Dr. Martin Pall PhD his letter to Governor Jerry Brown

September 20, 2017

Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: Please VETO SB 649

Dear Governor Brown:

I am Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. I am a published and widely cited scientist on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and speak internationally on this topic. I am particularly expert in how wireless radiation impacts the electrical systems in our bodies. I have published 7 studies showing there exists exquisite sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the voltage sensors in each cell, such that the force impacting our cells at the voltage sensor has massive impact on the biology in the cells of our bodies [1-7].

These papers are discussed in over 360,000 web sites, which can be easily found by Googling (Martin Pall electromagnetic). I received my PhD at Caltech, one of the top scientific institutions in the world.

I am writing to recommend you veto SB.649. EMFs act by activating channels in the membrane that surrounds each of our cells, called voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). The EMFs put forces on the voltage sensor that controls the VGCCs of about 7.2 million times greater than the forces on other charged groups in our cells [4,6,7]. This is why weak EMFs have such large biological effects on the cells of our bodies. EMFs work this way not only on human and diverse animal cells [1-7] but also in plant cells [7] so that this is a universal or near universal mechanism of action.

Thousands of published studies show biological and health effects from electromagnetic fields. We now know the mechanism that can explain these effects. The mechanism is a function of the electromagnetics of each cell—not solely about heating effects from the radiation (on which present FCC guidelines are based).

This new understanding [1-7] means we can debunk the claims of the wireless industry that there cannot be a mechanism for effects produced by these weak EMFs. The 20 years plus of industry propaganda claims are false. Rather the thousands of studies showing diverse health impacts of these EMFs can be explained.

We now have a mechanism, one that is supported by both the biology and the physics, both of which are pointing in exactly the same direction. I am sending as a separate document a list of 142 reviews, each of which provides from 12 to over a thousand individual citations showing health impacts of low intensity EMFs, EMFs that the telecommunications industry claims cannot have such effects. These 142 reviews and thousands of primary scientific papers they cite show that the industry propaganda has no scientific support whatsoever.

The consensus among independent scientists on this is further confirmed by the 2015 (and later) appeal made to the United Nations and member states, stating that the current EMF
safety guidelines are inadequate because they do not take into consideration non-thermal effects. This was signed by 225 scientists from 41 countries, each of whom had published
peer reviewed studies on EMF health effects – a total of 2,000 papers published in this area by the signers, a substantial fraction of the total publications in this area.

According to industry, the forces electromagnetic fields place on electrically-charged groups in the cell are too weak to produce biological effects. However, the unique structural properties of the voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) protein can, it turns out, explain why the force on a cell’s voltage sensor from low-intensity EMFs are millions of times stronger than are the forces on singly-charged groups elsewhere in the cell.

It would be a disaster for the health of Californians to be exposed to the antennas envisioned in SB 649. The State of California would be making a grave mistake to proceed with supporting the commercial interests of the wireless industry with this legislation. You would best veto this bill, Governor Brown, and pause to understand the gravity of the biological effects, and the ramifications for physical and mental health, as well as consequences from continual damage to human DNA, and learn the facts from scientists who are independent of the wireless industry, not from the industry lobbyists who have a gigantic conflict of interest.

VGCC activation in cells produced by low intensity EMFs can explain long-reported findings that electromagnetic fields cause a wide range of biological changes and health effects. The first 6 of these (see below) were well documented 46 years ago in the U.S.

Office of Naval Medical Research report, published in 1971 [8]. The others that follow have been extensively documented subsequently in the peer-reviewed scientific literature: 1) Various neurological/neuropsychiatric effects, including changes in brain structure and function, changes in various types of psychological responses and changes in behavior. 2)
At least eight different endocrine (hormonal) effects. 3)Cardiac effects influencing the electrical control of the heart, including changes in ECGs, producing arrhythmias, changes that can be life threatening. 4) Chromosome breaks and other changes in chromosome structure. 5) Histological changes in the testes. 6) Cell death (what is now called apoptosis, a process important in neurodegenerative diseases).

