


POLSKIE NIE DLA 5G!  Poland Not For 5g


Stop 5g Danmark


5G en Suisse, non merci ! 5G in der Schweiz, nein danke! (5G in Switzerland, no thank you!)

5G Volksinitiative / Initiative-populaire – Schweiz Suisse Svizzera CH


Petition against 5g Germany  28,933 signed as of Mar. 19th, at 2:56 pm.
Includes mention of letter by medical doctors in Germany.  
An: Bundeskanzlerin Frau Dr. Merkel und Herrn Minister Scheuer
Aufruf zum Stop des 5G-Mobilfunknetz-Ausbaus

Stop 5g Deutscheland

Stopp 5g




Collectif 87  Stop Linky Stop Aux Champs Electromagnetiques


Stop 5g Penticton


5G – המסרטן החדש‎‎   5G, the New Cancer




STOP 5G Sieti na Slovensku  (Stop 5g Network in Slovakia)


A dark side of 5G wireless technology  Mar. 10th, 2019 | Tony M. Maghirang | The Manila Times
“Slowly gaining traction is the superfast and lower latency access of 5G systems that will bring about the full realization of the Internet of Things (IoT), with its promise of self-driving vehicles, remote surgery, smart cities and new home internet features. Finally, maximum convenience will be at the tip of your finger.
But here’s the rub. Innovation, especially one being described as a ‘paradigm shift,’ has its inherent challenges. In the case of mobile technology, the foremost issue is the range of potential health risks of radiation emanating from transmission towers and the attendant devices.”


The ICNIRP Cartel and the 5G Mass Experiment  Feb 11, 2019 (Updated Feb 15) | Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D. | Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 
Joel M. Moskowitz discusses the “ICNIRP cartel” and its impact on 5g as presented by Investigate Europe.  
“As part of a project called, “The 5G Mass Experiment,” Investigate Europe, a team of investigative journalists
from the European Union (EU), examined the risks of deployment of 5G, the fifth generation of mobile phone
technology, and the adequacy of electromagnetic field (EMF) safety guidelines promoted by the International
Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).”
Post also includes a list of cartel members and a short bio on each one for those who wish to dig deeper into the dirt.

Investigate Europe is a team of nine investigative journalists from France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Great Britain that investigate key issues – in this case, 5G – identifying “responsible structures and actors in order to make it possible to hold them accountable.” 
The website includes a short video presentation on 5g and articles on the harms of 5g from journals throughout Europe.

Cell Phones, Cell Towers & Wireless Safety  Feb. 27th, 2019 Talk by Joel Moskowitz (5g included)
On February 27, 2019, Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., delivered the keynote presentation, “Cell Phones, Cell Towers & Wireless Safety” for the “Balancing Technology” series offered by University Health Services (UHS) at the University of California, Berkeley. The presentation provides a nontechnical overview of wireless radiation research and policy developments including 5G. 
Dr. Moskowitz, director of the UC Berkeley Center for Family and Community Health, has been translating and disseminating the research on wireless radiation health effects since 2009. His Electromagnetic Radiation Safety website, initiated in 2013 has had more than two million page views by visitors from over 200 countries.
The presentation was filmed by UHS and by CNBC. The event was co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health 
The video, slides, and safety tips can be viewed at the following link: or

Wi-Fi in Schools: Experimenting With the Next Generation   Commercial wireless systems expose children to nation’s highest radiation levels  Feb. 28th, 2019 | Conan Milner | The Epoch Times
But that wireless web comes with a devastating downside. Doctors and scientists say that the students and teachers who attend these schools are risking their health.”

Biological Effect of Millimeter Radiowaves   Zalyubovskaya et al, 1977. Kiev
Study and report on the bio effects of millimeter wave frequencies. I believe this was recently declassified by the CIA, but am not certain of that.



A must watch interview on Surveillance Capitalism.  

Age of Surveillance Capitalism: “We Thought We Were Searching Google, But Google Was Searching Us” Mar. 1st, 2019 | Shoshana Ruboff interviewed | Democracy Now
(Surveillance Capitalism will ASTRONOMICALLY INCREASE and be FURTHER ENABLED BY 5G technology!!)
Shoshana Ruboff, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, on Surveillance Capitalism. 

“A global architecture of behavior modification threatens  human nature in the 21st century.”
“Surveillance Capitalism claims private human experience for the market dynamic as a free source of raw material that is translated into behavioral data. These data are then combined with advanced computational abilities to create predictions…predictions of what we will do…predictions of our behavior…predictions of what we will do now, soon, and later. And these predictions are then sold to business customers in a new kind of market place that trades exclusively in human futures.”
“They have no interest in us. It doesn’t matter if we are happy or sad. It doesn’t matter if we’re doing well or poorly. It only matters that we do these things in ways that they can scrape the experience and turn it into data.”


Zuckerberg Wants Facebook To Build A Mind-Reading Machine  Mar. 7th, 2019 | Noam Cohen | Wired 
We just might…if we don’t awaken soon from our collective trance!
Join the growing movement of people who believe Telecom should not be the ones to fashion the world our children will grow up in…That’s our sacred duty. 

Excerpt from article:
“There was this promising new technology, he explained, a brain-computer interface, which Facebook has been researching.
The idea is to allow people to use their thoughts to navigate intuitively through augmented reality—the neuro-driven version of the world recently described by Kevin Kelly in these pages. No typing—no speaking, even—to distract you or slow you down as you interact with digital additions to the landscape: driving instructions superimposed over the freeway, short biographies floating next to attendees of a conference, 3D models of furniture you can move around your apartment.”


Bill Bathgate, an electrical engineer who is extremely well versed in measuring and remediating RF-EMF fields, will be in PA from Mar. 20th-22nd and in the Maryland DC area from Mar. 23rd, through Mar. 26th.

