A USA technical blogger talks about 5G phones

First lets talk about how, when and where 5G will emerge, starting with the phones.

Here come the 5G phones

Motorola’s Moto Z3 is the only phone currently available that can be
upgraded to 5G. That would require a 5G Moto Mod
<https://www.motorola.com/us/products/moto-mods/moto-5g> add-on, which more
than doubles the thickness of the phone. Still, it?s technically true that
the first phone that can support 5G is already on the market.

Xiaomi may introduce its 5G-capable Mi Mix 3 smartphone next month.

Oppo’s 5G-supporting OnePlus 7 is expected to come out in January.

Sprint and LG are partnering on a 5G phone that works exclusively with the
Sprint network. The phone is expected in the first half of next year.

Huawei is expected to introduce foldable 5G smartphones by summer.

While Apple hasn’t announced anything in the 5G department, companies such
as Mobile Viewpoint are working on iPhone-supporting add-ons that give 5G
compatibility to existing iPhones (and Android phones).

Most or all high-end smartphones should support 5G by 2022. Most smartphone
users in the industrialized world will probably have 5G phones by 2025.

Very soon we?ll have 5G-enabled phones. That means we?ll have 5G, right?
A towering problem

Sci-fi author William Gibson?s observation that the ?future is already here
? it’s just not very evenly distributed? rings especially true for 5G.

The Los Angeles Convention Center, which is owned by the City of Los
Angeles, is the first venue in the U.S. to install a permanent 5G wireless
network, which it did earlier this month.

The U.K. carrier EE is already testing 5G in London. It expects to roll out
5G coverage in the city next year or the year after.

T-Mobile promises to launch in 30 U.S. cities next year, and Sprint in six

China and South Korea are expecting to roll out 5G next year as well.

Unfortunately, these rollouts sound better than they actually are. When
carriers promise rollouts in cities, it’s easy to imagine citywide
coverage. But that’s not how 5G works.
How 5G works

Importantly, 5G isn?t one technology, but a complex collection of
technologies, many of which have not been sorted out by the standards

In general, however, it’s helpful to oversimplify the explanation about how
5G works. So here goes.

The technologies behind 5G enable the use of very high frequencies. The
higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. Shorter wavelengths
enable faster speeds and lower latency.

But there?s the catch: With shorter wavelengths, the distance between the
device and the ‘tower’ has to be much shorter, and the signal has a harder
time penetrating through materials such as walls and trees. To get around
those obstacles, companies need to deploy vastly more towers than existing
technologies do. And companies such as Verizon are using beamforming to
direct signals around objects and toward devices.

In order to have reasonable coverage, providers have got to build 5G
antennas and towers all over the place, and very close to users. It?s
time-consuming and expensive to place these devices everywhere, so the
rollout will be slow and uneven.

When companies such as Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon say they?re going to
roll out 5G in a city, what they mean is that 5G will be available in some
limited pockets in that city.

Because 5G connections suck more power, the chips that power 5G will be
designed to favor 4G and kick into 5G mode only when the application
demands high bandwidth.

Because of the need to save battery, because of limited distribution of
antennas and towers and because of interference issues, our 5G-enabled
smartphones will face huge barriers to actually making 5G connections.

Let me be very clear: Five years from now your smartphone will be using 4G
almost all the time, even when you’ve got a 5G phone in a 5G city.

Reliable 5G networks will be few and far between, and won?t often be
available while you?re out and about. The consistent, fast and reliable 5G
nirvana everybody talks about will be available in some offices,
entertainment venues and other locations, but not generally.

The wireless carriers hope 5G will enable them to compete with or replace
ISPs, cable companies, and satellite internet and TV companies. So that?s
nice. But it will probably be more than 15 years before 5G replaces 4G for
most users most of the time.

5G won?t be reliable enough anytime soon for companies such as Apple and
Samsung to remove the supercomputer-like processing power from smartphones
and move everything to the cloud. I?m afraid that $1,000-plus smartphones
are here to stay.

And because of the way 5G works, rollouts will soon face another huge
The coming health scare around 5G

A coalition of 52 grassroots organizations called Americans for Responsible
Technology <https://www.americansforresponsibletech.org/> this week called
on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to slow 5G infrastructure
deployments until we can figure out the health effects.

The organizations refer to ?emerging science linking exposure to RF
microwave radiation with serious biological harm.?

Cities, including Mill Valley, Calif., are already passing laws to stop 5G

We’ve been through this before, right? The question of whether smartphone
antennas and even Wi-Fi are harmful to human health has been debated for

But 5G is different. The technology comes with a requirement that towers be
far greater in number and far closer to users. Some residents in North
Potomac say more than 60 5G wireless towers have been installed less than
30 feet from their front doors

It?s possible that definitive, widely accepted proof may emerge that
clearly shows a health risk from 5G wireless equipment. It?s likely that
debate over the health effects will continue.

But it?s not even remotely conceivable that everybody will agree that 5G is

The only questions are: How widespread will opposition to 5G become, and
how effective will that opposition be in delaying deployments?

I think it’s entirely possible that anti-5G political action will massively
slow widespread deployments and make them come years or even decades later
than today?s optimists predict.

So if you take anything away from this column, take this: Rosy scenarios
about how awesome the world of 5G will be in a few years are simply not

For the next decade at least, actual 5G connectivity will be very rare

Mike Elgan is a technology-obsessed journalist, author, blogger, podcaster
and digital nomad. Learn more at his website: elgan.com.

More experiences with smart meters (and water ones)

Hi all ,this is my first post here (FB) . My Sister Ally *****  introduced me. This is my experience and will try to keep it brief.

For about 2 yrs i’ve been saying to Ally that within 20 mins of entering my house I feel depressed and ill and thought maybe allergic to my parrot. Symptoms are many and all on the lists posted. I have been to various consultants with ear pain etc etc etc. I must mention that I too have had extensive cancer treatment (chemo surgery radiotherapy). All symptoms are real and well before I became aware of this group. I’m in yr 2 of smart meters for both gas and electricity. I have always loved this house and have no reason to feel depressed or ill when coming home from being away. Tried air purifiers etc. There is no other explanation other than the meters.

I also recently had a water meter installed which can be read remotely. Phoned British gas on Tuesday expecting a fight to get them removed. First agent said we wouldn’t usually take them out once in. I explained my medical conditions and was put through to someone else whos gave me the ” this is the new way to go etc etc. Said we have government reports saying they are safe etc etc. I said yes maybe but they tell us what suits and I want them out . Third agent said I’ve not had requests from anyone else to take them out.

To cut it short i finally spoke to agent 2 again and I asked him who I address my legal paperwork to at British Gas. Within 5 minutes agent 3 returned and said the earliest I can arrange removal is 3 weeks but I will try to get an earlier appointment , also said he had a few requests recently like mine. I asked if I would have a regular meter and not pre-pay or smart , his reply astonished me when he said ” we can re commision your old analogue meters” Why are they keeping them after 2 years and why if there are no health risks were they so keen to get me an immediate appointment for removal without written notice or any kind of fight.

I will update you with any further news and post once they are removed. I am going to call the water company today to demand a simple water meter without the radio part. If you are thinking it will be a fight with British gas then give it a go it might be easier than you think .

An appeal to the world’s governments from a concerned citizen

An example of how to write a letter or perhaps not write a letter. You be the judge.

