The White House 5G Summit on 28 Sept 2018 – watch out Americans

The White House 5G Summit on 28 Sept 2018 – watch out Americans

From Facebook:   While you were all obsessing over the #Kavenaguhhearing… The White House held a 5G Summit which involved one after another official from the Trump Administration praising the glory of the 5G and promising to win the race to 5G by removing all barriers impeding private-sector from installing 5G infrastructure which will look like inconspicuous backpack size from transmission towers Mounted on every utility pole in America.

Earlier this year the “Ray Baum Act” was passed to speed up the 5G rollout. And Ray Baum himself (ray-bomb?) , already died of prostate cancer in February this year. The speakers made it Crystal Clear that under this Administration we have every intention to deploy 5G and reap the benefits of faster more robotic Wireless! This should scare you This should scare you about your family and their future health!!!–and how you can protect their health from additional EMFs?

Many Americans don’t understand 5G technology and it is your responsibility to find out how damaging this is to every one regarding our health. YouTube is also saying no to 5G. The health risks are clear. We know multiple people close to us with cancer and the new norm will be ‘how many cancers (plural) do you have?  The cancer rates will skyrocket. Please do your research please write to Congress do everything that you can to stop this from happening you will get sick.


Does anybody really expect this corrupt US government to really listen to people bringing up the valid health risks and do the right things? Both parties are corrupt. Please show me how contacting anybody in government is anything but a waste of time. Time that could be better spent preparing and protecting those you love.

We don’t have the numbers required to get our sellout politicians to do anything but support this. This is coming soon or it is already here. There is very little chance of stopping it or slowing it down. Please prepare and be safe.


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