If I’ve understood this article correctly, it says that you will have to be 13 times further away from 5G than 4G to have the same level of exposure.  And Motorola has fitted its phones with a function that shuts off the signal when they detect human skin in close proximity.  This then permits Motorola to provide no test results for those close-proximity exposures on the assumption that they could never happen!
This is a masterpiece of confusionism from the Motorola manual: “this beam-avoidance mechanism is not a fully deterministic guarantee of avoiding user exposure”.  When you want to confuse, use the longest words with the most syllables.  Translated, this means that users are likely to be dangerously exposed to millimeter waves, but Motorola’s claim that the device switches off when the user comes too close gives them a nice get-out clause and presumably a clear conscience.  One does wonder, though, how it will be possible to use a phone that you have to keep a safe distance from.
The owner of two microwave ovens, who stated that he needed two so that he could heat his meal and his coffee at the same time, once asked me why i didn’t own one.  I told him I didn’t want to have to take cover while cooking my dinner.
Excerpt from the Motorola manual:
Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 01.13.53.png
This puts me in mind of the Fukushima Tepco invention of a new term of “cold shutdown condition” to apply to nuclear cores that had melted through their containment vessel, which could no longer hold water so the cores could no longer be cooled. They could then trick everyone into believing that the nuclear reactors were under control.  Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!
The miracle is that anyone falls for such ruses!  Must be mesmerised by staring into stupidphone screens, I suppose.