Sept 27 2018

Dear Mr Corbyn (leader of the opposition Labour party in UK) ,

The purpose of this letter is to share knowledge and spread awareness of harm to children from Microwave Radiation. Below is a letter your office has not responded to. The letter points to an amazing failure of our supposed democracy and that, in effect, all estates and every component in our policy has been subverted, paralyzed and reduced to coma – and that the nation has been taken over by MATERIAL INTERESTS prepared to sacrifice babies, toddlers, children, sensitive people and even the ovaries of women for money. The fact of your failure to respond indicates that the Labour Party is dead as a servant of the People – and that were you to be elected, it would signify nothing in the way of beneficial change. If there are any conscientious people left within your habitation – could I appeal to you to study the letter and seek to speak up in support of it so that momentum begins to help save the babies and the ladies ovaries. Could I draw everybody’s attention to the Appeal of international scientists –
which includes a comprehensive statement of the issues. Could Mr Corbyn seek a response to the Statement from the Prime Minister?


questions to P H E

Why have PHE/HPA and the Government rejected application of THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE in facilitating the importation of RF/MW Radiation into public living spaces – and particularly into the living space of children? Dr Stewart recommended a complete overhaul of the regulatory system in order to tighten control over the industry – he sought the cancellation of all licenses and reconstitution on a much more stringent basis. This was because of conceivable health hazards, especially affecting children. God help us – now we are facing murderous inundations of 5G frequencies without any restriction and Labour Councils are the most determined to assault their women and babies.

Why has there been no public education campaign to explain the possible health risks to parents and children? Dr Stewart paid an admirable respect to the right of the public and local authorities to participate on the basis of informed consent. Why has the Government imposed radiation exposure on the whole population without their consent or omitted to inform meaningfully in order to make possible valid consent?

Why Health Authorities and the public have effectively no say in the siting of mobile phone base stations? Why do parents have no say in the provision of WLANs in schools?

Why no ombudsman has been appointed to balance public health interests with the commercial drives of the telecommunication companies?

Why no restrictions have been placed on the industry’s freedom to alter infrastructure or requirement placed to advise the public of increased power densities in the electromagnetic fields generated or changed low frequency modulation – both of which could easily have effects on environmental security.

In short – why has the principle of laissez-faire been allowed and precaution in the interests of children completely abandoned?

Why in the interests of increasing knowledge and gaining assurance that there is no threat to children or women through their greater permeability and vulnerability to microwaves, is no account being taken of all available evidence – evidence from other countries, non-peer review research and anecdotal evidence?

Given Dr Stewart’s concerns about the safety of mobile phones for children and Ministry of Health advice that children should be discouraged from using them for other than emergency occasion, why is this not being communicated to the public through advertisement campaigns? Why are GPs not being active in conveying the advice to patients? Why are schools not educating their pupils about the possible danger or the need to use mobile phones and other Radio frequency devices/toys in the safest manner in accordance with industry recommendation?

In the light of industry recommendations why are the conceivable health risks not being emphasized on packaging and in retail outlets? Why are the SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE values not specified on packaging and in stores?

Why are parents, carers and loved ones providing children with Radio frequency equipment which has never been market tested for safety in complete ignorance of any health risks? Why are mobile phones, tablets, readers etc. – given conceivable carcinogenic/neurodegenerative/genotoxic dangers – not being sold with a health warning? Why is there no advertising ban where children are directly or indirectly being targeted as consumers?

Why was original advice to schools to prefer wired connections to Wi-Fi over ridden by OFSTED which through its scoring system has been encouraging the opposite end?

Why are laptop computers being used at all in schools when the electromagnetic fields communicated to children just from touching the keys are 10-20 times in excess of safe absorption? From my understanding any saturation beyond 2-3 milli gauss causes stress to the human bio field resulting in weakening of the immune system. Unfortunately lap tops generate e m fields to the value sometimes of 50milligauss. Why are these machines not being sold with prominent health warnings?

Why is P H E not assessing the plethora of evidence from numerous sources that radio Frequency/Micro Wave radiation exposure could be having drastic impacts on the ovaries of women, on embryos and foetuses, on babies and infants, on children and teenagers – especially females – and on other vulnerable sections of the population: the electro sensitive and people with chronic conditions?

Given the escalating problem of autism spectrum disorders, increase in asthmatic conditions, large scale blood pressure abnormalities in females, large scale incidence of heart beat irregularities, alarming reduction in reproductive vitality, and of proliferating incidence of Alzheimer’s, other dementias and premature detriment – why is there no apparent urgency within P H E or the Ministry of Health to review the allowance of continuing exponential increases in electro smog – wireless lighting networks, the Police TETRA system, smart metering of water, electric and gas supply etc. Could you explain who is monitoring conceivable health impacts from RF/MW radiation exposure?

Could you provide me with PHE ‘s assessment of the THE GLASER CATALOGUE? This is an official American Government publication detailing some 5,000 research reports/references/notices or observations concerned with non-thermal bio effects from exposure to microwave/pulsed radio frequency radiation. In the 1972 publication of files, Dr Glaser notes in his abstract – “ Particular attention has been paid to the effects on man of non-ionizing radiation at microwave frequencies”. Could you explain the rationale behind Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education advice that there is no evidence of health detriments from RF/MW radiation exposure at non-ionizing levels when the Glaser Catalogue lists thousands?

Is it possible that the Government has failed to regulate the industry and protect public health and consequently exposed a whole generation of children to possible neurological and genetic infringement – because of the money? That the Government is guilty of treason in facilitating a genocidal holocaust because of avarice and or other reasons unknown?

International Appeal to the world’s governments by scientists, doctors and environmental organizations to stop 5G implementation on earth and in space

Report on a grass roots EMF meeting in Mousehole UK

Brief report on Mousehole meeting (20 Sept 2018)

The weather seemed to conspire against us. It was blowing a hoolie, and the rain was torrential. Flash flooding before I’d even left home. However, I got there, soaked through, first one to arrive. Jane and Jason turned up. About 40 people there.

The man giving the talk was very interesting and, I felt, very plausible. He had been researching the problems of wifi and it’s effects on humans and wildlife for decades. Had over 20,000 pieces of research. He said that some individuals had made great inroads into proving issues, and had tried to ‘go public’ and had their research destroyed and equipment smashed.

It was a bit hard to hear, the acoustics were not good, well not for me. It was not always easy to follow, again, not for me. I felt that the main problems were: that he was trying to get across a lot of information in 2 hours. I felt that he had a difficult job as he would have been unaware of the amount of knowledge of his potential audience. He picked some areas that I could understand and others I could not so easily get the gist of. And each of the areas could have been talked about for hours.

He was open to questions – so I was able to ask a few. However, he received some severe heckling from one man who was basically calling him a charlatan and said he was upsetting people for no good reason, and where was his proof? It was an unjustified attack, in my mind. I think part of the problem, was that the guy was trying to get information over, but did say, more than once, that there were some things he could not talk about – these apparently related to keeping the confidentiality of individuals who had taken part in his research. I understood that, because you do have to be very, very, careful that you do not disclose anything that might enable someone to be recognized.

Apart from this one man heckle, all other people were positive. Jane and I were the only Electrosensitives present so we could contribute quite a lot. He had asked everyone to turn off their phones, but there was a lot of electrical equipment there. Jane and I compared readings in the building and they were orange/red. Jason had to go and stand outside as he said it was too much for him. The big confirmation for me – was that the Government and Industry are ‘in this together,’ and will fight to the bitter end to not accept that wifi is in anyway dangerous to living things, even if it means destroying research, equipment and reputations.

