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This will be the very first time we share the finalized Notice of Liability (NoL) for Trespassing Technology in the UK, which is the first round document of our commercial administrative process.

Cal will be teaching us about key concepts in the NoL for about 45 minutes and then we will discuss logistics in getting self-organized to autograph, properly witness, and send the NoL to your selected Respondents.

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China: massive antenna & 5G university network & ionosphere experiment

Question: if the massive antenna & the 5G uni network are both in Huazhong, what is the connection between the two??
A first 5G wireless network tested on a university campus has been set up at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)
(Orig. French – see translation attached
China has built a military radio antenna on a site 21 times the size of Paris
(Orig. French – see translation attached
… The Chinese authorities have kept secret the precise location of the 2250 km2 area where the antenna is located, but some sources estimate that it would be in the Huazhong region, where 230 million people live.
See also:
China Builds Experimental Antenna Five Times the Size of New York City in Secret Location
China and Russia Have Modified the Atmosphere Above Europe to Test Possible Military Application, Scientists Say
The first joint experimental results between SURA and CSES
doi: 10.26464/epp2018051
In June 2018, for the first time, the SURA heating facility in Russia , together with the in-orbit China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES), carried out a series of experiments in emitting high frequency (HF) O-mode radio waves to disturb the ionosphere.

TRUMP TRUMPETS 5G EVEN 6G…so profoundly misguided here.

2 Tweets from Trump:

“I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard. American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind. There is no reason that we should be lagging behind on………”

“….something that is so obviously the future. I want the United States to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies. We must always be the leader in everything we do, especially when it comes to the very exciting world of technology!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 21, 2019″



Even if there were no risks of cyber attacks, or violation of our privacy; no impacts on our health or wildlife; Even if we didn’t risk losing our pollinators, and weren’t dumping mountains of hazardous waste into our air and water; even if our kids weren’t suffering from addiction and social dysfunction, and the energy footprint of 5g/IoT did not contribute hugely to climate change, we still wouldn’t want 5g or any other wireless “G”.


Our Tech Culture must change, not our neighborhoods: We must build infrastructure that supports hard-wired connections for the vast majority of all Internet and communications use, and reserve wireless for calls and texts when out and about. Such an infrastructure along with growing public awareness about the harms of wireless would encourage a natural disengagement from our addiction to wireless devices and a reintegration into the real world.

Quality of life is what matters. Not gigabyte speeds. Not how many permutations of cyber space we can dream up. Not getting a cutting edge in a new market.

We need a mass exodus from cyber space so we can once again reintegrate into the natural world. We want our children to grow up in a world of flesh and blood hearts and minds. 5g and now 6g would render the natural world a distant and longed-for memory.


Glasgow’s streets badly irradiated

I am publishing this on the posts page to bring more people’s attention till it. This is but one of many alarming articles I get on a daily basis. This one is different because the author has gone to great pains to show what he or she is doing – Ed.

AA00365 – Glasgow streets badly irradiated. Digital Survivor measured electromagnetic radiation labels yesterday (21.1.19) on to Glasgow city centre’s pedestrian precincts. Prepare to be shocked. GOOD ILLUSTRATED SURVEY.   Glasgow will pilot 5G before the technology rolls out across the UK. Telecom giant EE turns on 5G in a number of UK cities from the middle of this year and Scotland’s “second city” is one of them.  Pub 21.1.19 Added 22 Feb 2019

correspondence with BBC

Dear 5G concerned,
I have received a weak response from the BBC and have written the below reply with the help of information from another 5G campaigner. The BBC will no doubt just send a copy and paste answer stating that they “have not breached any regulations” after which I will have no right of reply… 
So now it is up to you to write/call in and complain:
Complaints Telephone Line: Tel. 0370 010 0222
BBC Five Live text line: 85058 
Five Live really needs to get many text messages on this as they have allowed someone on air spouting all kinds of nonsense about 5G – without counter balance – but never had a serious discussion about its potential Health or Environmental effects. A text is quick so I ask you all to at least do this: 85058
Many thanks from the 5G Rebel 🙂
Dear BBC,
Thank you for your prompt reply to my complaint about lack of coverage of the Health- and Environmental concerns regarding 5G technology. I am afraid that my complaint remains.
You state that you “understand that I feel there has not been enough coverage on the potentially harmful effects of 5G Wireless technology.” I do not just feel this way. It is a fact:
The BBC website shows 15 articles relating to Huawei and 5G dated between 1st and 18th February.
However, no coverage at all has been given to the Health or Environmental impact of 5G, in spite of members of the public having called in to radio programmes and submitted information to the BBC on several occasions.
This is not simply a matter of “editorial decisions”, it is clear bias. Nor is it simply a matter of “not everyone will agree with our choices on which stories to cover”. It is a clear breach in duty of care where the Public are not informed of the potentially very harmful consequences of 5G wireless technology. A technology which hitherto has been one-sidedly lauded on the BBC. For, apart from a number of articles on security concerns, there has been nothing on the potential biological effects from pulsed millimeter radiation which soon will be coming to people from close proximity. My question is why?
In order to resolve this bias, the BBC ought to immediately provide an equivalent level of coverage across its TV, Website and Radio on the health and environmental concerns relating to 5G. As a start, coverage should include the appeal by doctors and scientists calling for an urgent moratorium on 5G…/. Coverage should also include commentary from appropriately qualified experts in the field, for example, one of the listed signatories to the appeal and finally commence the serious debate that this topic deserves.
NB: If the lack in objectivity is not rectified within the near future I will not hesitate to take this further. The lack of serious and comprehensive coverage of a technology that will affect many lives in the near future is a clear breach in the neutrality that the BBC prides itself on and its duty to inform the Public of the seriousness of the issues beggars belief.
I expect a proper and comprehensive reply to this email, not a copy and paste affair where you simply state that you have’t breached any regulations. This issue will not go away and I ask you to look into it anew – from all angles.
Thank you in advance,
Yours sincerely,
Tanja Katarina Rebel
Dear Mrs Rebel
Reference CAS-5323796-5MDQ18
Thanks for getting touch with us about Radio 5 Live and our News coverage.
I understand you feel there has not been enough coverage on the potentially harmful effects of 5G Wireless technology.
We know that not everyone will agree with our choices on which stories to cover, or the order in which they appear. Our news editors make these complex decisions, based on the editorial merit of all the stories at hand. We accept that not everyone will agree with each decision – various factors are at play and there’s often debate in the newsroom too.
Editorial decisions are more of a judgement call, than an exact science – so you’ll even find variety from one BBC programme to the next.
We appreciate the feedback that our audience give us when it’s felt a story has been overlooked, it too can inform our on-going work. Suggestions for other stories to consider can be made here:
Furthermore, we appreciate that fact you tried to phone in and contribute to the programme. However, since there is such a large volume of people trying to ring in to 5 Live breakfast there is no guarantee that your call will be put on air.
Nevertheless, we do value your feedback. All complaints are sent to senior management and in this case the Radio 5 Live team every morning, and I included your points in our overnight report of audience feedback.
These reports are among the most widely read sources of feedback in the BBC and ensures that your concerns have been sent by the right people quickly. This helps inform their decisions about current and future programmes.
Thanks, once again for getting in touch with us.
Kind regards
Conor Walsh
BBC Complaints Team
NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.
Dear BBC,
For months, I have emailed, texted and called the BBC – in particular BBC Five Live – regarding the serious Health and Environmental Concerns about 5G Wireless Technology expressed by thousands of scientists across the Globe. Despite this, there has not been any serious coverage about these concerns. Instead, programmes such as Bottom Line on Radio Four talk about the technical advantages of 5G, whilst not linking it to the biological effects. This morning, Radio Five Live Breakfast allowed a man on air spouting his venom about the “hum kum” on Social Media with regards to 5G and how it all was nonsense. I immediately called in to point out that many concerns about 5G come from serious scientists who have published peer-reviewed studies, many of which I have sent to the BBC, and how this deserves to be aired. However, I was not allowed on air and this gentleman’s words were never contested.
To say that this is biased would be an understatement. What’s more, it is bad journalism. I wonder whether anyone at the BBC has seriously looked into the links that I have emailed in? One of them is a petition to the UN, WHO and all the Governments of the world for a Moratorium on 5G in Space and on Earth, signed by over 40:000 people and over a thousand scientists. It has links to hundreds of studies on the subject.
The BBC has a duty to inform the Public of 5G potential Health and Environmental effects, but until now it has seriously breached this duty.I therefore kindly ask the BBC once again to look into this issue as a matter of urgency, to make the studies known to the Public and to link any coverage of 5G, whether it be technical or concerned with security, to the potential biological effects which scientists have repeatedly raised. 5G is not just technical, financial or linked to security, it is also linked to Public Health, the Environment AND Human Rights. A 5G roll-out without Due Diligence or Public Consultation will entail 24/7 mandatory radiation and thus constitute a Crime against Humanity.
I am looking forward to a speedy reply,
Yours sincerely,
Tanja Katarina Rebel

5G Wireless Radiation Dangers: A Personal Rant and Important Considerations

A personal view about our WiFi world ()20 mins
This man sells protective products for those who are sensitive to wireless technology.  Speaks to people all the time about what they are going through and clearly cares very much about the way the world is going.  He makes some reflections on living with EMFs and 5G – how people suffering symptoms of exposure (electro-hypersensitivity) are not understood by family members or by doctors. It’s a time of divisions between people, especially within the family.  Husbands telling wives or wives telling husbands that they are imagining symptoms.  The time for living in apartments is over – people need to start coming together and setting up intentional communities in remote areas.  Need EHS refugee zones.
The feminine – what is natural – has been taken over by masculine-oriented technology – mental, intellectual technology taking over the planet.  A transhumanist agenda.   Not a single protection device will protect you and your blood-brain barrier will not be protected by orgonite, shungite, stickers, etc. – some assistance but they will not make your cell phone or environment safe.  They may help a little bit, but your phone is not going to become safe.  The truest form of EMF protection is through reduction and elimination of your wireless exposure – may mean moving out of apartments or selling your house.
If you have symptoms from wireless, you are not crazy – you need to find a safer situation to live in.  Cities are not going to be healthy environments for human beings.  Cities are being created for another species of humans – those moving into the artificial realm – speed, AI, saturation of WiFi, people who want to sit in driverless cars with their coffee and their computer, whizzing to work at high speed.