Since 1971 many other effects of such EMFs must be added to that list: 7) Lowered male fertility including lowered sperm quality and function and also lowered female fertility (less studied). 8) Oxidative stress. 9) Changes in calcium fluxes and calcium signaling. 10) Cellular DNA damage including single strand breaks and double strand breaks in cellular DNA and also 8-OHdG in cellular DNA. 11) Cancer which is likely to involve these DNA changes but also increased rates of tumor promotion-like events. 12) Therapeutic effects including stimulation of bone growth. 13) Cataract formation (previously thought to be thermal, now known not to be). 14) Breakdown of the blood-brain barrier. 15) Melatonin depletion and sleep disruption.

They may be low intensity but with regard to the VGCCs, electromagnetic fields can have a tremendously powerful impact on the cells of our bodies. Furthermore, published studies showing that calcium channel blocker drugs block or greatly lower biological effects from electromagnetic fields confirm there is a VGCC activation mechanism that is causing
various effects. Higher frequency electromagnetic fields from 5G technologies on the horizon pose even greater biological concern than those to which we are exposed today.

We should be moving, instead, to wired technologies at every opportunity, based on what we know in science today, not expanding and supporting the proliferation of wireless.

I want to make several additional points very clear:
The Physics and the Biology are both pointing in the same direction. Both show that EMFs act primarily via activating the VGCCs in the cells of our bodies.

DNA damage known to be produced by these EMFs occur in human sperm and may also occur in human eggs, leading to large increases in mutation in any children born. It is thought that an increase in mutation frequency of 2.5 to 3-fold will lead to extinction because of accumulation of large numbers of damaging mutations. We may already be over this level, and if so, simply continuing our current exposures will lead to eventual extinction. Further increases in exposures will be more rapidly self-destructive.

Pulsed EMFs are, in most cases, more biologically active and therefore more dangerous than are non-pulsed (continuous wave) EMFs. All cordless communication devices communicate via pulsations, because it is the pulsations that carry the information communicated. All the industry claims of safety are based on a theory (only thermal effects) that was known to be wrong back in 1971 [8] – and that was before many thousands of additional studies were published providing massive confirmation that industry claims are false.

The industry is trying to move to much higher frequencies with 5G because these much higher frequencies allow much higher pulsations and therefore much faster transmission of information. However, these higher pulsation rates make these ultra-high devices vastly more dangerous. This is part of the reason why it is so important to vote down SB 649.

None of our wireless communication devices are ever tested biologically for safety – not cell phone towers, not cell phones, not Wi-Fi, not cordless phones, not smart meters and certainly not 5G phones, or radar units in cars – before they are put out to irradiate an unsuspecting public.

The telecommunications industry has corrupted the agencies that are supposed to be regulating them. The best example of this is that the FCC which regulates EMFs in the U.S. is a “captured agency”, captured by the industry it is supposed to regulate, according to an 8-chapter document published by the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University [9]. Is it any wonder, therefore, that the industry keeps touting that their devices are within the safety guidelines set by the FCC?

The telecommunications industry has corrupted the agencies that are supposed to be regulating them. The best example of this is that the FCC which regulates EMFs in the U.S. is a “captured agency”, captured by the industry it is supposed to regulate, according to an 8-chapter document published by the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University [9]. Is it any wonder, therefore, that the industry keeps touting that their devices are within the safety guidelines set by the FCC?

We know how the EMFs work in the body and that the industry propaganda has no science behind it. But what can we say about the 5G EMFs and what effects it will have on our bodies? 5G will be much more active in activating the VGCCs and producing health impacts because of its rapid absorption by materials in the body, because of its very rapid pulsations and because of the huge number antennae they are planning to put up, at least 200 times the number of antennae from all current cell phone towers. What this means is that the impacts on the outer one to two inches of our bodies will be massive.

