Npower bill rises from £93 p.m. to £320 p.m.

From SMART METERS health problems  U.K.   Face book

William shared his first post.

Please help this has been installed at my mum and dad’s house in York and since their bill from npower has jumped from £93 to £320+pm it’s ridiculous and the tablet display that syncs with it doesnt even work I’m wondering what I should do to get rid of this device and rectify the bill for them there both pensioners

a comment from Dr. Jack Cruse re electrosensitivity and 5G

The light bulb became reality in 1874. The power grid was born in 1893. But when did the history of electromagnetic hypersensitivity show up in humans?

It showed up as soon as humans invented the telegraph. Back in the mid to late 1800’s no one walked around naked making enough Vitamin D (70ng/dl for EHS from sun). In fact, they were heavily clothed which lowered their redox and Vitamin D levels. When you added in the Telegraph we began to see SICKNESS manifest and no one seems to know it.

EMF was a telegraph issue as well. How do we know this? French Physician, Dr. Ernest Onimus, treated Telegraph Operators in Paris during the 1870s, who were continuously exposed to electric and alien magnetic fields, as suffering from heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, poor eyesight, headaches, exhaustion, depression, memory loss & mental illness.

Black Swans know this story. If you don’t you might want to consider becoming one. Most people think nothing could possibly happen prior to the advent of the light bulb. They are not wise or deep thinkers. The Carrington event happened in 1859 and killed several telegraph operators via jump conduction. That is what a CME can do to via a conductor/insulator. Just wait till 5G. That is what it can do as well.

None of you know what is coming……Black Swans do.

A shout from South America – love affair; cancer industry and 5G corporates

Maggie – The Cancer industry shysters in cahoots with the 5G shysters made sure that the public can not obtain access to any instruments or technology that measures the new 5G radiation. Before even seeing the 5G tower or knowing it is in the area I can feel the horrible energy. Then I look up and see the 5G tower. The 5G Cancer industry shysters are putting up the 5G towers throughout Uruguay. We are going to have to work harder to expose these shysters and create more class action lawsuits to arrest ALL people involved with any affiliates of the 5G cancer industry. The cancer industry is an annual Multi-TRILLION dollar profit industry. the 5G is 90 times more powerful than the previous generation cell towers which worked just fine. There is NO need to change perfection. The only reason they are implementing 5G is to cause more cancer so the 5G Cancer industry can make MORE TRILLIONS each year off creating more cancers.

Bluffon S. Carolina woman arrested for replacing Smart Meter

Folks if we go on as we are, this could happen to anyone who has a conscience.

Palmetto Electric Cooperative of Bluffton, South Carolina had me arrested for replacing their harmful “smart” meter with an analog meter after they had refused for over two years to respect my many requests and communications. While I was in jail, Palmetto came and installed a new surveillance device on my home with three locks on the box. “Smart” meters are anything but, and one of the worst things they do is threaten health and lives by their emissions, which can be radio frequency radiation (RF), electromagnetic fields (EMF), or both.

Plus, they are not grounded and can set a house on fire. I began to suffer negative health effects from the meter forced on me, and I am now preparing to stand trial and defend myself successfully. Please help me fight this battle. Our freedom is collective. My success is everyone’s success! This is known as LEGAL PRECEDENT. The more quickly we can raise awareness and get these meters off our homes and businesses, the better

Link to original is here.

How to measure EMF in all its forms – high and low budget

There are  four kinds of field
1) Magnetic fields
2) Electric fields
3) Dirty Electricity
4) RF (Radio frequencies)

My best advice for “no” budget:

a worldband radio or a AM/FM radio (Dirty Electricity in the ‘air’)

My best advice for a very low budget:

1) Cornet ED88TPlus (RF, magnetic, electric)
2) a worldband radio or a AM/FM radio (Dirty Electricity in the ‘air’)

My best advice for a low budget:

1) Cornet ED88TPlus (RF, magnetic, electric)
2) Multimeter (body voltage(electric))
3) a worldband radio or a AM/FM radio (Dirty Electricity in the ‘air’)

My best advice for a medium budget:

1) Esmog Spion (0Hz – 3GHz) (electric, RF)
2) Cornet ED88TPlus (RF, magnetic, electric)
3) Multimeter (body voltage(electric))
4) AM/FM radio and a worldband radio (Dirty Electricity in the ‘air’)
5) DE meter (like the Green Wave or Line EMI Meter) (Dirty Electricity on the electric lines)

My best advice for a deluxe budget:
instead of a multimeter: buy a Gigahertz ME3851A or Spectran NF-5030.
instead of a Cornet: buy a Gigahertz ME3851A or Spectran NF-5030 (magnetic, electric) and buy a higher quality RF meter(s) (RF).
instead of radio’s: buy a Spectran NF-5030 (but radio’s are cheap and useful, so buy them anyway).
And for Dirty Electricity on the line, you could add a battery powered oscilloscope.