If I’ve understood this article correctly, it says that you will have to be 13 times further away from 5G than 4G to have the same level of exposure.  And Motorola has fitted its phones with a function that shuts off the signal when they detect human skin in close proximity.  This then permits Motorola to provide no test results for those close-proximity exposures on the assumption that they could never happen!
This is a masterpiece of confusionism from the Motorola manual: “this beam-avoidance mechanism is not a fully deterministic guarantee of avoiding user exposure”.  When you want to confuse, use the longest words with the most syllables.  Translated, this means that users are likely to be dangerously exposed to millimeter waves, but Motorola’s claim that the device switches off when the user comes too close gives them a nice get-out clause and presumably a clear conscience.  One does wonder, though, how it will be possible to use a phone that you have to keep a safe distance from.
The owner of two microwave ovens, who stated that he needed two so that he could heat his meal and his coffee at the same time, once asked me why i didn’t own one.  I told him I didn’t want to have to take cover while cooking my dinner.
Excerpt from the Motorola manual:
Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 01.13.53.png
This puts me in mind of the Fukushima Tepco invention of a new term of “cold shutdown condition” to apply to nuclear cores that had melted through their containment vessel, which could no longer hold water so the cores could no longer be cooled. They could then trick everyone into believing that the nuclear reactors were under control.  Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!
The miracle is that anyone falls for such ruses!  Must be mesmerised by staring into stupidphone screens, I suppose.

Executive Order on AI | EFF on Fiber | Kennedy opposes 5g | “Flying blind here on health” | Verizon’s “Let’s 5g”

Our data is fodder for artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is completely dependent on data. The more granular the data, the more capable the AI. 
Our data is most easily harvested with wireless connections as we can be tracked 24/7 – wherever we go and whatever we do. 
Wireless networks (smart phones and such) stalk us enabling 24/7 tracking us and harvesting our data. (Data is even collected while people are asleep!!) IoT vehicles and “driverless cars” will gather yet more data wirelessly. 
Wired networks such as fiber-to-the-home are stationary so not nearly as desirable to industry as wireless. With wired Internet and Telecommunications technology, industry and government miss out on much of our day. 
4g/5g “small cells” are needed to feed AI more data. 
In fact, 
With Trump now calling for “continued American leadership in AI” and claiming we need AI for “maintaining the economic and national security of the United States”, this recent Executive Order is bad news for us all, and will likely be used to support the FCC, Congress, States and industry’s preemption program.
Executive Order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence  Issued on: February 11, 2019 | President Trump | The White House
Excerpts (Pretty grim!): 
“The United States must drive development of appropriate technical standards and reduce barriers to the safe testing and deployment of AI technologies in order to enable the creation of new AI-related industries and the adoption of AI by today’s industries.”
“As directed by the NSPM, the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, in coordination with the OSTP Director and the recipients of the NSPM, shall organize the development of an action plan to protect the United States advantage in AI and AI technology critical to United States economic and national security interests against strategic competitors and adversarial nations.
“Within 180 days of the date of the memorandum described in subsection (a) of this section, the heads of implementing agencies [think FCC] that also have regulatory authorities shall review their authorities relevant to applications of AI and shall submit to OMB plans to achieve consistency with the memorandum.
“…the term ‘open data’ shall, in accordance with OMB Circular A-130 and memorandum M-13-13, mean ‘publicly available data structured in a way that enables the data to be fully discoverable and usable by end users.’”
“Promote sustained investment in AI R&D in collaboration with industry, academia, international partners and allies, and other non-Federal entities to generate technological breakthroughs in AI and related technologies and to rapidly transition those breakthroughs into capabilities that contribute to our economic and national security.”
“Reduce barriers to the use of AI technologies to promote their innovative application…”
“To the extent appropriate and consistent with applicable law, heads of AI R&D agencies shall explore opportunities for collaboration with non-Federal entities, including:  the private sector; academia; non-profit organizations; State, local, tribal, and territorial governments; and foreign partners and allies, so all collaborators can benefit from each other’s investment and expertise in AI R&D.”

Electronic Frontier Foundation usually covers privacy in our increasingly tech-infested world. But here is a great piece on the benefits of fiber over the wireless hype pipe dream. 

Enough of the 5G Hype  Feb. 11th, 2019 | Ernesto Falcon | Electronic Frontier FoundationElectronic Frontier Foundation usually covers the privacy concerns of our increasingly all things wireless world. 
“Ignore the [5g] hype and ask why we are falling behind” 
“Wireless carriers are working hard to talk up 5G (Fifth Generation) wireless as the future of broadband. But don’t be fooled—they are only trying to focus our attention on 5G to try to distract us from their willful failure to invest in a proven ultrafast option for many Americans: fiber to the home, or FTTH.”
“…all this hype over 5G networks by these large companies has done little to answer fundamental questions in the U.S. broadband market: why are the largest ISPs not aggressively deploying fiber to the home despite its proven track record of profits and success? How is it that the United States, as the FCC has recently acknowledged, starting to slow down on fiber to the home, whereas the rest of the world moving is faster? Fiber to the home is cheap to upgrade to even higher speeds once it is laid, making it an infrastructure investment that will be good for decades to come. And its top speeds are already dwarfing even the loftiest 5G hyped assertions.”
“anytime the industry is asserting that 5G will revolutionize rural broadband access, they are more than just hyping it, they are just plainly misleading people.”
“While a 100 Mbps (essentially 4G LTE speed) is nice, it is nothing compared to the 10-gigabit fiber networks that exist today”


“So, we are flying blind here on health and safety”.  Senator Blumenthal commenting on the industry’s statement that there are no industry backed studies on 5g.

Senator Blumenthal Blasts FCC and FDA For No Research on 5G Safety  Feb. 13th, 2019 | Physicians for Safe Technology
Physicians for Safe Technology has pieced together coverage of Senator Blumenthal’s initial request that the FCC provide the “science” upon which the Commission is relying that shows 5g is “safe”; the Commission’s subsequent skirting the issue of 5g health; and the recent Senate Commerce Committee hearing in which Senator Blumenthal once again asked about the science.

Please also see, 

BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES: No studies showing safety of 5G  Feb. 7th, 2019

ADA Issue: 
New: Electromagnetic Sensitivity page with chapter on Symptoms  Posted on Feb. 12th, 2019 | Smart Meter Harm
“The new page has information and resources on the Americans with Disabilities Act, including the U.S. definition of ‘disability’.

Wireless radiation poses an access barrier to those who are EMS-disabled.
In 2002, the U.S. Access Board recognized electromagnetic sensitivity and that it can be disabling. In 2005, the Board released the Indoor Environmental Quality report with building design and modification recommendations and accommodation suggestions for those with EMS and multiple chemical sensitivities. This report is a “must have” for everyone struggling with EMS and experiencing restricted access to their community, essential services including medical care and grocery stores, access to city streets and sidewalks, and the most essential of all, the use and enjoyment of their own homes.”

Radiofrequency expert warns 5G radiation could be carcinogenic  Is 5G technology safe? One of the world’s leading radiofrequency experts isn’t so sure, and warns it could be carcinogenic.  Feb. 2019 | Miriam Fisher |
“News of the rollout of 5G technology across WA has been eagerly received. But is the technology safe? One of the world’s leading radiofrequency experts isn’t so sure.5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks and represents a significant leap forward from today’s 4G services. It promises to deliver ultrafast speeds with astonishing connectivity, transforming the world around us into a smart one with boundless potential.
But not all are welcoming the rollout, amid concerns the technology may pose serious health effects.
Professor Dariusz Leszczynski is one of the world’s leading figures on the impact of radio frequency emissions, and was one of 30 experts who made up the International Agency for Research on Cancer/World Health Organisation 2011 evaluation group that classified all radiofrequency emissions – including parts of 5G – as potential carcinogens.”

The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health  Feb. 13th, 2019 | Children’s Health Defense | 
“Now, however, a global 5G ‘frenzy’ is upon us and is coming into full force. The rollout of ‘blazing fast’ 5G technology will ‘dramatically increase the number of transmitters sending signals to cellphones and a host of new Internet-enabled devices.’ The time is ripe for greater grassroots awareness of the undisclosed tradeoffs between convenience and 5G’s potentially catastrophic health effects.”
“… powerful 5G (fifth-generation) networks and technology are about to subject everyone, on a continuous basis, to unprecedented forms and amounts of mandatory irradiation—without prior study of the potential health impact or any assurance of safety.”