Because of this we can expect humans to suffer from:

1. Very large increases in blindness from each of the four major causes of blindness: cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal detachment. Each of these involves
excessive calcium levels in different parts of the eye and 3 of them also involve excessive voltage-gated calcium activity. I conclude that each of them is likely to be massively
elevated by 5G.

2. Large increases in hearing loss and tinnitus, leading in many cases to deafness.

3. Very large increases in male infertility, as well as universal drops in sperm count.

4. Very substantial numbers of melanoma skin cancer and leukemia and possibly other types of cancer. EMFs appear to be particularly active in causing cancer in children and
consequently children are at special risk from 5G.

5. Impacts on the peripheral nervous system leading to near universal neuropathic pain and peripheral neuropathy.

6. Large increases in thyroid dysfunction, because of the location of the thyroid gland near the surface of the body.

7. Impacts on the immune system cells, possibly leading to autoimmune diseases and other deficiencies.

8. Impacts on the erythrocytes (red blood cells), leading to stacking of the erythrocytes into rouleaux (long chains) and also cell lysis, leading to very low oxygen in the tissues and lowered nutrients transport to the tissues.

Because plants and animals are affected much as we are, but they have much larger parts of them are highly exposed to the 5G radiation, the impacts on insects (including bees and other pollinators), birds, small mammals and almost all plants will be much more severe than the effects of humans. Even large trees have their leaves and reproductive organs highly exposed to 5G radiation. It is quite possible that the attempts by industry to put 5G in rural areas of California will have tremendous impact on California’s unique agriculture. It is hard to imagine the chaos that will be generated on thousands of different species. To put 5G out with no biological safety testing is, in my view, a travesty.

I urge you to do the right thing on behalf of the health of Californians and future generations: Please VETO SB 649.

Please let me know if I can provide further information, or if you’d like to meet in person to learn more, feel free to contact me at (503) 232-3883.

/s/ Martin Pall
Martin Pall, PhD


1. Pall ML. 2013 Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects. J Cell Mol Med 17:958-965.
2. Pall ML. 2014 Electromagnetic field activation of voltage-gated calcium channels: role in therapeutic effects. Electromagn Biol Med. 2014 Apr 8.
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4. Pall ML. 2015 Elektromagnetische Felder wirken ber die Aktivierung spannungsabh ngiger Calciumkan le, um g nstige oder ung nstige Wirkungen zu erzeugen. Umwelt-
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5. Pall ML. 2015 How to approach the challenge of minimizing non-thermal health effects of microwave radiation from electrical devices. International Journal of Innovative
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Scientific discussion about the dangers of microwaves

From Facebook

The Dangers of Microwaves – Non Ionising Radiation:

Higher Frequencies Are More Dangerous to Health

Here is the Scientific Truth

The power (energy) given from the sound waves depends on the square of the frequency and on the square of the amplitude.

For light waves (color) the energy of the wave is described by the relation E = hf , where E is the energy of the wave, h is Max Planck’s constant and f is the frequency of the wave.

Planck’s constant, symbolized h, relates the energy in one quantum (photon) of electromagnetic radiation to the frequency of that radiation. In the International System of units (SI), the constant is equal to approximately 6.626176 x 10 34 joule seconds. In the centimetres gram second (cgs) or small unit metric system, it is equal to approximately 6.626176 x 10 27 erg seconds.

The energy E contained in a photon, which represents the smallest possible ‘packet’ of energy in an electromagnetic wave, is directly proportional to the frequency f according to the following equation:

E = hf If E is given in joules and f is given in hertz (the unit measure of frequency), then:
E = (6.626176 x 10 34) f and conversely: f = E / (6.626176 x 10 34)

Therefore higher the frequencies provide more energy and are far more dangerous to the health of all air breathing life, insect, birds, animals and humans. The only exception are cetaceans, such as Whales and Dolphins as they are insulated by water.