If you would like a home survey, please contact me and i will pass your information along to Bill. His rates are extremely reasonable for his level of expertise: $100 for an assessment and $50 hourly if you want any work done. Send an email to with the subject heading EMF Assessment  if you would like to schedule an appointment with him. 

5G Appeal Update from the team at International Space Appeal. 

March 8th, 2019

March 18th, 2019 
Environmental Health Trust Newsletter

A cry from the heart

Dear Editor,
It took 7 weeks to find out a smidge of info from state, local lawmakers. I suppose  they will take great interest when their own kids begin getting gliomas and documented maladies of RF  radiation. Verizon is now suing AT&T for false advertising that claimed 5G when it was actually 4G “lte”. I will be a liason for northern ca but we need more folx on board. time to recruit—it helps to have scientific data (repeatable) as most are like “what’s 5G…duh” so thank you in advance for getting me leaflets and as much info as possible. Perhaps send it all on a Zip drive or CD-rom as I don’t trust Google and “our keepers,” as it were. I have to start making hard copies as they don’t like my Onion browser much…lol
William 707 237-5079 , ring me if you like.
Warm Regards,
/s/ William Sanford
Grassroots Pain Advocate
PS I did ring him but there was no response.  Ed.
On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 7:47 AM William Sanford <> wrote:
Dear Editor,
I write you from the USA on this request for leaflets of any/all studies available. I will hand them out at the local courthouse here in Eureka Ca. Lawmakers are playing dumb, except for a brave few such as Sen. Blumenthal from Connecticut, who has teamed with Rep Anna Eschoo of Ca to ask the tough questions and in our country HHS(federal) and FCC have Usurped all jurisdictions as we have this cancer project(5G) rolling out virtually unobstructed. I actually called EU Parliament to aske about new biometric chip for 512 million people. I was given some “” address to direct questions as “their duty is to serve their constuents.” Laughable.
Warm Regards,
Send to Mr.Sanford
2231 Albee st
Eureka Ca 95501
707 273-5079 You will need “country code” to dial usa.
/s/ William Sanford
Grassroots Pain Advocate

I have to admire the thoroughness of this sales pitch

I got this email from Linda Kurtz of the Smart Meter Education Network. She has information on a whole-house filter unit that really works for people suffering from EMF. Call her if you are serious about solutions for your home.

Here is some information for you about the Power Perfect filter for dirty electricity. It contains multiple filters (harmonic rectifiers) in the part of the bandwidth scientists have found to be most detrimental to health and reduces the amount of dirty electricity coming into your home by about 90%, without creating a harmful magnetic field like many other filters do. Please feel free to call me with any questions you might have about the filter or the situation at your home. It is sometimes easier to digest all this information via a phone call. My number is 734-769-4241. If you wish to order the filter or any other products, please call me, not the manufacturer, to order.

The body of this email gives you information on how well this filter has been working in homes with smart meters and PLC meters and how much it has helped people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The attachments give you more in-depth information as well as information about costs, warranty, shipping, and the three main types of filters made by Satic. Also included are testimonials, comparisons with other filter types, and spec sheets. I just received two new testimonials, which are included as the last attachments.

Satic also makes the Super Duty Filter for people who have extremely high dirty electricity levels in their homes, homes over 2700 square feet (including basement), use a lot of electronics, have neighbors who use solar, or who use solar themselves. Also available are LED light bulbs that do not generate dirty electricity and, if you need to remediate a hot spot in your home, Satic plug-in filters. I also sell the Greenwave (AlphaLab) dirty electricity meter.

I have begun recommending the Super Duty filter to everyone, because the tech companies are likely to begin sending data over the power lines. This will corrupt your electrical wave to an incredible degree. For only $200 more, you can get twice the filtering capacity. Plan for the future and get the Super Duty.

There are two ways to test how effective the Power Perfect filter is: One is by testing the dirty electricity levels with a meter. The other is by how much it helps people who are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. I discuss both in the body of this email, including providing examples of dirty electricity levels with and without the filter.

I found this filter in 2015 because I was searching for a filter that would truly work for dirty electricity. I am extremely electrosensitive. At the time, I had an analog meter and knew that if a smart meter were installed on my home, I would need a filter that was the best of the best. Before I began selling this filter, I wanted to make sure it worked in the worst situations. In early 2016, I tested the Power Perfect filter on my parents’ home in Arizona. They have the worst possible kind of dirty electricity, because it is power-line carrier (PLC), which is nearly impossible to filter out (much, much worse than smart meters). Nevertheless, this filter reduced the dirty electricity to an incredible degree: 90 percent of the dirty electricity was filtered out.

The people with smart meters who have installed these filters have reported great results: better sleep, less fatigue, less anxiety, cessation of headaches, resolving ear problems, less disorientation, that their whole home feels calmer, and a generally “better feeling.”

A dentist in his eighties bought filters for his home, his daughters’ homes, and one daughter’s office. He reports that he is feeling much better and his one daughter-—who was getting terrible headaches—is no longer getting them. (The other daughter hasn’t installed the filter yet.) Another woman, who is highly electrosensitive and was ready to move out of her home, wrote me to say that she is sleeping much better, may be able to back off on the melatonin, and that her ear that was most affected is draining. She has decided not to sell her home.

Another person told me how the filter is helping his mother, who is in her eighties. She began to suffer greatly after the smart meter was installed on her home, experiencing rapid memory deterioration, cognitive issues, and constant fatigue. She began to wish for death because she was so tired. Three months after the filter was installed, her daughter says that she is less disoriented. Her son told me: “It used to be common to hear Mom say, ‘I’ve never felt so tired in my life.’ Lately, she’s still fatigued, but I don’t think it’s to the same extreme. Yesterday, I took a half-hour nap after work, waking to find Mom trimming the bush in our backyard with a pair of hedge shears.”