In light of the harms discussed in the last entry, should we be putting cell tower antennas in front of children’s bedrooms?  If you think NOT, consider taking one or more of the following steps: 


THIS PREEMPTION BILL IN MARYLAND IS MOVING FAST AND IS SCHEDULED TO BE HEARD THURSDAY.  Emails, phone calls, comments, etc. are welcome from all…even those also living outside of Maryland.
Those within driving distance, please try to attend the hearing in Annapolis this Thursday. We need to fill the House – standing room only! Bring family, friends, colleagues, children, babies, animals….(Well…perhaps not animals!) But let’s fill the room to over-flowing!

Three good resources for communities facing 4g/5g infiltration…(That’s all of us!!) 

1. Sample ordinance from Americans for Responsible Technology. This ordinance is in full compliance with the September FCC order but still manages to be somewhat protective of the public. (Scroll down on page for the Sample Ordinance)

2. Environmental Health Trust has put together a number of relatively protective ordinances from around the country. The link also includes some recommendations to communities.

3. Summary of the major issues surrounding the deployment of 4g/5g “small cells”. May be used for crafting comments, testimony, letters to city council members, elected reps, or just to learn more.
Public safety WILL prevail over corporate greed!!
And please consider encouraging your elected reps to support or cosponsor HR 530! 

Congresswomen Eshoo and Speier Introduce HR 530 to Block FCC Cell Tower Preemption  Jan. 22nd, 2019 | Physicians for Safe Technology 
 “In a courageous move to preserve local government control, Federal bill HR 530 was introduced January 14, 2019 in the House of Representatives by California Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, to invalidate the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) September 26, 2018 ruling to accelerate the deployment of 5G small cells throughout the U.S.  Congresswoman Jackie Speier has co-sponsored the bill.  Representative Eshoo stated the FCC had ‘failed to listen to reasonable input from communities across the country, cowered to industry interests, and failed to put the public interests first.’” In a January 15, 2019 press statement Eshoo added,  ‘Having served in local government for a decade on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, I understand and respect the important role that state and local governments play in protecting the welfare of their residents,’”

Here is a link to a letter template from the National League of Cities which you can download and modify.

Local governments push back on FCC for 5G towers  Feb. 11th, 2019 | Patrick Dwire | Press Banner

Actions some cities are taking.

“Municipal and county governments, and now Congresswomen Anna Eshoo, are fighting back against the telecom industry’s interest in limiting local government’s permitting authority for additional cell towers and installation of 5G cell equipment.

Last week the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution of support for House Resolution 530, introduced by Eshoo, D-Atherton, aimed at overturning Federal Communications Commission regulations that curtail the local control of permitting new cell towers and wireless transmitters.”

For more suggested actions and instructions, please see the two (rather lengthy) messages at the end of this update. 
Some great memes from Americans for Safe Technology


5g and insects

We, the People… are driving insects to extinction…Posted on Feb. 11th, 2019  Between a Rock And a Hard Place
Peer-reviewed journal Biological Conservation has published an article “Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers” authored by two Australian scientists, FranciscoSánchez-Bayo and Kris A.G.Wyckhuys.
“The 5G radiation exposures, either alone or in combination with other insect-depleting factors presented in the article published in the Biological Conservation, might (will) potentiate the insect-killing properties of our environment.””…a flowerless world with silent forests, a world of dung and old leaves and rotting carcasses accumulating in cities and roadsides, a world of ‘collapse or decay and erosion and loss that would spread through ecosystems.”
“It is time to act. It is not possible to rely solely on the self-regulation of the telecom industry by itself or by ICNIRP and ICNIRP’s front organization – the WHO EMF Project.”
(From a scientist who participated in WHO EMF Working Group and has published critical research on this issue.)
Even environmental groups are doin’ it…taking a stand against the 5g assault on our earth and our rights. 

“The Sierra Club California Conservation Committee urges the National Conservation Policy Committee to adopt an oppose position to the FCC’s recent promulgation of a rule that waives environmental review, and limits local control, of the deployment of 5G wireless technology and small cell box installations.”
For more on the environmental impacts of 5g, please see:

The complete resolution can be downloaded at:

Though number 10 on NRDC’s list, health did make the top 10. (See the following entry)  
Sharon Buccino posted the following blog in regards to the National Resource Defense Council’s case against the FCC case re 5G cell towers.

5G and the FCC: 10 Reasons Why You Should Care  Feb. 13th, 2019 | Sharon Buccino | NRDC Blog

“While the FCC has limited the review by others, the Commission at the same time has refused to update its own health and environmental standards. The Commission’s standards date from the 1990’s. In 2012, the General Accountability Office found that the existing standards may not reflect current knowledge and recommended that the FCC formally reassess its standards. The FCC’s standards address only one aspect of potential harm from electromagnetic radiation—heat. The current standards do not address other ways in which exposure to increasing electromagnetic radiation from wireless communications can harm human health, as well as the natural systems around us on which all life depends.” They even discussed the NTP study.

Let’s 5G!! (Actually, let’s not and say we did!!) New website and campaign by Verizon. 
“Let’s 5G! is a Verizon-led advocacy initiative working to accelerate the deployment of 5G wireless networks and the many next-generation benefits they will enable. Our mission is to engage with citizens and community stakeholders across America to provide information on how 5G works, explain the impact it will have on people, businesses and communities, and build public support for the expansion of 5G networks.”

A team all the way from Blue Mountains Australia sent the following letter to the Maryland legislators regarding HB 654, Maryland’s 5g wireless bill. I am deeply moved by how activists from around the globe are supporting one another’s work. I think that will be a key ingredient to our success. 
Lovely email from the Blue Mountain’s team: 


We are a group of people who are taking action in the Blue Mountains Australia to stop the introduction of 5g. We have been informed of your situation.

Our numbers are growing each day as more and more people look at the available research and concern regarding 5g. 

People in position of power who have been made aware of the dangers of 5g and who then refuse to take preventative action to protect their communities may in future face legal liability for their breach of duty of care.

We would humbly ask that you Do Not Pass HB 654 do what you can to stop 5g.

The Blue Mountains No 5G Team

Message from Catherine at Electrosmog Pollution: 

Please take a moment to contact the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and ask that they place a moratorium on implementation of 5G and hold a hearing to receive testimony from scientists about the very real health and environmental hazard 5G and the IoT pose.  

Recommend that the Committee contact Environmental Health Trust ( for a list of scientists who should testify.  Phone contact information is below for the Senate Committee.

If your own lawmaker is on the committee, please also contact them directly and ask that they push for hearings on the health and environmental effects of 5G.
Thank you!
Here are a couple of talking points for when you make the call:
1) Experts are calling for wireless (radiofrequency/microwave) radiation to be classified as carcinogenic, a designation supported by epidemiological and double-blind studies.
2) Congress should not support universal exposure to a carcinogen that also causes adverse biological effects that are detrimental to human health and the environment.
3) 5G technology will dramatically increase exposure to wireless radiation due to the dramatic increase in connectivity and the need for numerous so called “small” cell towers.
4) 5G technology incorporates the addition of wireless radiation in a frequency range that the military uses as a weapon due to its detrimental effects.
5) 5G will vastly increase energy consumption.
Refer them to and for more information.  Ask that they contact the Environmental Health Trust to connect them to experts they should ask to testify on this issue.
A few more resources for taking action:
Tell your Members of Congress to stop the FCC’s one-size-fits-all 5G preemption in its tracks. Write a letter asking your federal elected officials to support H.R. 530, the Accelerating Wireless Broadband Development by Empowering Local Communities Act of 2019.
Message to activists regarding dockets on two way radios in new vehicles. (More IoT insanity.) Consider submitting comments. 
The DOT has a Docket Open and Comments are due by Feb 25th. As you know the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA has  a docket open that is set to mandate two way radios in every new car and “basic safety messaging”, see Docket NHTSA-2016-0126 here for details.  The comment period is long over, although they have left the comment button on and you can still comment on that docket.
The only reason that docket hasn’t been completed is that there is an industry fight over the radio to be used. The current docket requires DSRC radios and the wireless industry is not happy and they want cellular options so they can get a piece of the pie. Therefore the DOT opened another Docket called V2X Communications, Docket ID: DOT-OST-2018-0210 which can be found here 
This Docket comment period is closing soon on February 25, 2019. Please consider submitting a short comment. The submission page is very easy to put a comment on, much easier than the FCC web portal.
A simple message is all we need from a lot of people. It could be as simple as
  1. I do not want to have or pay for connected vehicles and their required infrastructure.
  2. The only acceptable radio in cars are the ones that can be easily turned off or removed.
  3. Technology is not better than human drivers.
Please make your voices known. These cars are going to be killers.
Go to this link to comment – click on the “Comment Now” button that has comments close Feb 25
Sample comment submitted today: 
The Docket Summary states:
“Over the past several years, the Department of Transportation and its operating administrations have engaged in numerous activities related to connected vehicles, including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) communications, collectively referred to as “V2X” communications. “
Let me point out that the one critical activity the DOT did not do yet. They did not ask the people – yes the actual drivers – whether they wanted connected cars and whether they wanted to pay the enormous costs of the infrastructure to support such a project. I offer my vote – NO – I do not want it and deeply resent your activities to mandate these radios in our cars.
Second, this document discusses whether we should use DSRC or V2X communications. As a member of the public I vote for any radio that will be easily able to remove or disable. That is the best radio.
Third, you need to understand that there is a percentage of our population that are electrosensitive and their bodies can not tolerate to be in close proximity to them. Don’t take my word for it, let me quote the Cities of Boston and Philadelphia from their comments submitted to FCC Docket 13-84 where they state:
“The FCC admits its own lack of expertise in the field. But the overlap of federal agency responsibilities for RF radiation protection and the merely advisory status of the Radiofrequency Interagency Work Group often leaves leadership unclear and encourages a pass-the-buck attitude …
The 1999-2000 judicial challenge to the FCC’s 1996 rules never reached the issue of “electrosensitivity” as a cognizable disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. (“ADA”) Here again, an agency responsible for ADA implementation acknowledges that the impairment may be disabling but has promised merely further inquiry. After more than a decade, that investigation remains unopened. The dockets here have been updated with massive additional evidence of the crippling effects of RF radiation on an admitted minority – but a suffering minority – of U.S. citizens. The FCC and its sister regulatory agencies share responsibility for adherence to the ADA and should replace promises with serious attention to a serious medical problem. This is one area where the FCC could lead in advice to electrosensitive persons about prudent avoidance.” 
A suffering minority, let that sink in. Placing the massive amount of radios and radar in these cars is going to kill them. Show some compassion. What you are planning to do is analogous to a school district claiming all kids must eat lunch in school, the school will set the menu, Thursdays will be peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and every child must eat it – no exceptions. We will stick Child Protective Services on all parents who try and home school their children with peanut allergies.
Technology is not safer than Humans.