He did say that he knew of individuals having been killed because they would not stop trying to prove the dangers. One man in the audience had contacts with Harvard in the USA, and said that Harvard were totally against wifi.

I do apologize this is not very well put together at all. There was just so much to take in, and as I said, the acoustics were not good. By the way I did ask about the gov’s legal position to provide a White zone in the UK. Apparently, they don’t have to do anything. Sweden provided one, but still maintained there was no such thing as electrosensitivity. The other rather worrying thing is the length of time it takes to recover from wifi damage. In my case, at my age, there is not enough time, but I did try to put across in one of my questions to him that even if people felt no ill effects, they were still being affected negatively by wifi. I think that may have caused a slight worry.

Well the heckle man did glare at me.

FB UK electrosensitives group

A response from another group member:

Good for you. However what l cannot understand is, why do people go to these things to heckle? I suppose they have their point of view but people want answers not twits with opinions. 

Many braved the weather to hear what they thought was important and might be of help and l am sad to see that there are many who do not believe the problem actually exists. 

The thing is l have taken note of things from this page, l don’t care if people think l am crazy, not any more and now turn off my ipod at bedtime. Might seem a small thing but together with my treatment from my homeopath l am beginning to sleep a little better. Coincidence some might say but l don’t think so. 

So, thank you everyone, firstly for pointing out about tick bites and what l already had learned from the page on sensitivity. l hope things will change for the better, a fight will ensue l know, much as it has with fracking. Somehow dare l say ‘ordinary people’ slip below the line of view and get ignored by those who think they know it all, usually big money, companies and government.

About the heckler

People did try to shut him up, Jane of this group and others. In the end I did the only thing I could think of, I asked a question that related to 5G and took us in a slightly different direction, and also (and I think it worked) got the rest of the room thinking about the issues. Years and years ago, I had to do a bit of public speaking on Mental Health issues. I got heckled and was advised by a very nice man how to cope with it. However, no matter how well you do cope, it is unnerving and I could see that it was affecting Mr. Webb the speaker. I cannot remember whether his name is Brian or David. Sorry

the reporter thought of something else

Ah, another thing. Mr. Webb said that he and some colleagues had applied for, and received, funding to study the effects of wifi on bees. He wrote personally to 50 bee keepers who belonged to the bee keepers association (or something similar). Only one person wrote back. He said he didn’t think there were any problems at all and it was all a fuss about nothing. Bees are in decline and Bumbles are on the endangered species list. If the bee keepers are not aware of it, then we are going to be in serious trouble in the future.

someone else commenting on the meeting:

I’m the ‘Jane’ that was at the meeting and a bit rubbish at checking in with fakebook but here goes. I was very surprised that this meeting even happened but delighted that it did. Small starts with a growing groundswell are how all change comes about. The speaker David Webb, was very knowledgeable and he covered a lot of topics but the time-slot was too brief to do it justice. Five years of my own research was very much in line with his professional and scientific thinking.

By the way, the heckler was astonishing and incredibly rude but not a ‘plant’. Apparently he is local and constantly angry. Maybe he has been affected by wifi/phone masts himself. Cognitive dissonance for sure. Have you noticed how many people are very willing to challenge you when they have previously given zero thought to this subject but suddenly they are an expert. My greatest frustration has been years of tests (with very concrete evidence of the effect on my brain, hemorrhages, deafness, tinnitus etc ) by various neurologists, only to be met, time and time again, by shrugged shoulders and indifference. I was hoping to find a research centre or at least a neurologist who is interested in the effects on electrosensitive people. If somebody can point me in that direction, within this country if possible, do please let me know.

My home has now had all the usual modifications to minimise the effect of the mobile phone mast that is 200m from it (I can’t move house yet) but sometimes I can’t bear the thought of waking every day of my life with the most intense pain in my head. I learnt that a man in my village took his own life recently. He woke in the same way as this each day. For sure there are many more out there.

to which someone replies:

 Brilliantly put, Jane. As you say starting small with hard work and attention and more meetings like this, word will spread and change will follow. So pleased that we met at the meeting, sitting side by side for quite a while until we realized who each other was.

Response from someone else in the village

I had a call from a lady in a nearby village who pleaded me to come and try and find out what had happened to her health. She told me that she was severely electrosensitive and had Health experts to check her house – they took the roof off and replaced it , according to the couple – (not quite sure what that meant) and she had to live in a caravan further down the road. 
After only some 60 yards from her house the symptoms eased. They were also in the process of buying another house to get away from the noise. I walked into the living room with my Acoustimeter which started howling at 6.0 V/m and straight to the corner where I could see the Wifi.
I asked them to switch it off and there was dead silence. I have never seen anyone so utterly flabbergasted.!
Using my divining rods I also found a black spiral at the heads of both in their bed, presumably caused by the effects of the EMF’s.
These spirals attract other unhealthy energies when we are asleep, but can be negated by grounding blankets.
I am still wondering how long it will take the lady to recover – has any reader any idea how long it will ?

Phone call from an ignoramus sales person about a smart meter

I had a phone call yesterday, via my mobile phone. I have opted out of all sales channels, so how they got my number I do not know. Call went like this:

ME: “Who is this?”
THEM: Something garbled then “We are calling to offer you a free smart meter”
ME: “I’ve recently had my smart meters removed”.
THEM: Total astonishment: “You have had the meters removed!! Why?”
ME: “Because they are dangerous and give out high amounts of radiation.”
THEM: Starts to give me a spiel about how safe they are
ME: Me interrupting. “You are about to tell me that they give out no more radiation than a mobile phone, right?”
THEM: “I’m sorry, What?”
ME: Realising it is pointless. “Never mind. Good bye.” Cuts them off.

The problem is that they are using people who have no idea what they are talking about. Also, they will be on a bonus system and so will follow the script given them, religiously. I suspect they have a list of answers for those who question the function of these meters. There can be no deviation from that script.

FB user, UK

FCC overreach – USA – action required

To Fellow EMF Activists, 

We are deeply appreciative of all the hard work, time, and even personal resources, that others are investing in the effort to stop or curtail the deployment of microwave emitting cell antennas outside of homes. To complement the work others are doing, we are raising funds and hiring a DC lobbyist to better guide us through the dark and somewhat convoluted corridors of Congress. 

What we’re up against: 
As written, S 3157 would allow Telecom companies to place a dense network of high-intensity 4G and 5G microwave radiating cellular antennas in front of homes, across America. S 3157 and the premature implementation of S 3157 by the FCC, would severely reduce local revenues, shorten review times for applications and curtail local control over siting of cell towers.
S 3157 has bi-partisan support and currently faces little opposition. It could slip through the Senate via unanimous consent, appear in the House briefly and get attached to a spending bill — without any debate or roll-call votes specific to S 3157. This would wipe out nearly all the protective ordinances already passed by forward-looking cities.
On September 26, 2018, the FCC is scheduled to vote through its Wireless Infrastructure Order (dockets 17-79 and 17-84). This order attempts to preempt local control of the public rights-of-way. Wireless companies could then more easily install — in front homes — cell towers that would irradiate those nearby with intense, pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR)  — 24/7. See post | photo | video.
On a slightly more positive note: 
The National League of Cities expressed to us in a recent call (set up by our lobbyist) that there is strong opposition to WT Dockets 17-79 and 17-84. The U.S. Conference of Mayors also strongly opposes these proposals and calls on the Commission to change them, stating that “absent such changes, the Conference and its members will seek relief in federal court to overturn this unprecedented overreach by the FCC.” The FCC regulations will become finalized 30 days after being printed in the Federal Register and then will likely land in court.
To preserve the local protections that activists have already achieved in CA and elsewhere, we have launched Our Town, Our Choice, a Neighborhood Broadband Survival Guide at http://ourtownourchoice.org which has a link to DonorBox. We hope to raise $30,000 to pay the lobbyist we have already chosen ($5,000 monthly for six months).  We would be most appreciative if you would share the following links far and wide, and if possible, make a donation as well.