I hadn’t personally experienced how well the filter worked because I did not have a smart meter on my home. When in a home with smart meters for more than 20 minutes, I would experience symptoms including heart palpitations, transient memory problems, tinnitus, and a feeling that my body was being crushed. That night, I would be unable to sleep. Even worse symptoms resulted if I were in a home for hours or days.

On September 15, 2017, I walked into my home and within 10 seconds it felt like my head, shoulders, and progressively more of my torso were being crushed. A smart meter had been installed on my home! I began to use the filter, and I have not experienced the issues that I experience in homes with smart meters. My relief is unbounded, for I truly thought that I would have to live with my circuits shut off almost all the time.

What do the EMF meters tell you about the filter’s efficacy? Now, I believe that people’s personal experiences with the filter are the best indication of its efficacy, for science cannot always measure all the different electromagnetic components that affect our bodies. But let’s take a look at the readings we get from meters that measure dirty electricity. You can measure dirty electricity most accurately with an oscilloscope, but at $10,000 for a scope, that’s out of most people’s reach, and you can get readings that are good enough for our purposes with one of the dirty electricity meters that sell for between $100 and $150. I have measured the dirty electricity in my home and my parents’ home with two different meters. The meter easiest to use works as follows: You want readings at least below 50. Ideally, the readings will be below 25.

In my home, with the smart meter installed and the filter OFF, the dirty electricity readings were 250. I flipped the filter on, and the readings were 23. At my parents’ home, the dirty electricity levels were reduced by 90 percent, the same percentage as at my house.

This filter filters out a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies—from 1 kilohertz to 100 megahertz. The plug-in filters made by other companies filter out only from 4 kilohertz to 150 kilohertz. One hundred megahertz is equal to 100,000 kilohertz, so you see the incredible difference in filtering power! These filters use harmonic rectifiers that do not generate a magnetic field. Capacitor filters like the Stetzer and Greenwave generate a harmful magnetic field.

The filter attaches at your circuit breaker, and will take an electrician or handyman about 20 minutes to install. It installs just like a surge protector, and is in fact a surge protector as well as a filter. The filter protects your entire home from dirty electricity, power surges, and lightning strikes. It will likely reduce your electric bill and it will definitely prolong the life of your appliances and computer equipment. This is because dirty electricity affects the health of your appliances just like it affects your own health.

I recommend getting the filter that attaches at your circuit breaker because it cleans the dirty electricity almost at the source and protects your 240-volt circuits as well. However, you can also purchase from me the two plug-in filters. These plug-in units are ideal if you live in an apartment building and cannot install a filter at the circuit breaker. A craniosacral client of mine who lives in an apartment building decided to try the plug-in filter. She was not aware of having any EMF sensitivities, but wanted to see if it might help her health. When she saw me again, she said the filter began working immediately. At first she couldn’t believe it, but her whole body calmed. She said that with the filter she felt less keyed up and was sleeping well.

More information on the Power Perfect is attached. I also discuss some of the other filters that are commonly sold in document #3, “Plug-in Filters.” This also gives you information about the Satic plug-in filters. These filters are useful if you have devices in the home that generate high amounts of dirty electricity. Stetzer filters, those plug-ins that so many people are familiar with, only filter out 4 kilohertz to 150 kilohertz. There are much higher frequencies riding on your wiring, even up to 100 megahertz. The Power Perfect filters out frequencies from 1 kilohertz to 100 megahertz and do not create a magnetic field.

I’ve given you a lot of information because I like a lot of information, but you don’t need to read it all unless you want to. The overview (document #1) gives you a good summary of what filter can do for you, and the second attachment discusses the filters in-depth, as well as costs, shipping, and warranty. You can call me with questions at any time. If you call the company with questions, please ask to speak to Alden and please make sure that tell him at the start of your conversation that you have been talking with me.

If you wish to order, you can call me or email me, as the company does not sell directly to the public. My phone number is 734-769-4241. You can also simply send a check or money order to Linda Kurtz, 2150 Foss St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. You can also pay via PayPal. A 3% fee will be added to any PayPal orders because that is what PayPal charges me for a transaction.

I sell these filters at a lower price than anything you can find online because, having spent years talking to people who are made sick by dirty electricity, I want these filters on people’s homes so their health can be protected!

I hope you find the attached informative and useful. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call with any questions.

Linda Kurtz

Owner, Clean and Safe Energy at
alas, such enthusiasm but the website is useless and does not function. I wish people would make sure that basic functionality exists before publishing something because it gives such a bad impression. 

Director, Smart Meter Education Network

Sent from a hardwired computer–no wireless whatsoever, for the sake of you, me, and the bees.

An introduction to 5G – the challenges in detail

A talk that the Editor gave at a meeting to hear about 5G in Bradford-On-Avon, the Unity Church, at 7pm on Friday 15th March 2019

I remember exactly where I was when the assassination of President Kennedy was announced. I was with the youth group in a forest and it was as if everything froze for a moment. I remember where I was when 9/11 happened. However, I do not remember the time when 5G was introduced because it was done in secret.

At this time, 2001, I realised that I was sleeping although if you had told me that at the time I would have denied it and gone on the defensive. Shortly after this I became aware of the work of David Icke and shortly after that I realised that official stories are just that, an official version to calm the public, a pack of lies. Re 911 I read the book by Dr Judy Hall, where did the towers go, and saw photographs of some of the 1500 motorcars within a 2 mile radius where the engines had been melted leaving plastic and paper untouched. Same thing with the California fires.

I then realised that it was my duty to myself to seek out everything that was true as opposed to what we were told. I was coming to understand that the mainstream media exists for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to keep the real world and its workings separated from the world they want us to believe in. Since then I’ve become much occupied in alternative views and have compiled what is now the world’s largest go-to site focusing on smart meters and 5G technology.