what you don’t know about 5G but will find out when it is too late

…I live in Vienna, Austria, where the 5G rollout is suddenly upon us. Within the last five weeks, pre-5G has been officially announced at Vienna airport and 5G at the Rathausplatz, the main square in Vienna, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its Christmas market each December and skating rink each January, which are special treats for children. Along with birds and insects, children are the most vulnerable to 5G depredation because of their little bodies.[8]

Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna are already reporting the classic symptoms of EMR poisoning:[9] nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain. They also report a tight band around the head; pressure on the top of the head; short, stabbing pains around the body; and buzzing internal organs. Other biological effects such as tumours and dementia usually take longer to manifest, but in the case of 5G, which has never been tested for health or safety, who knows?[10]

Seemingly overnight a forest of 5G infrastructure has sprouted in Austria. In the space of three weeks one friend has gone from robust health to fleeing this country, where she has lived for 30 years. Each person experiences EMR differently. For her, it was extreme torture so she and I spent her last two nights in Austria sleeping in the woods. Interestingly, as she drove across southern Germany, she suffered torture even worse than in Austria, while in northern Germany she had no symptoms at all and felt completely normal, which suggests that there has been as yet no 5G rollout there….

Read full article here and look for AA00358 added 15 Nov 2019

The death of a bird…

Some days ago we saw a pigeon near our bird bath just sitting and not moving. From time to time it would shuffle around. Apart from that no signs of animation. Yesterday we saw the pigeon lying on its side a few meters away from where we had seen it. It’s time had come for one reason or another. It causes me to ponder that death and life are intertwined. It’s part of the life-cycle of a death cycle. It happens to everybody. I tend to not get emotional. I’m not overly emotional anyway but I have read so much about life after death which relates to humans but I’m pragmatic about the whole thing. When my time has come I will go simple as that.

Francoise will be burying the bird along with a frog, two goldfish, and anything else that else that has died in our garden. We have a small graveyard area for this purpose.

Today I woke up with aching ribs as a result of my overenthusiastic attempt to lift the drain cover. If concrete is 2 inches thick, and about 2’6″ long and 2 foot wide then it is very heavy and no one should ever attempt to lift or move such a thing on their own. The whole idea about making such a substantial drain cover is that no one can get in and  make a nuisance of themselves. Due to the injury I unknowingly suffered when I lifted off the man cover, I cannot put it back so it stands on its end. I hope no animals or creatures fall into it.


I try to discipline myself once a day to watch a serious piece of journalism so that I can become familiar with the main issues of the day. I’m not talking about the Main Stream Media junk. I’m talking about real facts. All those still living in climate change AKA global warming do watch the article below.

Love to all,   Brian


New Kid on the block – Smartcitiesworld

Ed- this looks like an even handed product reporting on all aspects of ‘smartness’. Worth checking out especially if you have a business interest in any aspect of smart ***** and 5G.


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A Drawing – 10 y/o Child’s Impression Of The Wireless World – Zombies & Sickness

This drawing is disturbing, but sadly it is an accurate perception of the wireless world by a 10 y/o child from Illinois. His mother developed Microwave Sickness / Electro-Sensitvity, from exposure to wireless radiation.  She has been suffering disabling symptoms from exposure to wireless devices and infrastructure. Her suffering has been having a tremendous impact on him and on the family’s life.

Unfortunately, he has been experiencing how societal addiction makes people, like those in his own family, reluctant to see what is so clearly in front of their eyes – the harms of wireless technology. Not only are the social implications featured in his drawing, but the devastating health effects and people’s complete disregard to the suffering of others.

I asked this brilliant child to describe to me the drawing and he wrote:

“My mom and me drew this while Daddy was at work. We are dealing with all this radiation, just trying to go anywhere is painful for my mom. It makes me feel so sad that no one knows! No one knows about what is happening to them! We tell our family and friends but many of them don’t believe us. We’ve been to a lot of doctors and the only thing that works is when she gets away from the radiation. My wish for the world is that people wake up to what is being done to them, and realize that this is a known carcinogen.”


Breaking News: Sierra Club California adopts resolution to oppose FCC rules re: 5G technology

On February 9, 2019, Sierra Club California adopted the following resolution:
“The Sierra Club California Conservation Committee urges the National Conservation Policy Committee to adopt an oppose position to the FCC’s recent promulgation of a rule that waives environmental review, and limits local control, of the deployment of 5G wireless technology and small cell box installations.”
The complete resolution can be downloaded at:


Incidence of Childhood Cancers Skyrockets: Is Modern Life Destroying the Health of Our Children?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Children’s Health Defense
Incidence of Childhood Cancers Skyrockets: Is Modern Life Destroying the Health of Our Children?
By the Children’s Health Defense Team

No one really likes to talk about cancer, and childhood cancers are an especially unpalatable topic of conversation. Yet the fact is that cancers are among the top four causes of death for both children and adults. The newest U.S. cancer statistics for young people (under 20 years old), which cover the years 2001–2014, point to steadily increasing rates of pediatric cancerover that time period.

In recent articles and presentations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers have showed that new childhood cancers are most likely to occur in the very youngest age group (birth to age 4) as well as in 15-19-year-olds and are more likely to arise in boys than girls. The CDC research also indicates that the surge in childhood cancers is driven by increased rates of certain cancers: brain, kidney, liver and thyroid. Pediatric brain tumor rates are increasing across Europe as well. Conventional entities such as the American Cancer Society offer no explanation for the increased childhood cancer rates, feebly asserting that “there are few known risk factors for childhood cancer” other than exposure to ionizing radiation. However, this disingenuous statement completely ignores the increasingly toxic environment in which we unreasonably expect children to thrive—and the many known and suspected carcinogens in that environment that may be ratcheting up children’s cancer risks, perhaps synergistically.

Describing a 40% increase in childhood cancers in the United Kingdom since the late 1990s, one media account suggests that “modern life is killing children.” Emerging research and policy developments point to two pervasive aspects of “modern life” that warrant caution and attention: the radiofrequency radiation (RFR) associated with cell phones, cellular infrastructure and wireless technologies; and herbicides containing glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup).

Describing a 40% increase in childhood cancers in the United Kingdom since the late 1990s, one media account suggests that “modern life is killing children.”

Swimming in an electromagnetic soup

In 2011, the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as “possibly carcinogenic” in humans, but the agency refrained from drawing conclusions about any cancers other than brain cancer. Discussing children’s exposure to EMFs and RFR, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has been similarly wishy-washy, but it does concede that there are three factors that “theoretically” increase children’s risks:

  1. First, children’s nervous systems “are still developing and, therefore, [are] more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer.”
  2. Second, children’s heads “are smaller than those of adults and consequently have a greater proportional exposure to the field of radiofrequency radiation that is emitted by cell phones.”
  3. Finally, “children have the potential of accumulating more years of cell phone exposure than adults do.”
… including not just brain cancers but previously rare cardiac tumors and adrenal cancers, as well as evidence of disturbing associations between cell phone exposure and precancerous health effects (such as tissue damage) along with noncancerous effects such as low birthweight and birth defects.