Our Washington, DC Lobbyist’s stated goals:
  1. To defeat or significantly amend S 3157 – The STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act and similar Federal legislation from October 2018 through March 2019.

  2. To ensure that S 3157 does not follow the same legislative path as S 19, The MOBILE NOW Act. At the last minute, S 19 and nine other Telecom-friendly bills were tacked onto HR 1625, The Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was a huge collection of unrelated bills voted through without sufficient time for consideration. (See details here).

  3. To assemble and coordinate a coalition of stakeholders that oppose S 3157 and to use that coalition as an effective advocacy force against S 3157 and similar Federal legislation.

  4. To establish, maintain and nurture a network of public policy contacts with relevant stakeholders, legislators and regulators to position Broadband – Our Town, Our Choice as a thought and policy leader with respect to siting of personal wireless service facilities.
Many thanks,

The use of radar within cars (long technical article)

From: Dr. Ronald N. Kostoff, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia.
His research works here

To: EMF Health Effects Distribution

Subj: Automotive Radar


Non-ionizing radiation has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and is expanding rapidly.  One of the least appreciated sources/environments is the cabin of modern-day vehicles.  There are myriad non-ionizing radiation sources originating within the cabin and entering the cabin, and probably the least recognized is automotive radar.  The following discussion addresses only a few aspects of this potentially toxic stimulus.


I’m in the process of looking for a replacement car.  One of the criteria is minimum exposure to RFR and ELF-EMF.  I’ve made some measurements in the cabin of candidate vehicles at power frequencies and cell phone/WiFi RFR frequencies.  Given the commonality of Bluetooth and other RFR sources even in base low-tech models, I have found that RFR readings in the cabin are non-negligible.  Additionally, some ELF measurements I’ve made in one hybrid showed magnetic fields can be high near the driver’s head and even lower body.  I’ve read about other hybrid ELF measurements where highest readings occur at other seating positions, and, over the past decade, have read about non-hybrid (gasoline-only) vehicles where high ELF readings have been recorded.


However, there is another wireless radiation problem that seems to be relatively overlooked.  Many new cars routinely include a suite of ‘safety’ sensors even in the lowest-tech base model.  Many of these sensing devices emit radar.  I don’t know how much of the radar radiation feeds back into the cabin from the sensors installed today. Hopefully none, but that may depend on the beam spread characteristics.

However, the outward radar beams travel for substantial distances, and can impinge on other cars and pedestrians.  While the metal surrounding the target car should be able to block the impinging radar, the glass will be transparent to many radar frequencies.  I don’t know about penetration/absorption in non-metal composite car structures.

The radar radiation adverse effects problem could be serious.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything on the Web (other than hand-waving) that shows quantitatively how much radar radiation flux could be impinging on car passengers/drivers and pedestrians. Additionally, I haven’t found portable meters that could measure the magnitude of the radar signals at the automotive radar frequencies (~24 GHz and ~77 GHz).  I’m both surprised and appalled at the lack of quantitative information about this potentially serious problem.  If anyone can direct me to quantitative studies of automotive radar, and meters that would operate at these frequencies, I would be most appreciative.


In searching the Web for automotive radars, I recently came across some interesting articles on near-future applications of such radars.  One such article is the following:


In this article, the statement is made:

“For example, the digital processing capability inside the mmWave sensor can filter out noise, said Wasson, allowing TI’s radar chips to detect very small movements, even the breathing that indicates the presence of a person or animal inside a vehicle.

Wasson noted that “child occupancy detection” is likely to become a feature in the Euro NCAP roadmap. This, he believes, will open the door for TI’s radars in body, chassis, and in-cabin applications. As tier ones and OEMs look for the right sensing technology to enable such detection possibilities, Wasson noted that radars are much better-positioned.

Radar, for example can “see” through a blanket to determine whether a child is underneath. TI’s radar chips can even distinguish between a person and a static object like a duffel bag, explained Wasson, because their on-chip digital signal processing can detect a heartbeat.”

The aim seems to be to deliberately radiate the cabin with radar RFR, for various detection purposes.  They make no mention about potential power levels. 

I have seen other such articles where the radar would be aimed at the driver continuously, to insure alertness and awareness.  For example, consider the following article:


In this article, the statement is made:

“Sudipto Bose, director of marketing for automotive radar at Texas Instruments, points out that in-cabin radar offers a number of benefits. It can alert parents if they’ve left children in a car, and it can be used for gesture controls, which let drivers control navigation, phone and stereo with hand motions. This proximity radar could also identify if a driver’s attention is not focused out the windshield….. If automakers take Texas Instruments up on its new radar sensors, a production vehicle with radar-based gesture control would still be two to five years away.”

The time frame is relatively short!


So, if you’re driving a hybrid vehicle with a full load of passengers, you will be subject to:

*ELF-EMF from the tires and other sources unique to hybrids (which I measured two weeks ago)

*RFR from your cell phone and the cell phones of the other passengers

*RFR from Bluetooth (which I measured a couple of weeks ago)

*RFR from the WiFi ‘hot spot’ and the devices communicating with the hot spot

*RFR from the myriad cell towers that dot the sides of most highways

*RFR from the radar sensors of other cars

*RFR from on-board radar sensors to detect motions and driver alertness within the cabin

Almost all these radiation sources will also be operable in a gasoline-powered car, and there will be some bouncing around of the radiation within the cabin because of the surrounding metal. 

Our studies on combinations of toxic stimuli including non-ionizing radiation showed the adverse health effects are exacerbated when non-ionizing radiations of different characteristics are combined.  I can only imagine the effects of the above complex combination!  And, I’m not even sure I caught all the sources of exposure in the cabin. When we add in the combination of the non-ionizing radiation cocktail above with the surrounding air pollution, and the other toxic stimuli to which the occupants of the car are exposed in the car and in their daily lives, we have a very serious situation.

Also, it’s not clear to me how the FCC exposure limits (which are already six orders of magnitude too high for protective purposes) would apply to limit in-cabin radiation levels.  Would they apply to each source, or to the total radiation?  I suspect the former. If that is the case, cabin occupants could be exposed theoretically to radiation levels well in excess of the present FCC limits.


I have appended three emails that I sent recently to another group addressing this issue. There were other emails in the correspondence thread that I didn’t include, so they might appear somewhat disjointed.

The first email addresses an FCC directive allowing very high automotive radar exposures at all vehicle speeds, including idling.  There used to be a requirement that the radar be powered down at vehicle idling, but the FCC directive (at Toyota’s request) removed this requirement.  So, as I point out, a small child walking across a crosswalk with rows of cars stopped for a light could theoretically be exposed to a million microwatts/square meter, or more, full body radiation, if the radars are operating at the FCC limit.  I don’t know how much today’s automotive radars actually emit, since I have seen nothing on the Web about that and I don’t have access to a meter that could make those measurements.

The other two emails amplify specific automotive radar issues further, including potential synergistic effects among automotive radar and Bluetooth and WiFi and ELF (which can occur in non-hybrid cars as well as hybrid), which can be operating simultaneously in a given vehicle.