We here this evening are at various stages of learning about what is true and what is not. We don’t need to be conspiracy theorists, we are fact finders, now that is enough.

There is one major advantage of the other side, and that is fear porn. You cannot be fearful and be creative at the same time. The mainstream media tries to frighten us by talk of terrorists, global climate change, what happens if you don’t get vaccinated not to mention the dreadful Marxist inspired political correctness. They do not want us to commit thought crimes, namely the act of independent thinking. The BBC is an obedient agent of the corporates and is of little use when it comes to independent reporting and investigating.

The point is that frightened and ignorant useless eaters will do what they are told.

Everyone has a choice. They can ignore the material in this sort of evening or they can espouse it. I use that word espouse carefully it means to be married to it – to embrace it – to understand it and see it as a part of what is going on. We can say, embracing the devil.

Said another way the alternative is between waking up or being woken up. We have to get past the stage of saying “they wouldn’t do that would they”. The answer is yes they would and that no they don’t care. A minute proportion of the world control the activities of the vast majority.

So why bother to get involved in all this unsexy and ghastly material. Because if you don’t, the consequences for your psychology will be disastrous not to mention your life and that of your family. Those who do not realise what is going on until a late stage will freeze in fear.

A word of warning. If you take this alternative view of life seriously you will be laughed at and called names, you will lose friends and you are likely cause divisions within your family. However, over a period of time, you will gain a new lot of friends who are similarly courageous to yourself and with whom you can have real conversations without worrying if you’re going to be laughed at. I see my own life as before BP and AP, before the red pill and after the red pill.

So where is Jesus when we need him? If he’s coming to save the world, the so called Second Coming, he is certainly taking his time. Cynically, I’m not quite sure what we have done to earn the right to be saved from the folly of our own collective actions. I have a horrible feeling that we are meant to be our own saviours and we need to act like it.

As for smart meters and 5G, we are at quite a late stage but not irreversible. However, for many people, we are too late. I cite the effect of technology on children. Have you ever thought of giving your child or grandchild an iPad for Christmas? Are you aware that this is a sterilisation machine? The broadcasting parts of the iPad are at its base and if a young child is using it on its lap for hour after hour it is only a matter of time before the eggs in the ovary are compromised, so-called mitochondrial DNA damage. So, by giving your child this wonderful present you are committing them to if not childlessness, at least to a greater difficulty in producing children. The same applies to men who carry their transmitter receiver blasters in their hip pocket. Talk about a poisoned chalice.

Ian Crane mentioned that there are an increasing number of cases of violence against parents by their offspring. A surprising number are as a result of parents trying to remove devices from their children or restrict their access. The addiction to mobile phone telephony is profound partly because of the symbiotic link between the device and the dopamine pleasure-giving parts of the brain, not to mention children’s thinner skulls. The addiction is just as bad as cocaine if not worse.

It can be very lonely to pursue this path but take heart. There are countless people out there who are on your wavelength and with whom you have a duty to yourself to make contact with and nurture as genuine friends. When a person attempts to reboot their mind to red pill mode, in the process they become temporary vulnerable as they will feel alienated from other people and the converse. An existential no man’s land. There is no way around that.

United we stand, divided we fall. A function of this evening is for us all to share concerns and draw strength from others on the same wavelength. Wavelength is king. Here you are safe.

5G Action Meeting Glastonbury Town Hall, UK 7pm

Via Facebook


Support for Group Members

Get in Touch (with other group members)

UK EMF Shielding / Meter Retailers

List of things to check/remember when searching/moving to a new home

Symptoms experienced by group members (group document)

EMF Surveyors (group document)

EHS Retreats and Holidays (group document)

Doctors and therapists (group document)

EMF Shielding Tips from Group Members


Group post: UK House Surveys – references to EMFs

See Flyer

Mast Data – find the mobile phone masts near you…

Chris Meek’s low-EMF work setup

Which meter should I get? Group discussion

Open letter by British medical doctors: Health and safety of Wi-Fi and mobile phones…/03/British-Doctors-Letter-March-2014.…

International Scientific Declaration on Electrohypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, September 2015


Press Release:…/up…/2015/09/Press-Release-EN.pdf

Environmental Radiation website and links (Steven Magee)

EMF/EHS Documentaries

A Radiant Day – excellent EMF documentary

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Resonance Beings of Frequency

Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (1 of 2)

Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (2 of 2)

Facebook Groups

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – MCS & EHS – UK & INTERNATIONAL

Smart EMF Resistance UK

EMF and EHS Law

EHS Media Forum (“EMF”)

Secret group – please contact Dave Ashton or Stephanie Dickerson

Is Wearable Technology Safe?

The GROW Dome EHS Project

5G responsibility and UK Government

12 March 2019

Dear Department for Culture, Digital, Media and Sport,

Thank you for your reply to my second email, where I express continued serious concerns about the roll-out of 5G Wireless Technology without Due Diligence, i.e without any Strategic Health or Environmental Impact Assessments. My concerns remain. Kindly see below for my reply to your comments:

Thank you for your correspondence of 10 February to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), regarding the potential health and environmental impacts of 5G. I am replying as a member of the Ministerial Support Team.

The vast majority of investment in 5G will be made by the private sector; however the government has taken a proactive approach towards funding research and trials of 5G networks. The government’s primary role will be to create a policy and regulatory environment which will ensure the right conditions for the development and support the deployment of 5G networks.