In the spring of 2018, it became more difficult to prevaricate about the evidence. The government’s National Toxicology Program (NTP) convened a panel of experts to review findings from its $25 million study on the health effects of cell phone radiation. The expert panel reported “clear evidence” of carcinogenic effects for several types of cancer, including not just brain cancers but previously rare cardiac tumors and adrenal cancers, as well as evidence of disturbing associations between cell phone exposure and precancerous health effects (such as tissue damage) along with noncancerous effects such as low birthweight and birth defects. The experts agreed that the NTP study, though conducted in rats and mice, was highly relevant to human health. Shortly thereafter, the Italy-based Ramazzini Institute, an independent cancer research organization, published a study that showed cancer-causing effects associated with cell towers that were “consistent with and reinforce the results of the NTP study.”

Despite governmental claims of insufficient evidence, the 2018 studies actually were only the latest in a long list of studies documenting cancer and other health risks associated with chronic exposure to EMFs and RFR—dangers that are more than “theoretical” for children with their still-developing bodies and brains. According to the 2012 BioInitiative Report—an extensive scientific review by 29 highly qualified medical and scientific experts from 10 countries—1800 studies were published between 2007 and 2012 that reported adverse health effects “at [EMF/RFR] exposure levels ten to hundreds or thousands of times lower than allowed under safety limits in most countries of the world.” The report’s chapter dedicated to childhood cancers makes the same point, stating that “long-term effects such as cancer seem to be evoked by levels [of exposure] several orders of magnitudes below current guideline levels.” Children are accruing these exposures everywhere: “in education, in housing, in commerce, in communications and entertainment, in medical technologies and imaging, and in public and private transportation by air, bus, train and motor vehicles.” With the current rollout of even more biologically invasive technologies such as 5G antennas (which rely on extremely high-frequency millimeter waves) and “smart” utility meters that pulse on a 24/7 basis, children’s cancer picture has little chance of improving.

Carcinogenic weedkiller

Since 1974, use of glyphosate-based herbicides has increased approximately 100-fold, with Roundup becoming “the most commercially successful and widely used herbicide of all time.” However, glyphosate safety assessments continue to rely heavily on decades-old studies. Several recent events have directed attention to this regulatory shortcoming and focused sharper attention on the relationship between glyphosate and cancer.

First, in 2015, the WHO’s IARC rated glyphosate as a “probable” human carcinogen. This landmark pronouncement represented “a sea change in the scientific community’s consensus view” and was especially noteworthy in light of the agency’s reluctance—despite reams of evidence—to more strongly call attention to the cancer-related risks of cell phones. In 2016, an international group of scientists followed up IARC’s verdict with a “Statement of Concern,” pointing to humans’ massive and increasing exposure to glyphosate in food, water and soil and calling for a “fresh look at glyphosate toxicity” to rectify “regulatory estimates…based on outdated science.” Most recently, agreeing that the public had not been adequately warned or protected, a jury awarded $289 million in damages to a school groundskeeper who linked his terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma to regular use of Roundup.

The authors’ nearly 40-page review also noted the strong temporal correlations between glyphosate usage on crops and a multitude of cancers that are reaching epidemic proportions.

Glyphosate’s specific cancer-causing potential in children has not been adequately studied, but children’s vulnerabilities compared to adults suggest that there is ample cause for concern. An extensive evaluation of glyphosate’s carcinogenic potential by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff in 2015 described many different mechanisms through which glyphosate can cause tumors, including “glyphosate’s induction of metabolic disorders, oxidative stress and DNA damage, known precursors to cancer development.” The authors’ nearly 40-page review also noted the “strong temporal correlations between glyphosate usage on crops and a multitude of cancers that are reaching epidemic proportions.”

Another point made by Samsel and Seneff is that endocrine-disrupting chemicals “often show a greater potential to cause cancer at very low doses than at higher doses.” Research on glyphosate’s endocrine-disrupting effects confirms that this is the case; a study by Thai researchers reported that glyphosate could induce breast cancer through estrogenic effects at “low and environmentally relevant concentrations.” Another potential glyphosate-cancer pathway involves microbiome disruption, which researchers have identified as playing a key role in carcinogenesis. Italy’s Ramazzini Institute reported this year that “exposures to commonly used [glyphosate-based herbicides], at doses considered safe, are capable of modifying the gut microbiota in early development.”

Protecting toddlers

Beginning prenatally, children are being bombarded with more toxic exposures than they can handle. Is it any surprise that toddlers under age four are one of the age groups most affected by pediatric cancers? Cell phones and a glyphosate-riddled food supply are two of the most ubiquitous and egregious exposures, but there are others as well. Clearly, as Children’s Health Defense has discussed before, another critical influence is the out-of-control vaccine schedule that regularly inundates immature immune systems with toxic metals and carcinogenic chemicals—along with contaminants that include glyphosate! Stephanie Seneff has observed that the severity of reactions to the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine has increased in tandem with greater use of glyphosate on U.S. crops and that glyphosate contamination in vaccines can trigger an autoimmune attack on the nerve fibers in the brain, causing autism-like symptoms.

Ultimately, whether discussing cell phone radiationglyphosate, vaccines, heavy metals or any other chemicals, most independent researchers agree that precautionary measures are urgently needed—for everyone, but especially for children.

Sign up for free news and updates from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. CHD is planning many strategies, including legal, in an effort to defend the health of our children and obtain justice for those already injured. Your support is essential to CHD’s successful mission.

© Children’s Health Defense, Inc. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of Children’s Health Defense, Inc.

5G safety lies: Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!

5G safety lies: O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!
(see “ICNIRP cartel” visual here: and accompanying article (orig. German):
US Sen. Blumenthal blasts FCC and FDA for failing to conduct any research into the safety of 5G technology, and instead, engaging in bureaucratic finger-pointing and deferring to industry
BIG WIRELESS CONCEDES: No studies showing safety of 5G – 7th Feb 2019
Roots of Corruption ICNIRP, PHE (2) Cathy Dowd·Monday, February 4, 2019 (UK-based)
The Science & Technology Committee received studies and evidence for effects on health in December 2017 and they have to date failed to act on the evidence. Below is the submission of evidence by UK neuroscientist Dr Sarah Starkey to the Westminster Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee for their Inquiry into Early Years Interventions, with a focus on children (info on pregnant women & adults is also included) December 2017. Check out pages 10 – 15. You may want to send this to your MP and ask them to explain why they are not acting on this evidence. Sections of info from the submission is below…/evidencebased…/written/75325.pdf.
The AGNIR 2012 report has been shown to be inaccurate, with evidence omitted, conclusions which did not reflect the evidence available, incorrect statements and conflicts of interest185. AGNIR included members from PHE and ICNIRP185. This means that members of PHE as well as members of ICNIRP, who set the international exposure guidelines, have provided inaccurate, incorrect and misleading scientific information. The ICNIRP guidelines no longer reflect the scientific evidence and are no longer protective of human health.
Below excerpt from UK government answer to question from Digital Survivor UK on what health standards are being applied to 5G pilots/rollout in the UK ( Public Health England’s standards, as dictated by the corrupt ICNIRP (see “ICNIRP cartel” visual here: and accompanying article (orig. German):

What health standards are being applied to the 5G pilots and eventual rollout in the UK? When were they devised and by whom?

Public Health England’s (PHE’s) Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards (CRCE) takes the lead on public health matters associated with radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, or radio waves, used in telecommunications.

Central to PHE advice is that exposures to radio waves should comply with the guidelines published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

ICNIRP is formally recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO). A considerable amount of research has been carried out on radio waves and we anticipate no negative effects on public health.

(No, ICNIRP standards are both outdated and provenly inadequate in scope for today’s technology let lone 5G – Digitaal Survivor comment.)

A summary of PHE advice on radio waves can be accessed in the following link:

PHE is committed to monitoring the evidence applicable to this and other radio technologies, and to revising its advice, should that be necessary.  [Well, isn’t that nice to know!  Someone had better let them know the whole shebang is a very murky house of cards and very soon their pass-the-scorching-parcel game is going to land them in the dock for crimes against humanity!]

16 weeks to Musk’s 5G satellite launches – MUST be stopped

U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
February 6, 2019
Winning the Race to 5G and the Next Era of Technology Innovation in the United States

For Immediate Release   February 6, 2019


Blumenthal criticizes the FCC & FDA for inadequate answers on outstanding public health questions

Wireless carriers concede they are not aware of any independent scientific studies on safety of 5G technologies

[WASHINGTON, DC]— During today’s Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee hearing on the future of 5G wireless technology and their impact on the American people and economy, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) raised concerns with the lack of any scientific research and data on the technology’s potential health risks. The full video of Blumenthal’s statement and exchange with industry representatives can be found here.  (Doesn’t work for me)