These automotive radar frequencies are within the frequency range encompassed by 5G, so, in fact, we have already been implementing 5G-frequencies for the past decade. We’ve been focusing on the shell, and not the pea, or at least on one pea and not the other pea(s)!






Per the automotive radar issue, I came across this interesting FCC directive from 2012.


 It appears that the FCC used to have a requirement that when cars were stopped, such as in a traffic jam, any onboard radars would have to reduce power to minimize longer-term exposure to humans.  In 2009, Toyota applied to relax these rules, for reasons described in the linked document.  Naturally, the FCC complied with the request.

 What I find interesting is the emission limits they adopted.

 “In lieu of separate emission limits for in-motion and not-in-motion, the Commission proposed to increase the average power density limit to 88 µW/cm2 at 3 meters (average EIRP of 50 dBm) and to decrease the peak power density limit to 279 µW/cm2 at 3 meters (peak EIRP of 55 dBm) for vehicular radar systems regardless of the direction of illumination.”

 In units I use, the average power density limit would be 88*10^4 microwatts/square meter, or 880,000 microwatts/square meter, at three meters.  So, in slow moving traffic on a superhighway, if there was nine meters separation between the bumper of the car behind and the driver of the car ahead (a conservative estimate in bumper-to-bumper traffic), there could be as much as 220,000 microwatts/square meter radiating the driver/passengers of the front vehicle.  I don’t know how much would be absorbed by the glass at these frequencies, but I have seen some documents to the effect that some bands will penetrate the glass.  There could also be side radar coming from cars other than the rear car.

 If you’re walking on a crosswalk in front of stopped traffic, you may even be closer than three meters to the bumper, and could be exposed directly full body to a million microwatts/square meter.  And, there’s no glass or metal to absorb or block the radiation. And, that’s with the assumption that you’re being radiated from one car only.

I don’t know what the actual emissions are in today’s cars.  I would suspect they’re quite high, but the actual numbers would be conclusive.  Walking on today’s streets in high traffic areas has become a dangerous pastime, and few people realize it!



What we really need to get are the codes the auto manufacturers use to compute actual radar exposures to car occupants and pedestrians.  There are geometric and obstacle issues that need to be taken into account, which were not included in the prior rough estimates.  We need to know where specifically all the radars are located, what are their powers and antenna characteristics, how much radiation is blocked by a target car’s trunk, hood, doors, etc.  Also, how much passes through the windows, is absorbed by the windows, and is reflected by the windows.

 The estimates for pedestrians are far more accurate.  If they are walking in front of an idling car, they are getting pretty much unimpeded exposure.  If some of the radars are mounted on the front bumper, then small children walking a crosswalk would be the most vulnerable.  I don’t know what the beam spread in the vertical plane would look like on these actual radar systems, but it wouldn’t have to be much to provide full body exposure to small children.

So, people in a car are exposed not only to their cell phones/tablets and those of their fellow occupants, but also to Bluetooth and WiFi, in addition to the radar coming from other vehicles.  If they have a hybrid, there could also be substantial exposures to ELF magnetic fields as well (as I-and others-have measured).  What are the synergistic effects of being exposed to these myriad (radar, cell phone, WiFi, ELF, etc) non-ionizing frequencies simultaneously?

On route 66 in Virginia (a heavily trafficked superhighway near me), there are always repairs being done.  The road gangs work only a few feet from the streams of traffic.  In addition to their cell phones/tablets, they are exposed to radiation from the many cell towers that can be seen from 66, as well as to the radars from the cars that are whizzing by in close proximity.  These exposures are almost continuous for eight hours a day. Again, what is the synergistic effect of these exposures to different frequency radiation.

And, of course, in highly congested traffic areas, there is the added bonus of high levels of pollution from the cars’ exhausts.  So, we get 2-for-1: EMF pollution and air pollution.  What do those synergies look like?  The arrival of 5G in these areas will be the icing on the cake.  Given that radars operate at either 24GHz or 77GHz, 5G-frequency operation has essentially arrived in these areas.  It’s not coming from short cell towers, but rather ultra-short cars!!!


Two other interesting points.  In the FCC directive I sent yesterday, the radar exposure limits were based on radar emanating from one car.  But, if there are multiple cars, with some emissions spreading to the side, then the cumulative exposures could be well above the FCC exposure limits at selected points.

Additionally, many people believe the driver should sit as high as possible, to be able to see the front of the hood and have a commanding view of the highway.  This is something of a safety measure.  However, now with potential radar exposures, sitting higher above the car beltline is akin to a soldier in the trenches exposing himself to potential sniper fire.  To avoid radar through the windshield, or especially through open side windows, one should sit as low as possible.  This increases safety hazards.  Another unintended consequence, brought to you by your friendly wireless vendor and FCC Commissioner!


Holby City 11 Sept – portrait of an electro sensitive man

From – Anon

Anybody see Holby City’s storyline about an electro sensitive man last night? It was dreadful the way they treated him, like he was imagining it all and even when they found a rare genetic cause for his headaches and body inflammation they still said the EHS was basically his fear of it with the doctor at the end getting a mobile phone out of her back pocket after standing next to him talking for 5 minutes and him not being affected as he was earlier when it was in her hand and he could see it.

I know I am EHS and 3 years ago so severely so that it caused seizures but I also knew I became very scared of EMF/R to the point I lived in fear. I did the DNRS programme to overcome that fear and reprogramme my brain and stopped the seizures and lots of other symptoms. Do I still feel it? Sometimes if I’m in a frequency that I haven’t programmed with. Am I scared of those feelings anymore like I used to be? No. That doesn’t mean that I don’t know how dangerous it is and I live in a totally shielded home.

What I am aware is, the more we fear and think about our symptoms which is normal when we are suffering, the more we are confirming to our bodies its happening and we are never going to feel any better.

Also, the reason we can start reacting to something big and end up reacting to frequencies that are miles away or even deemed safe for us is because the first time we feel it and react, those neurons that have fired together will wire together so gradually we react to more and more because each time our bodies are exposed, the part of the brain that remembers the first exposure will remember what you felt like and another part of the brain makes you feel exactly the same again by sending inflammation and mast cell chemicals to that part of the body eventually causing damage. I even ended up reacting to water after becoming EHS. So that’s the reason we become allergic to smaller and smaller things. Neurons that fire together, wire together and whilst we all know how dangerous this stuff is, by rewiring those neurons it is possible to stop reacting or at least reducing the reactions but we have to stop being its victim and talking, thinking and researching all the time as it is confirming to our brains constantly that its happening so will keep causing the reactions.

Our brains are very powerful things and them being rewired can actually heal our bodies.

I know there will be a few harsh words about this and people will get cross but I really was a severe case of EHS. I lived in the dark, if people came to see me I could feel the radiation from their bodies. I was having seizures and fighting for my life because of it. With brain retraining, I can have lights on and don’t know when someone has a phone in their pocket but can still feel WiFi because I don’t have it at home so haven’t programmed around it.

I live in a shielded home but am able to go out and be around people during the day without fear and very often without any negative effects. I’ve still got a long way to go, I still can’t use a laptop or computer because it sends my heart crazy but I will eventually.

From Facebook UK electrosensitives group

and an interesting reply

Holby City did quite a good take on ES a few years ago. It is a shame they have now done the opposite. I expect industry influence, directly or indirectly. It is shameful to mock this condition. Makes me want to wish it on the people who are so ignorant and/or cruel. ES/EHS is a physiological illness that can cause psychological effects but it is in no way a mental illness. I take strong offense when it is portrayed that way. We are having the correct response to a powerful toxin.