How can the Government decide to support the deployment of 5G networks when it has not been comprehensively concluded that it is safe to deploy? Where are the Strategic Health and Environmental Impact Assessments? And why is there no clear, updated, policy on how to protect UK citizens against undue harm from untested pulsed millimeter wave radiation at close proximity, which even the Industry – and Insurance Companies – themselves admit has not been proven safe and is uninsurable? Kindly see: and

A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves, and the government anticipates no negative effects on public health. Public Health England’s (PHE) Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards (CRCE) takes the lead on public health matters associated with radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, or radio waves, used in telecommunications. Central to PHE advice is that exposures to radio waves should comply with the guidelines published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). ICNIRP is formally recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

With respect, The INCRP guidelines, and thus existing UK standards, which both Government and Public Health England are relying on, are out of date. As recently as 2018, The Lancet stated that: 

“It has been widely claimed that radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, being non-ionising radiation, does not possess enough photon energy to cause DNA damage. This has now been proven wrong experimentally. Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation causes DNA damage apparently through oxidative stress,  similar to near-UV radiation, which was also long thought to be harmless.”–bLjm8zybmfmM

Some 5G technology will use similar frequencies to existing communications systems. Other 5G technology will work at higher frequencies, where the main change would be less penetration of radio waves through materials, such as walls. While a small increase in overall exposure to radio waves is possible when 5G is added to the existing network, the overall exposure is expected to remain low, and well within the ICNIRP guidelines. ICNIRP guidelines apply up to 300 GHz, well beyond the maximum frequencies under discussion for 5G (few tens of GHz).

As has been made clear from the above, said guidelines are flawed and out of date. What’s more, there has been very little proper research on the biological effects of pulsed millimeter radiation from close proximity. To expose citizens to a technology hitherto used as a Military Weapon without Due Diligence could amount to a Crime against Humanity. It clearly goes against the fundamental Human Right to Informed Consent, enshrined in UN Law. The idea of informed consent has been universally accepted and it constitutes Article 7 of the United Nations ‘International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Finally, the roll-out goes against Democracy itself, where people and Local Authorities are being kept in the dark about developments and where they will have no power to stop the roll-out of a a Technology in their own communities, which will potentially seriously affect their Health and Environment. How can this ever be acceptable? 

A summary of PHE advice on radio waves can be found here: PHE is committed to monitoring the evidence applicable to this and other radio technologies, and to revising its advice, should that be necessary. For more information about public health matters associated with 5G, you may wish to contact PHE directly. You can do so by emailing:

This is a reactive approach, not proactive, and thus in breach with the EU The Precautionary Principle. By rolling out a Technology without Due Diligence, potentially killing people and wildlife, Government and PHE complicity – and liability – will be assured.

To prevent the above, I kindly ask again:

Where are the independent Strategic Health and Environmental Impact Assessments?

Where are the Public Consultations?

Why are Government and PHE following outdated ICNIRP Guidelines?

Why is the Precautionary Principle not adhered to?

I am looking forward to a speedy and comprehensive reply as well as urgent action to issue a Moratorium on the roll-out of 5G until the above has been complied to.

NB: A supporting document with further links will be sent to you after this.

Yours sincerely,

Tanja Katarina Rebel

Scientific studies concerning the biological effects of RF radiation.

There are more than 1,000 scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of RF radiation. Here we present some of the most recent.
I. Effects On Fetal And Newborn Development II. Effects On Young Children III. Brain Tumors IV. Parotid Gland Tumors V. Other Malignancies VI. Effects On DNA VII. Neurological/Cognitive Effects VIII. Effects On Male Fertility IX. Electromagnetic Sensitivity X. Effects On Implanted Medical Devices XI. 5G Effects XII. Miscellaneous Articles
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XII. Miscellaneous Articles
  1. Non-Ionizing EMF Hazard in the 21st Century.” Koh, W.J., and Moochhala, S.M. IEEE (2018).
  2. Thermal and Non-Thermal Health Effects of Low Intensity Non-Ionizing Radiation: An International Perspective.” Belpomme, D., et al. Environmental Pollution 242(A):643-658 (2018).
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Correspondence with a colleague – it is worth protesting?

This conversation started a a couple of months ago when a subscriber asks about getting some leaflets. Ed.

They wrote:

Can you send me your options please for what leaflets you have, and the costs?
I feel I need to do a leaflet drop in my locality. I am thinking A5 size – either one or 2 sided.
I have had the idea of doing my own leaflet, but since you seem to have a few leaflet options
already, I need to be clear if I want to say anything else,  or the present the issues differently.

For what it’s worth, I briefly brain-stormed my thoughts, and thought the header should  be:

Say NO to 5G. Then it needs to cover briefly and > succinctly:
> – What is 5G?
> – How is it being rolled out?
> – What are the dangers?
> – How can one say “No”?

I replied:

The only options I have at the moment is the original one as mentioned in the website with the big antenna on the front.   I totally agree with you about the preferred size, A5

If you wish to do your own leaflet and have the means to create the artwork, then your best bet is where you can get 5000 double sided leaflets for £50.
I agree with you about “say no to 5G”. My only problem with that is that the population is not really fully aware of what they should ‘say no’ to; that argument would perhaps better be applied to Smart Meters.

I can see an argument for rewriting the leaflet.

Yes by all means use my old artwork, copy, if you wish.

They replied:

I have come to the conclusion that it is too late to stop  implementation and rollout of the technology, based on interactions. I have had with my local MP and also some guys who were changing a light  bulb on a street lamp. I said in a jocular tone, “i hope it’s not one  of those 5G  ones?”. He abruptly and quite assertively said, “I  don’t know what that is”. My arse.

The next option is removing the threat as and when it occurs. But  scientific measurement of the radiation is required to be sure – I know  nothing about that side of the subject. It is going to require a more  technically informed public, who are content to deal with the threat  without resulting to bureaucracy. The MP’s and local councils are not  on the people’s side.

To which I replied

This whole 5G/EMF topic is the biggest takeover of consciousness and the human mind/soul in the history of the world.

The people who conceived this decades ago made sure that the national and international management have been well compromised. The creatures behind the scenes knew there would be an outcry and have thus taken the appropriate steps. That is why those in control are deaf to our words.