Blumenthal blasted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—government agencies jointly-responsible for ensuring that cellphone technologies are safe to use—for failing to conduct any research into the safety of 5G technology, and instead, engaging in bureaucratic finger-pointing and deferring to industry.
In December 2018, Blumenthal and U.S. Representative Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18) sent a letter to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr seeking answers regarding potential health risks posed by new 5G wireless technology. At today’s hearing, Blumenthal criticized Carr for failing to provide answers, and instead, just echoing, “the general statements of the FDA, which shares regulatory responsibility for cell phones with the FCC.”  Blumenthal also decried the FDA’s statements as “pretty unsatisfactory.”  A PDF of Carr’s complete response is available here.
During an exchange with wireless industry representatives, Blumenthal asked them whether they have supported research on the safety of 5G technology and potential links between radio frequency and cancer, and the industry representatives conceded they have not.
“If you go to the FDA website, there basically is a cursory and superficial citation to existing scientific data saying ‘The FDA has urged the cell phone industry to take a number of steps, including support additional research on possible biological effects of radio frequency fields for the type of signals emitted by cell phones.’ I believe that Americans deserve to know what the health effects are, not to pre-judge what scientific studies may show, and they also deserve a commitment to do the research on outstanding questions,” said Blumenthal.  “So my question for you: How much money has the industry committed to supporting additional independent research—I stress independent—research? Is that independent research ongoing? Has any been completed? Where can consumers look for it? And we’re talking about research on the biological effects of this new technology.”
At the end of the exchange, Blumenthal concluded, “So there really is no research ongoing.  We’re kind of flying blind here, as far as health and safety is concerned.”
In November 2018, the National Toxicology Program released the final results of the longest and most expensive study to date on cellphones and cancer. Those studies found “some evidence” of a link to cancer, at least in male rats. However, the study only focused on the risks associated with 2G and 3G cell phones. The latest 5G wireless technology relies on the deployment of many more new antennas and transmitters that are clustered lower to the ground and closer to homes and schools. There has been even more limited research with respect to the health ramifications of 5G technology, and the FCC has thus far failed to adequately explain how they have determined 5G is safe
Courtesy of Scientists For Wired Technology for the following coverage of the hearing
Winning the Race to 5G and the Next Era of Technology Innovation in the United States
For coverage of the hearing please see,
New piece by professor olle johansson formerly at the karolinska institute and the royal institute of technology
Associate Professor: “Is the ‘Electrosmog’ Finally Clearing?”

Feb. 2nd, 2019 | Professor Olle Johansson | Newsvoice
“The industry is pressing on for 5G, and further future versions of the same. But the road to success is suddenly not as smooth as it used to be, the small pebbles – in the form of critical scientists, medical doctors, technicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, campaigners and activists – have grown in size and are now together forming a counterforce that may awake also the most techno-prone, naive politicians and civil servants.”
Please send around these papers about how learning disabilities can be linked to EMFs.

Message from Arthur Firstenberg: 
 We have 16 weeks to stop Musk’s launch of 4,425 5G satellites.  EVERYONE needs to be concentrating on this issue now.  This MUST be your priority.  Don’t keep telling me you are too busy – THERE WILL BE NO NO FUTURE if these satellites are not stopped.
5G – A Toxic Assault on the Planetary Web of Life
Jan. 31st, 2019 | Gabriel Cousen’s Blog
An urgent message from Dr. Gabriel Cousens
“Dear People of the World, 
This scientific article outlining the potentially disastrous consequences of 5G and 20,000 satellites beaming 5G onto our planet, is to both inform you and also to ask each reader to take action by sharing this article with all your friends around the world with the intent of creating a tidal wave of millions of people acting responsibly and lawfully to defeat this overt threat to the planetary web of life. Send this to everyone you know, as we need millions of people to act on this.
The full paper goes into significantly documented scientific evidence to help us fully understand the how and why of the negative health effects of 5G and, in addition, the potential dangers of disrupting the Schumann Resonance and the Global Electric Circuit on the ecology and the planetary web of life. Once understanding the basic science behind the global effects of 5G and the 20,000 satellites, the author hopes the population will take proactive, protective lawful actions to stop the use of 5G. For this reason, the author strongly recommends that you read the whole paper so that you can be fully informed.
Blessings to your health, wellbeing, and spiritual joy and to your empowerment to protect our living planet.”
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD(doctor of divinity)
Also see:

20,000 5G satellites to be launched sending DANGEROUS BEAMS of intense microwave radiation ACROSS THE WORLD


‘A global catastrophe’: Radiation activist warns that 5G networks are ‘massive health experiment’  Feb. 7th, 2019 | RT


When you find you are reaching the point where you just MUST do something to stop the 5g/IoT insanity, here are some actions, big and small, you can take. 

10 ACTIONS TO HELP STOP 5G  Center for Electrosmog Prevention
Sample letters are included at link. 
Thanks, in advance, on behalf of all beings…awake or asleep.
National League of Cities offers a web interface to send letters to your representatives urging support of HR 530
(HR 530 basically says, the September ruling of the FCC that preempts local authority over the siting of small cellswill have no force or effect”. 

Stop FCC Preemption of Local Control 
Tell your Members of Congress to stop the FCC’s one-size-fits-all 5G preemption in its tracks. Write a letter asking your federal elected officials to support H.R. 530, the Accelerating Wireless Broadband Development by Empowering Local Communities Act of 2019.

Also see this website out of MA. that has very accessible guidance and steps you can take to stop 5G. The website offers resources for opposing 5g at all levels – state, federal and local. The style is clear making complex tasks seem very manageable. 


 At this link there are sample letters or emails to be sent to neighbors, town and city officials initially to provide

encouragement to examine and revise the town or city ordinances.
Follow letters to officials with phone calls! 


Marin County, Calif. and Eugene, Oregon taking a stand  5gs goin downIts happening!

Marin supervisors urged to reject 5G wireless antennas out of health concerns  Feb. 6th, 2019 | Richard Halstead | Marin Independent Journal 

Close to 200 people turned out this week to implore the Marin County Board of Supervisors to resist installation of antennas for the next generation of wireless telecommunications technology known as 5G.
Although a few speakers mentioned the unsightliness of the antennas, most focused on concerns about health due to increased exposure to radio waves.
Dozens of people spoke during a 3-½-hour workshop convened by the supervisors Tuesday to discuss direction to staff on possible amendments to the county’s regulations for wireless antenna siting.
“I’ve been at a lot of public meetings. I have never been in a 100-percent-for-one-side public meeting in my entire life,” said Judy Schriebman of San Rafael. “This is unprecedented.” ….
Three people did speak in favor of the new technology at the meeting; however, all were paid by wireless carriers to be there.
Supervisors made clear at the beginning of the workshop that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission preclude them from prohibiting new 5G transmitters. The 1996 law expressly preempts local governments from adopting regulations based on environmental effects.
The county has joined with other jurisdictions to mount a legal challenge to the most recent FCC ruling, which limits aesthetic review, prohibits locational restrictions, and sets accelerated timelines for approving new sites. The supervisors concluded the workshop by asking staff to look into setting some restrictions on locating antennas in residential areas, even though it is unclear such restrictions would withstand a legal challenge by the wireless carriers…. – comments
Also see the video of the last part of Marin Board of Supervisors’ hearing 
“it was fantastic. The final statements by the supervisors were remarkable.”

5G: The Next Generation  FCC overrules local power to deploy wireless infrastructure without public comment Feb. 7th, 2019 | Henry Houston | Eugene Weekly
“About 10 people were at the intersection of 24th Avenue and Hilyard Street on Saturday, Jan. 26. Holding up signs calling for an end to 5G technology and handing out flyers to people stopped at red lights, members of Families for Safe Meters braved a cold foggy afternoon to protest the arrival of 5G technology in Eugene.
‘If you look at that box, you’ll see a radiation EMF warning sign,’ Victor Odlivak, who ran for an EWEB commissioner position in 2016 on a platform of opposing smart meters, told Eugene Weekly at the rally. He pointed toward the 5G antenna that is attached to an EWEB pole at the intersection. ‘That’s the law: They have to put it on the box, so they know it’s dangerous.’”

Our vulnerability to data hacking can be lessened by disconnecting as much as possible from cell phones, devices, apps, IoT “things”, appliances, and platforms. And what’s more, by doing so, we free up time and space to rekindle our relationships with one another, ourselves, and the natural world…out of cyber space! 

How Our Data Got Hacked, Scandalized, and Abused in 2018
It happened everywhere, from social media sites to sandwich shops
  Dec. 13th, 2019 | Michael Grothaus | Fast Company
Data breaches – the year in review. Billions of people affected. 
“Despite all the things we lost in 2018 at least the year gave us something to take with us: a reminder that we can trust no one with our data.”

What does the US government know about you?  February 17, 2018 | Dennis Anon |
How much does the US government know about you? It’s not a question easily answered. The US government operates the largest and most advanced spying, surveillance, and data collection programs on the planet. It’s made up of multiple law enforcement and intelligence agencies, some of which operate in secret. The federal government, of course, consists more than two dozen major agencies that perform regular record keeping for operational purposes, such as the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Social Security Administration.

About Dennis Anon: 
 I’m Dennis (with a website focused on privacy, I was never going to give my full name). I started this website to help educate ordinary folk on how to guard their privacy and security online. More importantly, I’ll be highlighting some of the gross violations of privacy by governments, corporations and hackers that most of the general public either ignore (at what cost?) or simply are not aware of. I’ve always been amazed at how much information people, both willingly and unwittingly, give away online and how easy it is to massively reduce the risk with a few simple steps.

I’ve helped family and friends with security and privacy tips since the late 90s, but it was my anger at our government’s decision to roll back privacy laws regulating internet providers which spawned the birth of this project. As of early 2017, ISPs are free to use data about your online activity to make money from advertisers. You won’t see a cent back from this blatant profiteering at the expense of your privacy. Yes, they can gather data on your kids too. Of course, with the right tools and habits, you can prevent your ISP tracking your every move online. But most people either don’t know how or are not even aware their privacy is being compromised.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If people realized how much data governments gather on citizens through surveillance, or how easily a hacker can steal their identity because they once used an unsecured wifi connection in Starbucks, they’d do something about it. Maybe after visiting this site, you’ll be moved to action.