Sample letter to MP re 5G

Suggestion from STOP 5G U.K. Facebook group
Dear (whoever your MP/Political representative is..)
I am writing to you to express my concerns about a potential Health threat to me, my family and most of your constituents.
I am talking about the construction of 5th generation (5 G) Cell towers that have suddenly proliferated throughout the {fill in your region] generally but {your home town} in particular. (see Appendix 1).
These Towers are being placed in strategic areas to provide maximum coverage for the 5G signal.
They appear to materialise often overnight, WITH NO Public discussion, whatsoever.
At the moment they are benign structures but are part of a greater scheme by Telecom companies to saturate local communities with dangerous “Millimeter wave ” Wi Fi” technology here on the Fylde and throughout the UK without a whiff of consultation/ consent of local people or parliamentary scrutiny, to my knowledge. WHY?
This new 5G system of telecommunications is being heralded in the MSM media as being of enormous benefit to communities in bringing faster and more ubiquitous Wifi communication benefits in terms of faster broadband speeds and proposed, integrated “SMART” technology.
As far can be discerned, it is promoting the use of a Military grade technology that has been tested in Middle Eastern Battlefield Theatres of War, as weapon of, “Active Denial “. It uses Millimeter wide Microwaves to effectively blanket whole communities with potentially damaging microwaves in the high Giga herz range. Because of its minimum wavelength, it can be disrupted by Trees and other natural obstructions so has to be amplified by ‘SMART’ tech such as Smart Meters which are ‘sold’ to us as a ‘good thing’ when in effect they are deadly to human health in the long term. Is this why certain cities in the UK are seeing long-established mature trees being removed in suburbs?
The drivers of this technology appear to be Global Corporations that will benefit from infrastructure spending anticipated to be worth over $70 Trillion Dollars. (see Appendix 2)
Many companies are expecting to benefit from blanket telecommunications, ushering in the “Internet of things”, ie “SMART” technology.
There will be increased surveillance of the public 24/7, as this system requires endless raw data as its food, which it can suck in via smart devices that most people carry about with them these days, esp. The Young, whose developing brains are especially vulnerable to such waves.
This system will usher in Artificial intelligence (AI), also referred to, as the New “technocracy in which AI takes over the running of all complex human systems of control, such as energy delivery systems or the NHS ! This may seem far fetched but many observers believe humanity is now at the point of a “Singularity” between Humanity and Machine learning. We have been warned about this for decades, esp. From Steven Hawking . We are fundamentally on the verge of making humans redundant and becoming slaves to a “Technocratic” future which is being carved out without Public debate and consultation.
This electronic grid Matrix will leave individuals and organisations such as the NHS and National Grid open to many hacking security issues, including an Orwellian surveillance society.
This infrastructure will create an electro magnetic smog wrapped around high population density areas. It is aiming for Global coverage from Space based Satellite platforms that will beam these damaging radiation bursts down upon populations creating a “Neuralaze” Net or electro magnetic blanket, from which everything that can be digitised will be harvested and controlled by a ‘Few.’ 24/7.(see Appendix 3).
THE HEALTH IMPLICATIONS AND DANGERS TO THE PUBLIC ! ________________________________________________________
Apart from the infringement of civil liberties, there are many health and safety considerations for local residents. Doctor Barrie Trower, who is a world-expert in Microwaves says this new technology is being implemented despite Zero Assessment of it’s impact upon human Health. He demonstrates that 5G will have deleterious ill health affects upon human cells, damaging both DNA and human Mitochondria leading to Cancers, heart attacks and a host of up to 750 known ill-health conditions. Trower says that at least 70% of the human body is water and “Electro Magnetic” in nature and that Wi Fi Microwaves are known to have deleterious effects upon the cellular structure of water and will thus affect our biology. ( See Appendix 4).
It is said to slice through DNA and cell mitochondria thus creating abnormal cell division/mutations. (see Appendix 5).
The young and unborn will be particularly vulnerable to the intensity of the 5g waveform with impacts upon reproductive and developmental health in the populations, The Nefarious side of 5G is that it would enable criminal actors with access to this technology to inflict pain, suffering and disorientation upon victims (Targeted Individuals), at will!
Military Industrial Complex players such as “DARPA” in the USA have developed “Directed Energy Weapons” such as “Voice to Skull”, “Mind” / “Crowd” control technologies which are now ubiquitous. Operatives would also be able to target individuals/populations at will in order to use the damaging potential of microwaves to induce heart attack and cancers amongst many other conditions in affected dissidents.