I cannot exclude the possibility that ‘people power’ could change the scenario. There is a mountain of scientific evidence to show that 5G is in the class one carcinogenic category but whilst all the mainstream media suppressed this it is left to the alternative press to do their best and I believe they are doing so. The 5G video on my site gives ample evidence of this

My own particular point of view is perhaps a spiritual one more than anything else. I don’t think this life is the only one and this body is the only thing we possess but we are spirits having an experience in the human body as David Icke would say. I think our thrust and momentum on a daily basis determines where the real us, the essence of us, we’ll end up so in a way I’m working on this by putting out as much as possible to as many people as possible.

The point is that no one knows if their own example might be a tipping point. The 5G monsters have gone way over the top for example as Tom Fellows did, declaiming in public that research is not necessary. That will come back and haunt him one day.

Meanwhile I would think it is sensible thing to follow the commonsense rules and minimise the use of anything which involves wireless EMF and possibly exploring the wearing of clothes which offer some measure of protection, though having said that, I am not sure how much protection is actually offered in the absence of earthing.



Bonjour from the editor – Alerte Phonegate

I bring this to your special attention. It is the type of quality that we need to address this dreadful phenomenon. Have a look at It seems to be French in origin. See the home site

Just as important, I reproduce the whole page about the scientific advisory group. They have heavyweights on board as you can see.

he Alert PhoneGate association relies for its actions of alert, information and preventions on the advice of researchers and scientists of international renown.

Devra Lee Davis, PhD MPH
Founder and President of Environmental Health Trust 
She was Founding Director, Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, and Professor of Epidemiology at the Graduate School of Public Health (2004-2010).  She has also served as a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the London School of Hygiene (2002-03) and Tropical Medicine, and at the Yeshiva University, New York (1995-96), and as a Visiting Professor at Mt.Sinai School of Medicine (1983-2010), Oberlin College (2000-2001) and Carnegie Mellon University (1999-2004).Dr. Devra Davis founded non-profit Environmental Health Trust in 2007 in Teton County, Wyoming to provide basic research and education about environmental health hazards and promote constructive policies locally, nationally and internationally.

Annie J. Sasco, 
MD (’78, U. Bordeaux), MPH (‘79, Harvard), SM Biostatistics and Epidemiology (’80, Harvard), DrPH (’86 Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Evaluation, Harvard). Having been a Teaching Fellow of Harvard University, she worked for 22 years at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, including 9 years as Group Leader and then Unit Chief of Epidemiology for Cancer Prevention and 2 years as Acting Chief of the Programme for Cancer Control of the World Health Organization (WHO). She later returned to the University of Bordeaux as a Director of Research in an Inserm (French NIH) unit.  She considers the role of a population health researcher should not stop at publishing results but should also translate these results to policy-making individuals and institutions, as well as to the public. When a risk exists and can be avoided, precaution and prevention are an absolute must.

Anthony B. Miller MD, FRCP, FRCP(C), FFPH, FACE Physician-epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Miller is currently Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto.  He has served as Director of the Epidemiology Unit of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biostatistics, University of Toronto, Senior Epidemiologist, International Agency for Research on Cancer, and Head, Division of Cancer Epidemiology, German Cancer Research Centre, 2000-03; consultant to the Division of Cancer Prevention, U.S. National Cancer Institute and to the World Health Organization

Magda Havas
Magda Havas is Associate Professor at Trent School of the Environment and Centre for Health Studies at Trent University, where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution and the beneficial effects of electrotherapies. Dr. Havas received her PhD at the University of Toronto and did postdoctoral research at Cornell before returning to Canada.  She works with diabetics, people with multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and those who are electrically hypersensitive. Her latest research links microwave radiation from wireless phones to heart irregularities including arrhythmia and tachycardia.  Dr. Havas serves (served) as a science advisor to various government and non-government organizations in Canada, U.S., U.K., Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Brussels, Italy, and Nepal.
Dr. Havas has provided expert testimony in both Canada and the U.S. on the health effect of power lines, occupational magnetic field exposure and radio frequency radiation.  She is co-author of Public Health SOS:  The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution and has edited 3 books and authored more than 150 publications.  Dr. Havas is internationally recognized, both for her previous work on acid rain and metal pollution and for her current research working with people who have developed electrohypersenstivity (EHS).

Om P. GandhiSc.D. is Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.  He is the author or co-author of several book chapters, and over 200 journal articles on electromagnetic dosimetry, microwave tubes, and solid-state devices.  He also edited the book, Biological Effects and Medical Applications of Electromagnetic Energy(Prentice-Hall, 1990), and coedited the book Electromagnetic Biointeraction (Plenum Press, 1989).
Dr. Gandhi was elected a Fellow of the IEEE in 1979, a Life Fellow of the IEEE in 1999, and a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering in 1997.  He has been Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Utah (1992-1999), President of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (1992-1993), Cochairman of IEEE SCC 28.IV Subcommittee on the RF Safety Standards (1988-1997), and Chairman of the IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR) 1980-1982.  He received the d’Arsonval Medal of the Bioelectromagnetics Society for pioneering contributions to the field of bioelectromagnetics in 1995, the Microwave Pioneer Award of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society in 2001, and the State of Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology in 2002.