“…facial recognition data-harvesting of everything is the future of consumerism and capitalism, and in some places, the central tenet of social order.” 
Chinese Facial Recognition Will Take over the World in 2019  Jan. 14th, 2019 | Michael K. Spencer | The Medium

“In a world where business and technology trumps ethics and regulation, America is already being hacked. The mass surveillance state of data harvesting in real-time is coming.”
“The Sky Net programme, now renamed Pingan Chengshi, or Safe Cities, claimed to have connected 170 million cameras across China last year. By 2020, another 400 million units will be installed.”
And guess who’s next in line…the rest of us…Thanks to 5G!!!

The Next Privacy War Will Happen in Our Homes

How will life change when every noise becomes a search prompt?  Jan. 19th, 2019 | Colin Horgan | The Medium 
Life, privacy, and data when everything in your home becomes voice enabled and interactive. 
“Your home is an underused platform. Google and Amazon want to claim it. And they want all the data it contains.”
“When every noise in our lives is a search prompt, the sounds of our homes, the symphony of life — laughing, crying, talking, shouting, sitting in silence — will no longer be considered memories, but data. The more we humanize technology — the more it becomes not just part of the furniture, but part of the family — the more our lives will become less human.”

Monitoring Heart Health, One Toilet Seat at a Time

This smart seat keeps tabs on your heart while you take care   Feb. 1st, 2019 | Megan Scudellari | IEEE Spectrum 

“Sensors in a new battery-powered, cloud-connected toilet seat track blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and other heart data as accurately as hospital-grade monitoring equipment in a small group of patients, according to a study in the January issue of the journal JMIR mHealth and uHealth.
The idea of a “smart toilet” isn’t new—Google has a patent on a health-tracking toilet and Japanese manufacturers Toto and Matsushita (now part of Panasonic) have each developed Wi-Fi–connected toilets—but most health-related toilet technologies focus on urine and stool analysis inside the bowl, rather than tracking vital signs using sensors in the seat.
Waste created in mining, manufacturing or using electronics far exceeds waste from discarding these things.

Our Tech Addiction Is Creating a ‘Toxic Soup’
It’s time to address the crisis
Jan. 29th, 2019 | Josh Lepawsky  | The Medium 
“If estimates are correct, people will be discarding about 110 million tons of electronics sometime between the years 2033 and 2042…Troubling though the numbers may be, they include none of the waste that arises in the mining, making, or using of those electronics. And there is plenty….In fact, the waste from discarding gadgets is dwarfed by the waste created from mining the materials to make them in the first place.” 
“Over and over, these companies’ own data show that emissions arising in production usually outweigh those arising from transportation (that is, distribution from factory to consumer), product use, or end-of-life management (or recycling).”
And energy consumption:
“Today’s data centers consume about 1 to 1.5 percent of total electricity generated globally. But rates of growth are estimated to be between 11 and 16 percent annually.”


IRREGULATOR TREASURE MAP; PART 1: Hiding a $5 Billion State Telecommunications Utility that No One Even Knows Exists.  Feb. 2019 | Bruce Kushnick | The Medium
Another piece on the corruption and collusion of Telecom and the FCC.  
• No one knows that the FCC’s cost accounting rules have run amok. As we discuss elsewhere, the FCC cost accounting rules were established to allocate the expenses to the different lines of business using the utility infrastructure and in 2001 they ‘froze’ these rules to reflect the year 2000, when Local Service represented 65% of the revenues and it paid 65% of the expenses. However, over the last 19 years the FCC never examined that the rules distorted and have been putting the majority of all expenses into Local Service, even though it is only 21.6% of revenues in New York.
• No one knows that these rules are still in place, as shown in the Verizon NY Annual Report, even though they are supposedly been erased (“forborne”).
• We call this “Zombie Rules”, for like the Walking Dead, they still are working to harm the public.
• And no one knows that the FCC decided to extend this freeze in December 2018 for an additional 6 years.
• But no one knows that while the total revenues in New York are being accrued but are not used to upgrade and maintain the state utility wires; instead, the expenses are now mostly paid by local phone customers — due to these rules.

From the grass roots – exchange essential!

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You are so right! People are sleepwalking into a nightmare and there are some evil powers at play. But we have to wake them up and I am doing my best – as are you.

I will send you a 5G Handout next which might or might not be of use. Have had a cryptic answer back from R*****  that my phone number had one digit missing and then nothing. I hope he communicates more than that….

Best from Tanja 🙃


On Tue, Feb 5, 2019 at 5:52 PM bsnellgrove <> wrote:

This is a great test of character and you will lose some of your friends. Everyone’s soul is on the line and it is a daily battle to keep ourselves human never mind actively human.

If we are the first people to mention the topic we will be ridiculed, if we have the second person we will be scoffed at, if we are the third person people might think there is something to it, if we are the fourth, people may start to consider that it is worth investigating and fifth they might actually investigate but quite frankly this is very late in the day to realise that such types of events are happening.

If people suddenly saw everything that was wrong with the world I honestly believe they would commit suicide or just switch off and take to alcohol or some such.

The world is currently ruled by evil, where are the good guys you might ask? I fear things are going to get worse before they get better and that is why it is so important for us to retain an element of personal integrity.




Thank you very much!

I am fighting 5G as well, tooth and claw! What is your take on that in this country? Will we win the battle?

Hopes Tanja 😶

Important note from Waking Times 4 Feb 2019

We are by nature electric; but the man-made ‘synthetic’ variety, that apes nature’s version, is not helping us to live a full and healthy life, but is rather stultifying that condition. In fact Edison, Tesla et al. were not really doing the world a favour when they invented and put to use ‘synthetic electricity’ on this planet.

It is not that they didn’t mean well, no doubt they did, but the revolution that electric light first brought about, also took man a further step away from his origins as ‘a being of nature’.

In a medical hypothesis by Samuel Milham of Washington State Department of Health (2009) entitled, “Historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century epidemic of diseases of civilisation.” Milham reveals that once Thomas Edison began electrifying New York City in 1880, the onward march of electrification correlated with sharp rises in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, suicide and cancer.

Whereas on farms and countryside areas which lagged a long way behind urban areas in acquiring electrification, incidences of such disease were barely ever seen. It was not until the 1950’s that the majority of US farms got hooked-up onto electrical power.

Somehow this information which has been known about for decades, never got into the public domain. Milham states, “It seems unbelievable that mortality differences of this magnitude could go unexplained for over 70 years after they were first reported – and 40 years after they were first noticed.”

So, long before WiFi, cell phones, cordless phones and tablets hit the scene, thousands were already dying from sicknesses brought-on by living tight-up against electromagnetic currents. To be more precise, power frequency magnetic fields typically of 60 Hz output. Later on, the introduction of fluorescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, wireless routers and dimmer switches added significantly to the ‘dirty electricity’ already prevalent.

According to the author, in 1900 heart disease and cancer in the USA were 4th and 8th on the list of leading causes of death, and by 1940 heart disease had risen to 1st and cancer to 2nd place and have remained in that position ever since. The authors of a separate study of 1930 mortality statistics noted that the cancer rates for cities were 58.2% higher than those for rural areas, yet diets were very similar.

I am communicating this evidence in order to focus our minds on the background to the explosion of microwaved EMF ‘dirty electricity’ which first arrived on the scene around 30 years ago and which has grown exponentially ever since. To a point where some 2 billion people carry a mobile phone or similar device.

What all this appears to tell us is that ‘advanced’ technology and ‘un-advanced man’ present a very dangerous equation. Almost all forms of what are sometimes referred to as ‘sophisticated technologies’ have caused havoc in the hands of a population with an undeveloped appreciation of what such man-made energetic devices actually do – to man, to nature and to the biosphere.

People – well beyond the age of childhood – still love toys. And for the boys, mechanical toys in particular. A large number of adults, it seems, never develop the instinct that all animals have to be wary of something they know nothing about. So instead of taking a precautionary approach, millions rush to buy the latest device which, they are informed, will make their lives so much more pleasurable, so much easier and so much more comfortable. For which – if one is using one’s wits – one can substitute, “so much more complicated, so much more stressful and so much more dangerous”.

But when corporations are in charge of planetary life and ever larger profits are the be-all and end-all of existence, that other story is never available, except perhaps in the very small print. So much of mankind continues to walk into a trap, set by itself to imprison itself, while thinking it has found the new freedom. And this has never been more true than with the advent of the ‘smart phone’, ‘smart meter’, ‘smart watch’, ‘smart city’ –  ‘smart everything’.

Yes, everybody wants to be ‘smart’; after all, smart accessories are fun, fashionable and cool, right? But you must first sacrifice your intelligence in order to have ‘fun’ in this toxic playground. In this world, there’s little doubt that you have to be stupid to be smart.

The paradox is making itself felt everywhere. It took half a century and millions of deaths to get a ban on cigarettes. How long will it take to get the same end with EMF’s?

If Barrie Trower, a world leading expert on electro magnetic microwave frequencies, is to be heeded – and there is very good reason to believe he should be – within less than a decade, a world-wide ban of WiFi and all transmissions of EMF’s must be in place. If not, Barrie Trower warns that within 3 generations only 1 in 8 children will be born healthy; and within 5 generations animals and insects will be wiped out.