The medium budget list should be enough for most people.
The electric mode on the Cornet ED88TPlus is not good enough for the bedroom, hence a multimeter. Be careful, a too cheap multimeter won’t work either. The multimeter should be able to measure accurately down to at least 10mV, to 1mV is even better but getting the bedroom down to 10mV should be already really good.
My advice is based on the meters i have. There are all kinds of meters and i didn’t have the privilege to test them all, and i’m still learning every day. So do enough research first.
Radio’s are not all equal fit to what we need. Buy what people recommend to be good ones.
I have no experience with Spectran meters, but on paper they look good.
Most meters i talked about are used in my videos.

Ed – Merializer Holt, a member of emfwarriors  in FB has some useful tips in his video. Check it out,.

consumer discussion about smart meters and 5G

From Pedro

I came home one day last year and my x had let them (the smart meter installer)  in.
My original meter on the floor and smart meter in its place. I asked the man if he was willing to sign an agreement to pay £1,000,000 per symptom per person after installation. He phoned his superior then swiftly removed the smart meter and replaced the old one. Never heard from them since. Same as water ask for a breakdown of the chemical content before you pay then I can assure you that you won’t hear from them again x. Spread the word

17 Sept 2018

From Barbara(UK)

Experiencing difficulties .
Electricity bill from Eon is estimated and looks too much 
Telephoned help line after over 20 mins on phone no joy.
Tried to feed in the correct readings onto phone .
It kept telling me I got it wrong .
Went on to website .
Sorry no chat line today .
Sorry no access to account , not registered , no password !
My husband been in hospital and so hard to access an account in his name .
All the hassle from Eon is about arranging to have a Smart Meter to make life easier !

God . . . . It is absolute corruption .
Pay too large a bill , spend hours on the phone , or have a Smart Meter .

I am tempted , just to avoid the flipping agro .

Sorry all our lines are busy dealing with customers , just repeats , are there any human beings ?

It is tedious !   4.9.18

Stan (Ma. USA)

I am currently attempting to get smart meters removed globally. As a member of this board I have requested anyone supply me with any documents that show the harmful effects of smart meters. I did get some replies. For those who opted to help, THANK YOU!!!

When a document is used in court it has to be either sworn by the person (meaning they get called as a witness) or by sworn affidavit, anything else is “hearsay evidence” and it not admissible in a court of law.
I now have a second request that anyone who would be willing to tell me how smart meters have effected them and who would be willing to sign an affidavit for use in court which will establish grounds and a president case which can be used for others to get the smart meters removed in the area where they live or work.

I will have been compiling a list of documents showing the harmful effects of smart meter radiation and will share those documents when completed with everyone on this list because we are all in this fight to survive. 
I will not forward or share any testimony from others with respect to how meters have effected them as that information is personal and they may not wish it to be shared.
One thing to be kept in mind is that when they roll out the 5G network the issue we face now with the 2.4GHZ will be a lot worse. Microwave ovens operate on 2.4GHZ and you cannot think that this will not affect you.

You could microwave a cat and he/she will have no choice if placed within the microwave. If you think this wont effect you think of the following. the 2.4 GHZ have already shown to cause negative non-reversible health effects. Now companies want to roll out 5G. If 5G is allowed to come in to the market place the RF damage will be on a much larger and much faster scale. Remember that the frequency effects all living cells and such will affect people, pets, livestock and vegetation therefore it will affect your food supply. The higher the frequency the easier it will penetrate the body and cause harm.
This is why I am asking for your help in getting any and all documents that show the harmful effects of this RF as well as testimony from people who have been effected by it. Cell towers, Cell phones and wireless internet are the biggest causes of this RF pollution.

