5G Wireless Radiation Dangers: A Personal Rant and Important Considerations

A personal view about our WiFi world ()20 mins
This man sells protective products for those who are sensitive to wireless technology.  Speaks to people all the time about what they are going through and clearly cares very much about the way the world is going.  He makes some reflections on living with EMFs and 5G – how people suffering symptoms of exposure (electro-hypersensitivity) are not understood by family members or by doctors. It’s a time of divisions between people, especially within the family.  Husbands telling wives or wives telling husbands that they are imagining symptoms.  The time for living in apartments is over – people need to start coming together and setting up intentional communities in remote areas.  Need EHS refugee zones.
The feminine – what is natural – has been taken over by masculine-oriented technology – mental, intellectual technology taking over the planet.  A transhumanist agenda.   Not a single protection device will protect you and your blood-brain barrier will not be protected by orgonite, shungite, stickers, etc. – some assistance but they will not make your cell phone or environment safe.  They may help a little bit, but your phone is not going to become safe.  The truest form of EMF protection is through reduction and elimination of your wireless exposure – may mean moving out of apartments or selling your house.
If you have symptoms from wireless, you are not crazy – you need to find a safer situation to live in.  Cities are not going to be healthy environments for human beings.  Cities are being created for another species of humans – those moving into the artificial realm – speed, AI, saturation of WiFi, people who want to sit in driverless cars with their coffee and their computer, whizzing to work at high speed.