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Today Thursday 7th March at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT), I’m delighted to welcome as my guest electrical engineer and EMF consultant Pawel Wypychowski.
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Listen to my interview with Pawel Wypychowski and discover:
  • frequency, wavelength and signal strength are the 3 main parameters which explain the health effects of EMFs but Pawel explains a 4th parameter which is just as important
  • what 5G is (and what it’s) not  – Pawel does a good job of clearing up the confusion
  • how the 5G roll out will be implemented in 2 stages – this is two completely different worlds but they will be mixed in one electronic component (your smart phone)
  • the 2 reasons why from a human health standpoint 5G may be more dangerous than previous generations of cellular technology
  • how measuring 5G is completely out of the scope of most electrical engineers – let alone Joe Public
  • why the new WiFi routers which people are installing in their homes are as dangerous as the 5G networks
  • 3 ways in which modern cars are already using MMW (i.e. 5G technology)
  • how the telecoms industry is using frequencies which were not used before – except for military – and are escaping the control of government and agencies because they don’t have the means to measure
  • how 5G will likely increasingly trouble our connection to the all important life-sustaining natural EMFs
  • Pawels solution for reducing radiation exposures and it’s effect on our bodies – he uses it for air travel
  • why the high frequency 5G will make affect the skin – and why this is a particular concern
  • 2 main ways you can protect yourself from the high frequency 5G
  • Pawel’s top 3 tips for achieving health and vitality in our electromagnetic world
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