Oleg Grigoriev
Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection- Principal Expert of the State Commission on Sanitary Norms of Russia- Member of IAC of the WHO EMF International Program (since 2005)




Pri Bandara
Dr. Priyanka (Pri) Bandara is a former academic clinical and basic researcher at leading Australian institutions (Westmead and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals as well as the School of Medicine, University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales).  Her academic research was in the areas of hepatology, biochemistry and molecular genetics and molecular pharmacology.  She also served as a senior manager in the NSW health system coordinating a dynamic research team and a clinical team at the Westmead Children’s Hospital (Neurogenetics Research Unit and the Institute for Neuroscience & Muscular Research).  Pri chose to become a stay-at-home Mum ending her relatively short academic career in 2008 and subsequently became involved in environment health realising the greater need to focus on prevention of chronic diseases rather than intervention.  She operates as an independent researcher and educator based in Sydney.
Pri studied genetic regulation of cellular oxidative stress responses for her doctoral studies at UNSW in the late 1990s and has continued to pursue her interest in oxidative stress – pathologically involved in almost every chronic disease.  Investigating cytotoxic effects of various environmental pollutants via complex cellular pathways, she furthers the understanding of the health impact of our changing world.  She has a particular interest in the biological/health effects of currently permitted so-called “low levels” of microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) widely used for mobile and wireless communication and surveillance technologies without adequate safety testing.

Prof. Dr. Nik van Larebeke 
Graduated as medical doctor at Ghent University in 1972. Worked with Marc Van Montagu and Jef Schell on the induction of tumours in plants. PhD (1977): “Identification and study of an extrachromosomal genetic element responsible for the tumour-inducing capacity of Agrobacterium tumefaciens. A contribution to the study of the tumoural transformation of the cell.” Founded in december 1978 the” Laboratory for Detection of Mutagens and Carcinogens” of the Pasteur Institute in Brussels.
Worked from 1984 to 1994 in the Laboratory for Experimental Cancerology of Ghent University on the role of cell movements in the malignant behaviour of cancer cells. Former Director of the Study Centre “Carcinogenesis and Primary Prevention of Cancer” of the Medical Faculty of Ghent University.  Co-promotor of the Flemish pilot biomonitoring campaign in 1999. Co-promotor and Spokesperson of the Flemish Centre for Environment and Health until retirement in 2012. Former chairman of the Commission for Health and Environment of the Flemish Health Council. Member of the Board of the Flemish Institute for Technology Assessment during 10 years.  At present member of the College of the Belgian Superior Health Council and of the Belgian Scientific Reach Committee.

Alvaro Augusto Almeida de Salles BSc, MSc, PhD
Alvaro Augusto A. de Salles earned a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Escola de Engenharia, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul- UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1968, an MSc in Electrical Engineering from Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro- PUC/RJ, Rio de Janeiro in 1970, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of London, London, 1978-1982. He was an Associate Professor at the PUC/RJ from 1970-1991. Since 1991 to the present, he has been a Professor at UFRGS. His main research interests are microwave semiconductor devices, optoelectronic devices, mobile communications, antennas, and biological effects of non-ionizing radiation. Dr de Salles has published more than eighty papers in international conferences and magazines.


Andrea Vormoli
Since 2016 he work at the Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center of the Ramazzini Institute of Bologna as a postdoctoral researcher on in vivoenvironmental carcinogenesis with Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi. He graduated in Biological Sciences (master degree) in 2010 at the University of Pisa. After some months of post-graduate training at the immunohematology department of the Pisa Hospital, starting from 2012 I spent 4 years as a PhD student at the Department of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council of Pisa where he worked and gained experience in experimental biochemistry, molecular biology and toxicology applied to the field of in vivo nutraceutical research. In 2016 he obtained PhD in Pharmacological and Toxicological Sciences at the University of Bologna. Between 2017 and 2018 he spent 6 months as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Nation Institute of Environmental Health Science in North Carolina, USA. He is the author of several scientific articles published on international scientific journals.

David O. Carpenter
He is a public health physician whose current position is Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany, as well as Professor of Environmental Health Sciences within the School of Public Health at the University at Albany.  After receiving his MD degree from Harvard Medical School he chose a career of research and public health.  After research positions at the National Institute of Mental Health and the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, he came to Albany in 1980 as the Director of the Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research of the New York State Department of Health, the third largest public health laboratory in the US after NIH and CDC.  In an effort to build ties to an academic program, he initiated efforts to create a partnership between the New York State Department of Health and the University at Albany, resulting in the creation of the School of Public Health in 1985.  He was then appointed as the founding Dean of the School of Public Health, a position he held until 1998 when he became the Director of the Institute of Health and the Environment.
Dr. Carpenter’s research initially was basic neurobiology, and more recently has primarily been the study of human disease resulting from exposure to environmental contaminants.  He has focused on the relationship between exposures to a variety of chemicals and ionizing radiation on incidence of several human diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and diseases of the nervous system.  He has extensive international scientific collaborations in Japan, China, Uganda, Pakistan, Turkey and Russia.  The Institute which he directs is a Collaborating Center of the World Health Organization.  He has more than 430 peer reviewed publications and has edited five books

Time to go on the offensive



Call first to ensure that the right person receives the document
and note down the name(s).
I Mark Steele encourage people who read this and share it to support the SAVE-US-NOW Movement so that we can focus our FULL resources and attention behind our legal team to bring the criminal cabals behind this unlawful and illegal activity to justice.
It is time to go on the offensive.

Dear Sir
I am bringing to your attention the scientifically established fact that the rollout of 5G technology is an indictable offense under domestic and international laws, and a crime against humanity and the environment.

Your involvement in the deployment, deception, misinformation and cover-up in the wider community and continued support for this crime have been noted. Any further support of this indictable offense provided by you once you have been informed by this letter will demonstrate your real intent in regard to this crime.

To mitigate your involvement, we demand that you cease and desist from your role in the rollout of 5G, so that the main architects of this criminal enterprise can be held accountable, while those who have been coerced into involvement can be seen to have acted in less serious roles.

The Accessories and Abettors act 1861 as amended by the Criminal Law Act 1977 covers all those who can be shown to have known of this human rights crime yet who have not acted in accordance with the law.