We may be able to improve our reactions given time and space away from high EMFs and correcting metal or other toxicities but I don’t believe anyone is immune to being affected. Maybe not everyone will become EHS but they will be undoubtedly get health effects given time and sufficient exposure. The industry is just about backed into a corner with all the research and activity over the last year or 2. They are fighting dirty to keep ruling the airways unencumbered. We need to stand strong and rational and let our scientists fight for our cause, as they are like never before. Up until about 3 years ago most of the EMF scientists would say that EMR undoubtedly causes (certain) cancer but few would even mention EHS.

Thanks to Prof Martin Pall and other this has changed. The evidence is now mounting so high it is toppling over. And so many more people are now affected thanks to “smart” meters and way higher saturation of towers and WiFi etc. it is getting harder to deny the issue exists. Hopefully at least a few will see through the fiction of this and programmes like “Better Call Saul” and look for the honest scientific facts.

Very good summary of the effect of RF radiation – with links

EMR Protection Services

Why are infants more susceptible to the influence of RF radiation?
In the first 2 years of life the majority of hardwiring in the brain occurs, in scientific terms the number of connections (synapses) between neurons (brain cells) peak.
During this fragile period the brain tissue is more electrically conductive due to a higher ion concentration and water content. (2)
Infants skulls are also thinner resulting in the wireless energy being able to penetrate deeper into the brain tissue.
Infants skulls are not yet fused, there are large membranous areas between the bones…very thin, like skin.
An important event in neurological (brain) development that occurs post-natally (after birth) is a process called Myelination.
Myelination facilitates the transmission of information within the Central Nervous System (CNS) and occurs most rapidly in the first 2 years of life.
Myelin integrity is vital to healthy nervous system development and functioning. Many studies indicate that wireless RF radiation negatively affected myelin.
“Many myelin sheaths were damaged, with scarring and loose loops of myelin sheathes evident. (2) Later research also indicated damage to myelin.” (3)
“Overall, evidence from in vivo, in vitro and epidemiological studies suggests an association between RF-EMF exposure and either myelin deterioration or a direct impact on neuronal conduction.” (4)
Damage to myelin sheathe is the equivalent of brain damage.
“Consequences of RF exposure during the myelination process is poorly understood due to lack of research. Though because developmental processes are vulnerable to disruption it is reasonable to expect that this important stage of brain development may present its own unique risks. Disrupted myelination might be a potential cause of neuro-behavioural disorders.” (2)
“Mice exposed to the wireless radiation regimen displayed neurological impairment evident as demyelination of cortical neurons.” The scientists concluded the damage to myelin was an influential factor in the hyperactive behaviour observed in the mice.(2)
In ADHD widespread differences in myelin integrity between adults with persistent ADHD and healthy individuals suggesting that abnormal myelination is a common factor in ADHD. (16)
In 2001, a study was done at Yale University by Dr. Hugh Taylor where pregnant mice were exposed to cell phone radiation. The offspring of the exposure group exhibited more hyperactivity and poorer memory.
These scientists and medical doctors concluded that what they saw in the exposure group, if extrapolated to humans, it would have looked similar to what we consider ADHD. Importantly noted was that the mice who had the highest level of exposure gave birth to offspring that exhibited the most pronounced abnormalities. (14)
A different group of scientists came to the same conclusion. “RF-EMF exposure led to hyperactivity behaviour as apparent by significant increases in moving distance and duration in the open field test. (2)
“Epidemiologic studies have linked wireless radiation exposure from mobile phones with neurological and cognitive dysfunctions.” (11,12,13)
In fact after an association was made in study(12) a repeat study was performed after taking in confounders (variables that can render experiment invalid). The result of the study was repeated.
Exposure to RF radiation and to a lesser degree post-natally was associated with behavioural problems in school (13).
We have cause and effect in mice studies and epidemiological evidence in humans.
RF radiation also reduced the amount of brain cells in animal models.
Rats exposed to wireless radiation showed that postnatal EMF exposure caused a significant decrease in the number of pyramidal brain cells.(5)
Pyramidal neurons (pyramidal cells) are a type of multipolar brain cell found in the cerebral cortex, the hippocampus, and the amygdala.(5)
A similar study showed that rats exposed to RF had a significantly decreased number of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum.(6) Purkinje cells, also called Purkinje neurons, are brain cells in vertebrate animals located in the cerebellar cortex of the brain.
In a review of all autism literature a significantly reduced number of purkinje brain cells in the cerebellum was a commonality. (17, 18)
Several studies of maternal occupational RF exposure, have reported an increased risk of birth defects and recent studies indicate heavy cell phone has been scientifically associated with 3x the rate of miscarriage. (15)
A number of studies have reported that RF-EMF exposure of animal models increases blood-brain barrier permeability, impairs intracellular calcium homeostasis, alters neurotransmitters, and increases neuronal loss and damage in brain tissue.
In addition it is strongly suggested that “autophagy” (cellular recycling process) is activated in in the brain cells by wireless exposure as a means of cell survival from the stress. Stress that if wasn’t mitigated scientists conclude would effectively lead to degenerative brain diseases. What this means is that the brain induces this cellular process to protect itself against the insult of wireless radiation. (2)
Autophagy alterations have been observed in a variety of neurological disorders (10)
This is a enormous reason why fasting and a low carb (ketogenic) diet can successfully treat Alzheimer’s. Both fasting and carb restriction can induce autophagy in the neurons (brain cells). (1, 10)
ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s and Multiple sclerosis are all conditions that are scientifically associated with abnormalities in myelin. ALL of these neurological conditions are on the rise.
When industry tells us that this radiation has no impact on our bodies or childrens development we must be skeptical that based on the scientific data available.
Why would we take the chance? Why wouldn’t we protect our bodies and children?
(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20534972
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Effect of EMF on an MD

From a Barbara **** sent to another group. This person is an MD. Good for showing to other MDs.