(Appendix 6 ). Down the years many ‘whistle-blowers’ have suffered fatal heart attacks just as they were about to inform what was going on, in the name of ‘Future Progress’. The strength of the blanket 5G waveform will bombard homes offices and other buildings. It will be sufficient for operatives to see through walls and obtain 3 dimensional mapping of individuals living and work spaces.This would amount to an X-ray type of surveillance of people 24/7. There are already concerns about 4th Generation WI FI in schools and our homes ! Many Schools,colleges and day centres in France have already banned 4th Generation Wi Fi on health grounds. (see Appendix 7) The World Health Organisation itself (WHO) has already declared that existing WI FI is a class 2 Carcinogen (see Appendix 8) As far as I can discern, 5 G represents a major quantum leap in the type of signal that will be pumped through our bodies, constantly 24/7. It has been proposed to increase the signal strength from it’s current 3 -6 Giga herz range to a possible 300 Gigaherz range.There has never been in the course of human history a time when humanity and animal life has been subjected to continuous bombardment of damaging microwaves. We may already be seeing this being played out at the moment in the Nationwide loss of our insect life, including Bees , our essential pollinators for crops. (Appendix 9). I personally have seen a massive reduction in the number of pollinators in my own garden, compared to 10 years ago. There is already a large body of hundreds of concerned scientists, Doctors and others who are already raising red -warning-flags to Governments in calling for a Moratorium on further investment in 5G roll-out until proper Health Impact Assessments can be undertaken. (see Appendix10)
These include the ” International Society of Concerned Scientists” who point to a plethora of potential effects upon the human body which include the following:-Possible Carcinogenic mutations in Cell DNA from exposure to proposed 5G signals.
Quote”,…..”there is strong evidence that long-term exposure to certain EMFs is a risk factor for diseases such as certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and male infertility Common EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms.” (Appendix 11).
COOKING VALUES ! _________________ Ionizing and Non Ionizing Radiation baseline safety limits are calculated using a 14 tone (200lb Adult Male) as the Industry Standard for establishing a base line for Microwave Radiation. risk to the human body.(Appendix 12). They refer to this base line as a measure of ascertaining “Cooking Values” ie the type and intensity of microwave radiation that could prove harmful to the human body.
I have discerned that Wi Fi Microwave radiation will increase from the current rate of 3 – 6 Gigaherz range,,… up to values between 24 – 90 ghz with an average of 38 Gigaherz, (in the first wave of 5G implementation). These values could increase… all the way up to 600 Gigaherz. The average microwave oven is in the 2.4 Gigaherz range). There is literally no precedent in the history of mankind to see if our bodies can sustain a blanket coverage of this type of assault for any time period. 5G roll out will be the biggest experiment upon humans since the introduction of cigarettes.Some commentators such as Kevin Mottus say this could lead to a 30 year average decrease in human life expectancy, (see Appendix 13)
THE TYPE OF INFRASTRUCTURE PROPOSED FOR OUR TOWNS AND CITIES ! ____________________________________________________________________
The system requirements for this roll out of 5g require that many relay stations ( antenna masts) pump 5g telecommunications back to more stategically placed Cell Towers.Terms such as “Beam Forming”,”Massive Mimo” and Transceivers on Lamposts are to form the basic Infrastructure of Signal Penetration. It requires a system where Lamposts will be significant at both receiving and transmitting signal back to relay base stations. The expert activist Mark Steele, has conducted a comprehensive survey of his home town in Gateshead where, he concludes that damaging microwave radiation will affect the most vulnerable people including the young, elderly and infirm, because of lamp-posts proximity to where people are sleeping! (see Appendix 14).
Many commentators say this is why Cities like Sheffield have been destroying trees within city neighbourhoods in order for an effective coverage to be obtained. (see Appendix 15)
SUMMARY/CONCLUSIONS ! ______________________
There are many critical opinions of this proposed telecommunications network and virtually no oversight or debates in Parliament or elsewhere about an issue that could potentially be as large a public health issue as asbestos or smoking.
Please see enclosed open letter to parliamentarians from Professor Curtis Bennett (see Appendix 16).
The perceived benefits of fitting “SMART” meters are also downplayed both on health and efficiency grounds (See Appendix 16).
You and your colleagues carry an enormous responsibility for charting the World in which our children and Grand Children will live in. What I have described is a generational change that is as big as the previous three Industrial revolutions taken together. Mistakes have been made in history by not heeding logical problems that could have been solved differently. This revolution is being led by big Business concerns, with shareholders’ profits as the MAIN DRIVER, with no regard to human health impacts or assessments. It is very evident that according to Internationally agreed treaties on microwave weapon use and their application in civilian Infrastructure, there is a strong case that many of the Industry proposals are in fact illegal ! (see Appendix17).
I will be working with my fellow citizens to highlight these perceived dangers, with organisations such as https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/ and http://www.bioinitiative.org/.
I am urging you as my MP to use your powers within Government to call for a Moratorium on further development of 5G networks and their associated SMART roll out.
Doctors and Scientists should be given time to fully evaluate the potential dangers and harm caused to humans before 5G is rolled out to the British Public around 2020.
Yours Sincerely
APPENDICES. __________
Appendix 1 See Attached photos of Cell Towers in
Appendix 16