Today, just 27 minutes of a day of cell phone exposure leads to a 40% chance of developing cancer. Children pick-up 60% more radiation than adults, and because the blood-brain barrier only hardens after 20 years, the brain of children is highly susceptible.

The effect of 2 minutes on a cell phone lasts for 2 hours. The neurological disturbances involved mean it can take 6 weeks for brain patterns to return to normal for people using cell phones regularly. There are 64 peer-reviewed papers linking cell phone use to cancer, and Russian research has revealed high rates of miscarriages and still-born babies resulting from mothers who use cell phones during pregnancy.

WiFi is a weapon of war. It should never have been invented, let alone used, even for military purposes. It is now almost impossible to go anywhere where it is not active. The frequencies to be used in the present 5G roll-out involve a further drastic raising of the transmission levels already described above. 5G uses a frequency almost identical to that used by the US military police for intensive crowd control.

Arthur Firstenberg, author and administrator of the International Appeal ‘Stop 5G on Earth and in Space’ states:

“Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution – forms a literature of well over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies.”

He continues:

“If the telecommunications industry’s plans for 5G come to fruition, no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens of hundreds of times greater than what exists today, without ant possibility of escape anywhere on the planet.”

A number of professors from Jageillonian University Medical College in Krakow, Poland and the Janus Maxwell Institute for Electromagnetics Research, Krakow, co-writing a paper under the title ‘Electromagnetic Field Induced Biological Effects in Humans’ state:

“The intensity of electromagnetic radiation in the human environment is increasing and currently reaches astronomical levels that have never before been experienced on our planet. In today’s maximum exposure, standard EMF’s are 10 ‘to the power of 15’ and 10 ‘to the power of 18’ times higher than the natural Earth electromagnetic field.. The current phase of environmental degradation by artificial microwave frequency electromagnetic fields have become dangerous for biological life. The most influential process of EMF impact on living organisms, is its direct tissue penetration.”

As our planet – and indeed all planetary life, including humans – reel under the attack of institutionalised toxic pollutants that are considered ‘essential’ for ‘economic growth and expansion’ we have cause to reflect on the nature of our disposition for self-destruction.

It is a salutary exercise which I believe everybody, who still has the capacity to function humanly, needs to meditate on from time to time. Then one can assess how many features of this disease each of us contributes to in our daily lives. Then, providing one is capable of taking rational actions, one can start the process of detoxifying and regaining a level of internal balance through establishing and maintaining a direct connection with natural background resonance – The Schuman Resonance of 8.73 Hertz.

For it is here that we find balance, peace of mind and natural wisdom. It is the electricity of truth. Whereas the synthetic electricity which we have lived amongst for the past century, turns out to be a poor copy of this truth; a force essentially alien to our natural biology.

What one does with this information is up to each individual. But, if by the grace of God and sheer human guts, we manage to save this planet and ourselves from the suicidal addictions that obsess us, then let us build a new society without the interference of that which fails to resonate with our deepest nature. For, not doing so, simply fast forwards oncoming death. Whereas to nurture our true rhythmic relationship with the pulses and resonances of nature and of love, has the potential to make actual – the gift of eternal life.

About the Author

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer, actor and international activist.

Julian Rose is an international activist who, in 1987 and 1998, led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi. He is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life and is a long time exponent of yoga/meditation. See Julian’s web site for more information and to purchase his books

Gateshead Council – New Attempt to Jail Mark Steele Over 5g Claims

20k satellites to be launched soon

20,000 5G satellites to be launched sending DANGEROUS BEAMS of intense microwave radiation ACROSS THE WORLD
We have 16 weeks to stop Musk’s launch of 4,425 5G satellites.  EVERYONE needs to be concentrating on this issue now.  This MUST be your priority.  Don’t keep telling me you are too busy – THERE WILL BE NO NO FUTURE if these satellites are not stopped.
  1. It would be nice if this site (which I like a lot and follow) will in their articles site the source of information such as this. It is awful hard to combat the trolls and skeptics without a credible source.

    • They are always put into brackets at the end of the article! Thank you! [Health Impact News, CellPhone Task Force, CellPhone Task Force 1, CellPhone Task Force 2, CellPhone Task Force 3, SpaceFlight, Popular Mechanics, CellPhone Task Force 4]

  2. We will definitely need to know how to counter the impact of this because it is hard to fight against the onslaught of hundreds of billions in profits – there simply are not enough people who are awake.

  3. Explain to me just how it is that short wave, 5G LTE aka Y-GIG, as in millimeter wave length, short band cycles where the 5G LTE ( Long Term Effect) maximum distance is 300 linear feet? Y-GIG. Wow! In a Satellite? Please. Micro waves travel at right angles to the horizon with a power amped up Magna-Tron. Do the math and tell me what Power magnification is required to get that beam from a so called Satellite in Space, down to Earth? Pure silliness. Published DOD articles are there for those whom desire more knowledge on the matter.

    This is a disingenuous story, designed to misinform and create undue fear.. The 5G system is land based, a pulsed beam forming system rides on the backbone of their fiber optics, and has already been installed through out hundreds of communities in the former U.S. of A. The cabling of fiber optics has been going on since Obummer was POTUS. Federal Grants, wheelbarrows full of cash-ola was awarded to AT&T, Verizon, Frontier, COX, Comcast and Sprint. Federal Goobermint Tax Dollars have already paid for it. Too late to stop it.

    Micro cell Towers with ranges of 300 ft, they are already installed in street lights. They place the mini Magna-Tron in the head of the light fixture. Loops in the cable system are above mail boxes. Holding a cell phone, whilst in the 300 ft range, locks onto your face with Beam Forming Technology. Once locked on, the viewer will receive up to 9 times power level as a jolt wave, blasted right through the ocular nerve while staring at the black screen on the SMART Phone.. Over time it will destroy the nerve endings and early stages of blindness will set in. Look up next time you check your mail for the Loop on the Cable Optic Backbone. Look further down the Line and you will see Thick Black Cylindrical Junction Nodes are marked with Orange Numbers. That is 5GLTE. Y-GIG. But please leave the cell phone at home or on the car seat when checking your mailbox.

    Oh, yes, one more thing please, SMART is the acronym for “Surveying Mass Area Recurring Technology” Having any fun yet? I keep telling people DENIAL is not a river in Egypt. Live a long life, dump your SMART phone.

  4. THE USA will still exist in two years,but there won’t be anyone launching anything into space,THE RUSSIANS and CHINESE MILITARIES will be busy killing Idiots…..IN AMERICA…

  5. I could corner the market making wearable Faraday cages! This is scary stuff. I’ve made a Faraday cage/container for devices etc. but how can you protect your body? Your family? Your pets? I don’t like this one bit. Considering wifi and microwave radiation aggravate my psoriasis, this will probably do me in. And so much for moving to an island. What a mess.

  6. Lies. I posted the truth yesterday on this garbage web site and you and our your staff deleted it. You are the Father of Lies. Go read John Chapter 8 verse 44. HE is speaking of YOU and or your staff. Nothing new under the sun. Reprobate Fool you are….LMAO

  7. We are doomed because Americans never collaborate on anything except making money which equates to competition and not even healthy competition. While we are fighting and competing with each other over who is smartest or has the biggest penis or fastest car or biggest house or whatever the elite are slaughtering us. They used to kill us softly but now they are not even really hiding it anymore. Divide and conquer works. That’s why the elite keep using it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We’re the ones who are broke that need to be fixed. We can hate each other later. Right now there is a common enemy of mankind and humanity and they need to be destroyed. Politics won’t work. The entire system is 100% corruption. Everyone is on the take trying to secure their own future and damn everyone else including the women and children. We behave like animals so the elite treat us like animals because they are animals themselves. Love of money is the root of all evil……at least on this planet. If we don’t stop it we’re doomed. Money does not make the man. Man just makes the money.

  8. Besides Israel’s 5G kill grid enslavement technology IOT (Internet of Things) they designed …now they’re also @ front and center of developing Artificial Intelligence that virtually seals humanity’s fate of total enslavement. Not to mention their AI technology will enable social score targeting of political dissidents who are considered threats going against the government narratives by placing our faces @ the scene of crimes in which we did not commit. Or better yet they can manipulate damning evidence against one of their own tribesmen to reverse any criminal charges.,news-28869.html

    Israel’s artificial intelligence with Elon Musk’s SpaceX high speed Internet satellites delivered from space around the globe will be disastrous for humanity Here’s the connections between Israel and SpaceX Then add in the smart dust we are all inhaling into our bodies so they can track / monitor / control / implant thoughts into our brains. Key point to note this work was supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the Department of Defense

    Israel is also @ forefront of bringing humanity FRANKENSTEIN food laboratory grown meat and chicken. Just like Jooish Zionism controls Big Pharma and vaccine death industries, this is another typical DECEPTIVE JWO sneaky psy-ops guise work around to covertly usher in their UN Agenda 21/2030 human depopulation control agenda over all humanity. Who knows what else they will be implanting and growing into their lab foods to hasten our detriment and demise. They could easily place mind controlling nanoparticles and the unsuspecting sheeple would be clueless.