I am a highly rational person with an elite education, an experienced physician and in a major hospital system in a major city. I had felt run down and burnt out for years, but I attributed it to general workload, commuting, life stressors, inadequate exercise, and post-lyme –the usual modern malaise.
About a year ago, the hospital system installed a cell phone communication system for which all clinical staff in the unit would sign on to a hospital phone for the day in order to get calls directly, receive text messages, etc, about patients. It was touted as a way to improve communication, and to some degree it is an improvement (for, say, notifying a team of a critical arrival).
On the first day that I worked in this new environment, a phone-charging bank for about fifty phones was stationed on a shelf about two feet from my head. That meant that every time a broadcast message went out to the system, fifty phones above my head would vibrate or ring. I felt terrible that day, unable to concentrate, unable to even type. I could barely function. I felt like my brain had been dipped in molasses. I had a low grade headache and was extremely irritable. I felt like my spirit had been sapped. I felt like I was a cold bar of iron with no life left. I was sucked dry, depleted. I found that when I left the room and worked on a different computer away from the cell phone charging station that I could concentrate a bit better. I complained right away and had the shelf moved out of the room where the doctors worked, but the communication system is still in place –with most faculty and staff carrying two cell phones at a time (their own phone and the hospital phone). I began to have facial twitching and disrupted sleep. I felt angry all the time.
I had already been aware of how blue light disrupts sleep and had already developed the habit of using orange goggles before bed whether using a device or not –even got others to use them with reports of dramatic improvement in sleep — but I knew that there was an additional property of the phone which was changing my health. I take care of patients with a broad range of clinical problems, and I knew that what I was witnessing in myself was not imaginary, not depression, not psychosis, and was in fact physical harm from something related to fifty cell phones being next to my head for 8 hours. And that, although I had received a large “dose” of the harmful agent, that prolonged regular exposure to a lower dose (one or two cell phones or wireless devices) could also cause harm –although for some people it might be sub-clinical.
I also became aware, and this is perhaps harder to explain –less rational and more intuitive, please bear with me– that disruption of an individual’s magnetosphere (spirit/aura) by the cell and wifi signal puts them at higher risk for future electromagnetic injury. In other words, it is the people who have already been weakened who will succumb first in the event of a major energy event, such as nuclear war, direct hit solar flare, etc. It is the ones who are energetically intact who will survive
There is a veritable epidemic of anxiety and suicide in Western Nations. The temporal correlation between the rise of wireless technology is and the rise of suicide is quite strong. Do we have to wait for a randomized controlled trial before we start making changes? Was it randomized controlled trials which demonstrated the health risks of smoking? (The answer is no).
I approached a research professor in my institution to pitch the idea of retraining to study this phenomenon, and was gently discouraged based on my age and how likely the idea was to be funded by a government grant. In my estimation, there is no health risk (in the developed world) that is more insidious and dangerous. It is also, quite unforgivably, affecting the health of other fauna. I try to use natural openings in conversation to spread the word, but most people don’t really “get” it. Relatives have conferred with each other to figure out if my perseveration is harmless or indicative of craziness.
Those of us who recognize the risk have a duty to help others who do not yet kno

Surviving in Wales (UK) with EMF

(FB conversation) But yea… Dawn Cooper has just asked me about Wales ? & the potential of moving to Wales … Unfortunately Since the Haarp Installation in Wales, Parts of Wales have become a Bad place for ES Sufferers, and anything Breathing. The Only thing that Can Survive in parts of Wales are Sheep, & the Resilient. & for good reason . I just spent a few months in Wales, & towards the end of my time there it made me Sicker … I was in a Tipi for a period, In Tipi Valley, the Largest off the grid community in the U.K, on 100 acres of land, and during the Heat wave i couldn’t sleep for 3 nights in a row, and many other people were having trouble sleeping… I saw alot of Drugs and drink, in all ages of life, especially the teenagers, excessive amounts of class A even (bought online )….. The Valley now have wifi too, beamed in from a hill top.

Rick the Vic , 1 found the founding members that introduced it and runs the website, has sadly now got alzheimer’s…. I saw a lot of mental health issues in the close by town of Carmarthen, and a lot of people going to the doctors. I was always prompting people to talk about illness, and recent deaths, as i was obviously trying to put two and two together. The people who remain in the Valley, are very resilient, as they are not city dwellers, so they naturally can handle and tolerate a lot more then for instance i can. Many of them are still very strong in comparison, enjoying a life of heavy smoking, ‘More natural’ valley weed, drinking and even Drugs … This is all good….. But there are 3 TV Transmitters now emitting RF, just outside the valleys land, and most of the valley now receives 4g and ee signal . & HAARP set up shop near by…

Since the HAARP installation, as well as the rest , there have been many incidences of Cancer, and there were 2 young male suicides while i was there. (of close friends that lived in the town) … I also saw the Valley practically run out of water, as they were waiting for rain for what seemed like an eternity. During the Super hot stretch in Wales, i was there, and i started noticing alot of animals dying . Something was going on in Wales, and the valley turned somewhat from dream, to a nightmare. They have been residing on their land, for 40 years almost, and never once have their streams run dry, untill now . After a couple of months there, i started to get a pain in the back regions of my head, and also lymphatic fluid build up in my ears (they are no doubt linked) which has now resulted in a ruptured eardrum (2 days ago) . One lady also said she felt like there was a generator over her head . I felt like i was dying ,and couldn’t sleep well (Only 35 miles from HAARP Aberystwyth, Under canvas, before you ask, no i did know HAARP was there at the time)…. , so Thank God i left & went on a Shamanic Healing Course, which tbh couldn’t have come any sooner as i was 1 blood spot away from Leukaemia, and had what a Expert iris scanner would call the ‘Death Wish’…

I owe a lot to the Course holder ‘Peter Aziz’, as i don’t know what i would of done another week in wales, and am very happy that he helped me steer my life to the light… . He said that ‘HAARP was notorious for giving people pains in the back of the head, as thats where the creative part of the brain is’, & where all the ‘Out Side The Box’ thinking gets done. When you start to think outside the box, These transmissions are designed to ‘Put You Back iN’ , Hence the pains in parts of your brain, and ‘Dis-Ease’…. That’s Why energy work is so important ‘Right Now’, & Fortifying Your Energy and Shielding From Dark energies has never been so Necessary in Human History . Its amazing how much you can achieve with Knowledge, But application of this knowledge is a whole other thing. The Amount of dark energy coming at us, in many different forms & from many different angles, leaves the Average Joe very susceptible for infiltration.

But Just as easily as you get sick, You can reverse it, and begin to get better. But the first step is In the Mind. Pain is something that will come, and go, its how you react to it and how much power you give it which can determine how it will develop, or cease . Obviously, its a mixture of trying to get away from the RF, & being positive , but if your mind is not in a clear state, your next move wont be a good move, or a positive/Helpful thought , wont become a reality . You are creating your future right now , as your reading this message, and what you think for the next few hours, days, will play a big role in the unfolding of your future . Its a constant regime of thinking positive, and clearing your energy, and the energy of the water you drink . Thoughts become things, & i know about this 1st hand, as i grew up listening to Gangsta rap music, and went to Forest Gate School back when is was Run by Gangstas and a lot of dark energy floating around.

Couple that with me being highly susceptible, it spelt a recipe for disaster. If you think something, eventually you start to feel it . If you repeat something to yourself everyday, eventually you will believe it . That’s why trying to explain to ‘Normal’ people about the danger of waves, Will be ignored by most, or not given to much thought and attention, because , as soon as they give it the thought and attention, it will happen and it will become their reality . Their energy fields are not going to be ‘disrupted’, by anyone, whether it be you, or me (or Millions of people, scientists & research papers). Its a basic defense mechanism and quite frankly a survival instinct, and just think lucky that we do ‘Know’ about it, and we are also strong and positive. The power of the mind and emotion, is very underrated, & whatever it is you decide to do, Positivity , meditation, Grounding, and breathing exercises and supplementation (zinc , Mag, Vit C, E, D3, K2, & more) Fresh Fruit and veg (& in my case, and probably many others,

After getting a hair mineral Analysis test done, CHELATION of LEAD!! …..and nickel, Aluminium, mercury) will help you achieve it quicker, and better. I just felt compelled to share my journey & insight of Knowledge with all of you as it sure did help me And we are all learning new things along the way, the next step for me is Chelation, & to find Love , as i realise full-heartedly since my mum left me and my dad 11 years ago, that love has been been missing from my life and that a woman’s touch is going to be essential if i am to survive 


Blatant attack on all of us

Those who object to the introduction of #5G networks will soon be accused of conspiracy thinking. It does not address or even look at what 5G actually means. Apparently there is a blind faith that our government is responsibly dealing with this matter. Whether that trust is justified, is very much the question! To begin with, the Netherlands has the highest standard for electromagnetic radiation (EMS) in Europe. Radiation levels therefore quickly fall within the acceptable standard. This standard is established as follows: A bag of salt water was irradiated for six minutes by a transmitter. Then it was examined how hot the water was and concluded that it was safe. Only the thermal effect of radiation has determined the safety standard, biological effects have not been studied at all. Health risks therefore play no role for our government in determining acceptable radiation levels! Already 3500 people in the Netherlands know that their health problems are caused by EMS, but many people with health problems do not know this. Doctors are often not aware of the radiation caused by radiation and therefore do not recognize it as such. Animals, plants and trees, in particular bees, chestnuts, elms and tomatoes, also suffer from EMS. And then it is not even 5G, but the current 4G networks!