EMF insurance and liability policy exclusions

From xxxxx  xxxxx EMFs MPs Action Group U.K. Facebook

I have had a problem trying to post this on the EMF page, so here goes… Suggestion: people might want to check and keep an eye on the details of their insurance policies, such as buildings, medical, etc., for any mention of electromagnetic field/radiation/etc. exclusions – if mentioned at all they are likely to be listed under “pollutant” exclusions. It might also be worth contacting the respective insurance companies to ask them to confirm their position on electromagnetic risk and, if any, on what basis did they come to that decision – invite them to consult their brokers/actuaries to confirm the details if necessary.

Also, ask them how their insurance policies are or will likely be managed to reflect any identified electromagnetic risk, e.g. the risk is/will be noted under policy exclusions; the insurance premium will be increased to offset any risk; a separate policy might be constructed for the specific risk.

On the basis that insurers confirm that electromagnetism presents a risk to the public , potentially or otherwise, then I see no reason why we cannot raise this as a matter of urgency and concern with our MPs and demand that they provide clear and concise responses to explain why insurers’ specialist risk management teams are identifying electromagnetism in all its forms as a risk, potential or otherwise, whilst government and members of parliament maintain a contrary view and behave as though it presents no risk of harm or injury to anyone and anything, by supporting industry to proliferate its applications of electromagnetism across swathes of public and private space.

The situation becomes even more ironic when you realise that according to website emfs.info there are no statutory public exposure limits in the UK, but there is statutory legislation for occupational exposure in the form of the Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016.

The public are supposed to rely on government policy for their protection that is based on the 1998 ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guidelines ‘in the terms of the EU 1999 EU recommendation’. Again according to emfs.info, not all industries comply with this policy, and its limits may not even be legally enforceable.

Prof Martin Pall , 5G and human extinction


My worst fear was confirmed yesterday (23 July 2018) as I listened to Prof Martin Pall (a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences) explain how 5G grid will create human extinction within approximately 5 years after its’ rollout.