           Yours sincerely
[Add your name]

Lloyd Burrell EMF health sense

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Listen to my interview with Pawel Wypychowski and discover:
  • frequency, wavelength and signal strength are the 3 main parameters which explain the health effects of EMFs but Pawel explains a 4th parameter which is just as important
  • what 5G is (and what it’s) not  – Pawel does a good job of clearing up the confusion
  • how the 5G roll out will be implemented in 2 stages – this is two completely different worlds but they will be mixed in one electronic component (your smart phone)
  • the 2 reasons why from a human health standpoint 5G may be more dangerous than previous generations of cellular technology
  • how measuring 5G is completely out of the scope of most electrical engineers – let alone Joe Public
  • why the new WiFi routers which people are installing in their homes are as dangerous as the 5G networks
  • 3 ways in which modern cars are already using MMW (i.e. 5G technology)
  • how the telecoms industry is using frequencies which were not used before – except for military – and are escaping the control of government and agencies because they don’t have the means to measure
  • how 5G will likely increasingly trouble our connection to the all important life-sustaining natural EMFs
  • Pawels solution for reducing radiation exposures and it’s effect on our bodies – he uses it for air travel
  • why the high frequency 5G will make affect the skin – and why this is a particular concern
  • 2 main ways you can protect yourself from the high frequency 5G
  • Pawel’s top 3 tips for achieving health and vitality in our electromagnetic world
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Meeting with Councillors and officers 6th of March 2019

Hope you can all arrange a meeting with Councillors where you are! And do make a Freedom of Information request. The Public have the right to now…. 
Report of Meeting with Councillors and officers 6th of March 2019
Present: John Hobart, Steve Hastings, Alex Minns, Jim Fawcett, Tanja Rebel
Focus was on three questions: 5G Wireless Technology, Climate Emergency and Cycling Provision
1) 5G: Tanja read out the quote from Onthewight 10th of March 2018 where residents were assured that “any testing or deployment [of 5G] would be subject to full scrutiny under our member decision making and planning regulations.”  Kindly see further down for full quote and source. 
Tanja asked how this squares with the recent announcement by Vodafone that it is making the Isle of Wight “5G ready”. Councillors and Officers promised to get to the bottom of this and to come back with more information as soon as possible. Tanja also asked them to request that Government allows for independent Health and Environmental Impact Assessments before any roll-out. On top of this, robust statements are needed by Planning Committee to ensure that it will not allow any roll-out on the Island without these assessments. Council must also allow for Public Consultations, as promised by Councillor Hobart. A Public Meeting arranged by concerned residents will take place on Sunday 24th of March 3pm in the Utilitarian Meeting House in Newport and Tanja asked for a representative of the Council to be present at this meeting. 
The first Duty of Councillors – and Government – should be to protect Public and Environment. The UK Government is seriously flouting its Duty of Care with regards to 5G, but the Isle of Wight Council needs to dare put its foot down on this. To expose residents to 24/7 mandatory pulsed millimeter radiation without said strategic impact assessments is against the Law and would constitute a breach of Human Rights. Potentially, roll-out of 5G without Due Diligence would constitute a Crime Against Humanity and serious litigation could follow. In this context, it is important to note that LLoyds of London Insurers, who will insure almost anything, as long ago as 2010 identified wireless technologies as an uninsurable risk. No insurance company in the world will now cover health risks from WIFI or EMF radiation – see further down for source. 
What’s more, the INCRP guidelines, which both Government and Public Health England are referring, to are out of date. The Lancet states in 2018 that: 
“It has been widely claimed that radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, being non-ionising radiation, does not possess enough photon energy to cause DNA damage. This has now been proven wrong experimentally.Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation causes DNA damage apparently through oxidative stress,

similar to near-UV radiation, which was also long thought to be harmless.”–bLjm8zybmfmM
2) Climate Emergency: Tanja asked that the Council declare an Environmental Emergency where all forms of pollution – including Light – in particular Blue-Rich White Light (BRWL) – pollution and Electo-Magnetic Radiaton (EMR) pollution – are included and where urgent Action Points are developed to ensure that the Island becomes Carbon, Air, BRWL and EMR pollution free. Councillors Hastings stated that he preferred the term “Climate Aware”/Environmental Aware”, Tanja was concerned that this would not be strong enough. Regardless of title, the main point is that urgentmeasurable targets are set out to combat above forms of pollution.  Another one to add is the banning of harmful pesticides and herbicides, such as Glyphosate, which is still used by Island Roads to spray Public Spaces….
3) Cycling Provision: Tanja asked Councillors and Officers to make Cycle Infrastructure (whether shared or separate) an absolute priority and to speed up the process to create a fully connected, commutable Cycle Network by 2022. Getting people on their bikes would greatly reduce the amount of Carbon emissions (and Air Pollution) on the Island, but for that to happen cycling needs to be made safe – away from the road – and healthy – away from fumes. Councillors and Officers agreed that this is important and Mr Minns would ask Officers to publicise some of the good work that is going on with regards to the West Wight and East-Cowes route. Whilst this is welcome, Tanja asked for the completion of the whole network to become a priority and for that to be one of the main targets once Environmental Emergency has been declared.
Full scrutiny assured
Residents who are worried about the possible risks of 5G to the health of those living on the Isle of Wight will be comforted to know that “any testing or deployment would be subject would be subject to full scrutiny” by members of the council.

The council spokesperson finished by saying,

“Those who have concerns regarding any potential negative impacts of 5G technology need to be assured that if the council is approached again to take a more active role in bringing 5G technology to the Island, or if any future test bed bid is successful, any testing or deployment would be subject to full scrutiny under our member decision making and planning regulations.”

Weekly wrap-up from

Wrap-up link here. (LARGE file)

After considering the downsides of the 5g and the IoT, it is our hope you will feel moved to take action to protect yourself, your community, and our Earth. We need you!!

Please also check out our Facebook Page,, and consider sharing your thoughts and questions in the Facebook Group, Responding to 5g and the Internet of Things,
Kate Kheel