A second reason to mistrust our government in this matter is money. The current frequencies have been sold for 9 billion euros and a lot of profit and wage tax is levied annually by the telecom providers, who earn a lot of money. It is therefore very ordinary just a revenue model!

In research into the effects of 5G on animals, these health complaints were found: pain sensation and blisters in irradiated skin, reddening of the skin, corneal damage of the eye, damage to the membrane of leukocytes (leaking white blood cells), influencing nerve-muscle functions, disruption control overheated sweat glands, cell proliferation by DNA (cancer formation!), activation of stress proteins in cell damage, disruption of protein-receptor binding, bacterial resistance to antibiotics and changes in the DNA. That is not nothing! Presently there are tests going on with 5G transmitter masts, including in North Groningen. The animals there are going crazy!

How would we feel without radiation? This can hardly be determined. Even if you switch off your own Wi-Fi, you still suffer from the neighbors’ Wi-Fi, a radio mast in the neighborhood, etc. Radiation is everywhere. Little by little, the frequencies are getting more and more increased, our limits are constantly being stretched, with all the health risks that entails. Should we want to?

2018-2020+ Mass Mandatory Unrolling #5G Erratic Pulsed Microwave Radiation Everywhere Is A Mass Assault on: Hippocratic Oath, Private Property & Privacy Rights, Oath to the US Constitution, 4th Amendment, Self-Determination Rights! … and violating 1 of them is already enough to get really upset let alone all 6 combined! … It is sooooo BLATANT ATTACK on all of us including all biological life like plants, trees, insects (especially bees) … the list of technocratic-horror seems endless! … and i did not even mention Government & Corporate (A.I.) Behavior Modification Programs (aka “Mind-control Projects”)

Remember – things that the government once tested and considered “safe” include such toxic horrors as thalilomide, amalgam fillings, smoking, asbestos, lead paint, fluoride, vaccines, and Agent Orange. Can we really trust these so-called government ‘health’ agencies?

Consider this: A $25m government study by the National Toxicology Program has concluded that wireless radiation causes cancer. Natural health advocates say that 70 percent of non-industry studies assess wireless radiation as harmful; with industry studies, the effects are reversed – with only 32 percent showing that wireless radiation is harmful. But, either way, the dangers are clear and being ignored by our government due to corporate interests.

You do things NOT because you have high expectations of how others act & react … you do things certain way because you feel, sense it is the RIGHT WAY no matter how it is received or how ill some people can be! … Results driven activism CAN be very addictive if you have success BUT it must not be your core reason to do so! (it is a spiritual battle as well). See yourself as planting seeds of considerations for the uninformed. If others are incompetent to ACT accordingly could have 1000s of reasons … eventually when reality unfolds you have the truth on your side and will be vindicated anyway. Do not underestimate the long-term effect of lots of “insiders” (key-people) who are on your side but NOT yet been able to do something now but eventually will!


John Kuhles aka ‘ExomatrixTV’ Founder of Stop5G.net

Rant about ‘I love my cage’

I just received an amazing letter from a gentleman who describes his self-liberation as tearing himself out of a self-imposed cage. He explains how when he did this he became invisible and people would not accept him cageless. So now he puts on a cage of bamboo and wire that is easily deconstructed should anyone show up who is willing to relate directly essence to essence. I was deeply moved by his letter. How true this is for all of us really.

We are mostly in hiding in cages designed by our controllers. Our cages are internalized, made our own through mystification, due to the threat of harm. Why do we become our own jailers willingly? We do it out of fear/terror of the consequences of embodying our true selves. We have the directive carved into our ancestral DNA and from horrors we bore in this and other life times.

The war has been for our soul essence/energy all along.  Why would we give our soul essence away to dark forces? To survive, to protect ourselves because it was necessary, but now we are stuck with a very outdated cage to live in. Although our psychological structure cannot be seen with our eyes it is rattling inside each of us, getting rusty with age.

Few kept their heart/soul essence intact and embodied through the war against our Mother Planet, our being, our feelings, our divine connection and our true selves. All this BS has been carrying on for many thousands of years. We have forgotten when we got compromised and how it happened because we have been genetically modified and memory wiped. Trauma can cause shock and dissociation. The parts that remember are not aspects of ourselves we have known how to contact.

We have been mystified, mind f***ed out of our heart/soul/essence all along the way. Now so many of us are feeling the call to embody the energetics of our deepest core essence. It is our spaceship out of this duality prison. Of course we want to go home but we cannot get there in someone’s borrowed old vehicle. Our cage is the construct embedded in ourselves, held there by unprocessed pain and trauma.

Ah and so you retort, “everyone has one, so what’s the big deal?”

The big deal is that when we live a lie we are not a frequency match for growth, wholeness, divine reconnection or love. And probably not for the Ascension upgrades and timelines gifted to us right now by Gaia and Source. We need to purify this dark nasty cage we are buried alive in and become as children again. I am in no way speaking of any religious interpretation of this here whatsoever. I am sharing what I am seeing in real people every day.

We are so tense and frustrated, knowing something is deeply wrong, but no one in the prison gives hints. We may appear successful and loved. We can appear calm and functional, but inside we are screaming, “Get me out of here!”

This is why we do this healing process in small, caring, trustworthy community settings. We build a field of love that comes alive when we are NOT lying but embodying our truth and expressing what is real in us.

As the Earth moves in correction and sheds the impositions upon her, she is also returning to her true expression, higher integral inclusive beingness, longing for purer and purer expressions of divine love.

Transcending, purifying and becoming glorious is the pathway out of the construct.

Many of us are feeling called to shift out of this prison system entirely with Gaia. This is what we are doing together in Shadow Synthesis. So I know it can be done. Impossible? Ridiculous?

Only for you if your cage has become your ego identity and you are too afraid to move beyond it.It’s so much more fun to not be looping in ego. Ego is always maneuvering to save itself from the imagined foe, out there. When the fact is, the foe is the ego itself. It is the lie we live. Very awake people are coming to me who are sick of it and done with it, but mystified out of seeing any clear path.

We are blinded as we try to find the exit door. With fractured, dissociated, tense and frustrated images of ourselves, we are stuck running in circles, too dizzy from our fruitless endeavors to have enough presence to find our way home.

This is a community effort; a team project; all hands on deck. Going it alone right now is a very limited trail-way.

Connection, communication, expansion, shared caring and childlike fun are the order of the day.

What do we really have to lose? We have already lost everything of value if we are brave enough to admit it to ourselves.

Mystification is a bitch. It makes our egos feel that what is actually untrue is true, then we fight each other over delusions. We are constantly projecting and looking outside ourselves; our savior, our next villain, always externalized. It’s all banging around in the scattered mess of junk that we have been mind-controlled to think of as us.

It’s a lie, and we live it until we find the inner courage to get off the Matrix ride.

Ready to come home to yourself? Do it – however you can, wherever you are able. Thanks for allowing me a rant. It really helps me to get this off my chest, to be honest.

someone in the USA