Effect of EMF on an MD

From a Barbara **** sent to another group. This person is an MD. Good for showing to other MDs.

I am a highly rational person with an elite education, an experienced physician and in a major hospital system in a major city. I had felt run down and burnt out for years, but I attributed it to general workload, commuting, life stressors, inadequate exercise, and post-lyme –the usual modern malaise.
About a year ago, the hospital system installed a cell phone communication system for which all clinical staff in the unit would sign on to a hospital phone for the day in order to get calls directly, receive text messages, etc, about patients. It was touted as a way to improve communication, and to some degree it is an improvement (for, say, notifying a team of a critical arrival).
On the first day that I worked in this new environment, a phone-charging bank for about fifty phones was stationed on a shelf about two feet from my head. That meant that every time a broadcast message went out to the system, fifty phones above my head would vibrate or ring. I felt terrible that day, unable to concentrate, unable to even type. I could barely function. I felt like my brain had been dipped in molasses. I had a low grade headache and was extremely irritable. I felt like my spirit had been sapped. I felt like I was a cold bar of iron with no life left. I was sucked dry, depleted. I found that when I left the room and worked on a different computer away from the cell phone charging station that I could concentrate a bit better. I complained right away and had the shelf moved out of the room where the doctors worked, but the communication system is still in place –with most faculty and staff carrying two cell phones at a time (their own phone and the hospital phone). I began to have facial twitching and disrupted sleep. I felt angry all the time.
I had already been aware of how blue light disrupts sleep and had already developed the habit of using orange goggles before bed whether using a device or not –even got others to use them with reports of dramatic improvement in sleep — but I knew that there was an additional property of the phone which was changing my health. I take care of patients with a broad range of clinical problems, and I knew that what I was witnessing in myself was not imaginary, not depression, not psychosis, and was in fact physical harm from something related to fifty cell phones being next to my head for 8 hours. And that, although I had received a large “dose” of the harmful agent, that prolonged regular exposure to a lower dose (one or two cell phones or wireless devices) could also cause harm –although for some people it might be sub-clinical.
I also became aware, and this is perhaps harder to explain –less rational and more intuitive, please bear with me– that disruption of an individual’s magnetosphere (spirit/aura) by the cell and wifi signal puts them at higher risk for future electromagnetic injury. In other words, it is the people who have already been weakened who will succumb first in the event of a major energy event, such as nuclear war, direct hit solar flare, etc. It is the ones who are energetically intact who will survive
There is a veritable epidemic of anxiety and suicide in Western Nations. The temporal correlation between the rise of wireless technology is and the rise of suicide is quite strong. Do we have to wait for a randomized controlled trial before we start making changes? Was it randomized controlled trials which demonstrated the health risks of smoking? (The answer is no).
I approached a research professor in my institution to pitch the idea of retraining to study this phenomenon, and was gently discouraged based on my age and how likely the idea was to be funded by a government grant. In my estimation, there is no health risk (in the developed world) that is more insidious and dangerous. It is also, quite unforgivably, affecting the health of other fauna. I try to use natural openings in conversation to spread the word, but most people don’t really “get” it. Relatives have conferred with each other to figure out if my perseveration is harmless or indicative of craziness.
Those of us who recognize the risk have a duty to help others who do not yet kno