Please forward all documents
Thank you

18 Aug 2018


Russ (Ed. this is 5G but same deal)  5G is activated in my town. It has been on for about 3Years. Don’t let them put it in. It kills. 6 People died on my street since it was activated. It also killed our solar power board twice. I hope it is destroyed soon. I began to form blood clots. One was over two feet long in an artery in one leg. There is no where to hide, and there is no crystal, or metal, or anything to stop it. Only taking it down will help me other than a miracle. I have been fighting to keep myself alive. It is owned by the Illuminati Rothschild’s. It is designed to kill 90% of mankind. It is the Agenda 21 population reduction tool. It is weaponized. . You need to take a big stand . You need to look at the research. There is plenty. Fight, your lives depend on it. And if you think your leaders don’t know or care, think again. All the UN nations know. It is mandatory in US. That is about to change.

Jed ….after SM installation …it`s induced alright, and yep, since 2007, its been markedly severe for me.. including other very noticeable effects like narcolepsy type problems staying conscious – even when absolutely awake having slept normally.. a lot of the effects I notice are accompanied by rapid muscle twitching in mostly lower legs, but also elsewhere (this is much worse / stronger when close to a wifi / cell emitting source)..I eat an extremely clean diet, strict, and I don’t do strong meds / drugs… been a very fit and healthy person until symptoms became severe enough to physically disable me regularly. FB Electrosensitives 16 Aug 2018

Mike – Living in Ontario Canada I do feel the effects of smart meter making me sleepy almost can’t control it gives off extreme headaches memory loss joint pain shoulders and knees mostly. Affecting my eye sight and burning sensitivity skin areas like private part eyes sinus ex. FB Health problems 17 Aug 2018

Dean –  I got a visual migraine for the 1st time ever last week-it affects the retina and you see a colourful kaleidoscopic image around the periphery of your sight-quite scary but only lasted about 20mins-I’m sure this is related to 5GFB Health problems 17.8.18

Neil – my gas boiler+gas meter had its regular(yearly)safety check ,got chatting to guy,in short his comment was that he will never have a smart meter fitted to his property. 
FB Smart meters health problems  15.8.18

Helene – People are accepting them like they are accepting the chemtrails because they don’t have the balls to stand up to anyone. Well trained sheeple, and if they don’t grow the balls soon, we will all end up in our coffins or incinerated in our own homes like many have already. We see the incinerated homes but people are not seeing that there were families in those homes.  13 8 18

Dave – Just recently had my boiler replaced, got told smart meter are too delicate, if you knock the box it snaps shut the gas supply ( apparently a safety feature). Also boiler fitter told me that he has had quite a few call outs for hot and smoking smart meters. This is in UK.
FB Smart meters health problems  15.8.18

Lene (Holland)   I can assure you that a lot of you will get sick installing this, either from your own home or your neighbours. I did, and it was hell on earth! EMF radiation is strong stuff, no question about it!! And the children will suffer the most because they are developing. Say NO, keep your old meter. It’s your health, your private life and your home!!
origin as above

Forest Thank you for the ad ! We’ve just requested a meter for a build we’ve completed. Hubby got told by edf yesterday that it’s the law to have a smart meter now! lol thankfully I’d already educated him on the dangers of smart meters so he stood his ground and refused. He asked for a quarterly meter but they refused saying they don’t do them 😠 Had to compromise with a card prepayment one. We’ve just sold this house and planning to build a passive house for ourselves on a plot we have bought . Probably have to have the same argument again with utilities when it’s complete

Antony Buy you’re own meters on Amazon.Have them fitted by registered engineer with Health & Safety certificates.

Jazee FB 26.6.18

Over a year ago, I recall posting on here, informing folks of my having received a letter from my energy provider SSE/Scottish Hydro, telling me they were coming to my area to fit smart meters. I then went on to say, I had phoned the company up and told them I do not wish to have a smart meter and when asked why, I had given the reason of electro sensitive. The person with whom I had spoken regarding this, then said, it had all been recodred and no smart meter would be coming my way.

Well, today, I received another letter stating the same; only this time, it was my address where a smart meter would be fitted soon. I have just now phoned them AGAIN and informed them of my previous phone call and repeated, I do not want a smart meter fitted.

Then to be told that there was not a ‘stop smart meter at this address’ on my account records. I told him to put one on and again stated, I do not want a smart meter fitted, not now nor in the future.

No problem, he would make sure that the ‘stop smart meter at this address’ was put onto my account. However, as he was in the process of doing so, he thought he would enact his training, by then asking if I knew of the benefits of having a smart meter.

My anger started to rise, as I said, there are no benefits to having a smart meter. He then went on to say how I could see my energy usage. He didn’t get much further, as I told him, one could do that with an ordinary meter if they so wished. Then said about the radiation. Ha, ha, ha,…to be told, there was no radiation coming from them.

I then got very firm with him, stating, “Do not try to fool me, I am well informed; I have done my research and the radiation from these is extremely high; in fact higher than a smart phone.” I am well aware of the fires many of these have caused; the incorrect massive bills people have received and seen the effect on the blood from the radiation.” I went on to say, “Do not try to fool me, I am well aware and informed.” Then told him I was electro sensitive and did not even use a mobile, as I can feel the radiation flowing from them and can not even hold them, so please do not lie to me.

He stopped in his tracks. I now, so I have been told, have a ‘do not fit smart meter at this address’ on my account. I would no longer receive and correspondence regarding smart meters. Should I see a van anywhere near, not to worry, it will take 24 hours for this to be noted further. Why? I was so angry.

So beware people, because they will try and try and try and take no notice and anyone of us could end up coming home from shopping to find one fitted if we don’t keep an eye open.

From Haltom City, DFW Texas 16.6.18 “Our water bill went from $141 to $332 for two people,” said Mary Hunter. Bottom line: They do not trust these smart meters. The people we spoke with said there is no way their water usage could increase this much in a year’s time. But the residents we spoke with said they have little faith in the smart meters and want them out. The residents have started a petition to do away with this new smart meter system altogether. 
Pub 15 Aug 2018 Added 16 Aug 2018

from a consumer in USA

COMMENT FROM A MEMBER. For those that think its not happening here’s my story. On our rental property after the smart grid was installed Two males in there forties died in there sleep. Four ladies got cancer this accelerated the cancer growth all are now dead, My sister in law and brother in law had a smart meter with collector both started having serious health issues sister feel over dead in Nov 2017 and brother died six weeks back, I kept telling them to get rid of that meter My brother in law wanted to prove me wrong, four days before he passed made the comment “this is going to take people out BIG TIME”

Added 24 Sept 2018

From Facebook – how fighters are treated

Curtis Bennett Mark Steele I hear you brother, it is actually in these groups where admin spoke of so called leaders in the fight against wireless private messaging them to ignore me. Slandering my credentials globally through their vast networks undermined themselves as well the professionals fighting this.

Real professionals would step up, ask questions and be accountable as those professionals. It has cost all of us an extra 7 years of radiation. Unfortunately they have to own it and our team has to ramp it up fighting them to help you.

ALL of you need to address this for the absolute hell that is happening and the unbelievable hell coming for your children and theirs if they can reproduce. As the Chief, International Science Advisory Board for the Integrative Health Forum and associates, I have that title because my background includes the structure of ALL matter(all sciences), Thermal Radiation which is the natural frequencies and vibrations of all matter above Absolute Zero. Temperature for our team starts at -496 deg F(-273 deg. C)
There is no such thing as non thermal, it can all be seen using non invasive radiology.

I want Cathy Dowd or whomever to pass this on to your government including EPH. I just got off the phone with medical education associates speaking about the body at the atomic and molecular level for what it is. It absolutely shocked me to hear him say how delicate and vulnerable biology is. He said those electrons associated with the atoms and molecules of biology are directed intelligently.

I had to explain the mechanisms of interaction were assaulting every atom and molecules with oscillations 180 degrees billions of times per measurable second, 86,400 times per day. This unbelievable electrical biological hell has to be stopped NOW.The entire circuitry of the body is compromised and electron are being forced by electromagnetic fields nothing is compatible with. They need to cease and desist or arrest them. This can be qualified as the extreme assault it is physically. The damage and liability to the UK and others is measurable by the second.

from Stop 5G UK Facebook

Clock is ticking and the plastic head can not prevail. You have to hold me accountable and don’t think you are throwing us under the bus, we will lift it. Keep pushing on, if your on the right side of the law, we have your back. The others will reap what they have sown.