To understand the dangers of 5G, you must first understand that we are all bodies of energy. We operate at frequency bandwidths that every feeling, emotion, action (and much more) comes from. It also affects our reproduction system.

In this interview with Energy & Consciousness expert Penny Kelly , we learn the importance of us humans working together to find frequencies of energy that aid in our evolution; energies that support cooperation and healing… and not human destruction, which is what the 5G grid does.

5G is going to affect ALL of us (people, pets, and plants) IF they proceed with their (already FCC approved) US and multi-national rollout plan. The 5G grid hasn’t been tested for safety and 1000’s of scientist are saying it’s lethal.

Many cities have already become “smart”, but there is still time to voice your opinions, take legal action, and play an important role in the progress of human evolution.

Check out InPower Movement to learn more.

Friends, we must pay attention to this very serious attack on our (and kids/pets) bodies. The latency (or timeframe it takes for something to appear) for symptoms from disease, cancer, etc from WIFI DNA damage is 10-15 years (sometimes sooner).

And, the fact this damages DNA and the reproductive system is serious. The actions we adults take today will benefit the kids and adults of tomorrow.

Just think about a generation of kids in 15 years time when they all get married and ALL not able to have children from the wifi exposure they had throughout their lives, in malls, on transports, in schools, etc.

…and to make things worse, this DNA damage is non-reversible. So, there is no ‘healing’ option; the only way is extinction.


Curtis Bennett – about professional qualifications

Curtis Bennett Electra Ruby Cathy Dowd and others can share more of that. Governments, utilities and industries moved forward with this deadly technology with critical science ADMITTED to be missing.

Sciences are exact and would make some people crazy with the calculations, the physics, etc and then build to meet those engineered standards.

Our final exam for Building Construction Engineering Technology
It was a bridge across a river. We had to do the drawings to scale by hand.(no autocadd) design it and show all calculations with the answer being how much the bridge would move in 25 years.

When you get on an elevator and it says maximum weight allowed, engineers will design for it. It will be designed for a little more, I wouldn’t push it.

When the Space Shuttle with the teacher on board exploded, it was determined a gasket had failed on the rocket booster.

The lead engineer wanted the launch stopped. It was just over 21 degrees F that morning and colder than usual. There were icicles show on the shuttle. The lead engineer said it had to be 53 deg. F degrees F to launch.

A political decision was made to launch and I know this because there is too big a temperature margin, the gasket had shrunk. The engineer had a nervous breakdown but speaks about it now.

The point is under no circumstances do you politicize science. Canada’s ex PM Harper did that with wireless exposure and shall reap what he has sown. I say it without malice, he will have to account for his treason.

My presentations are simple for me, when your telling the truth you don’t have to remember everything. You see the imaging? We are the world’s foremost authority on so called non thermal effects. It is all thermal. This level of medical education is the highest accredited standard in the world.

I think people have trouble with me being a professor because it isn’t normal. Professionals looking for the PhD write a theory and represent it. My program lecturing accredited medical education is energy at the molecular level, magnetism, the dangers of EMFs, causal evidence, mechanisms, difficult diagnosis, building performance, energy, mold, code compliance, emissions, climate change, forest fires, sources of toxic load in the body, non invasive radiology practicum with Professor Ronald Lynch MD, etc. Integrative Health Forum & assoc most advanced medical education in the world.

It is all science and for the record I didn’t start calling or ever referring to me as a professor. My other credentials speak for themselves. It was the health education admin that told me I needed to change my credentials. I told them I have enough going on until they told me to look it up. I said “I am a professor and they said, without the pay”.

It is an important credential to utilize. That medical education program in Florida Jan, 2011 lecturing causation and biological, plausibility was applicable to health professionals in North America. I qualified the missing science, mechanisms and biological plausibility missing in exposure codes.

That means that was applicable to health professionals in North America for Continuing Education credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing. That means this isn’t a debate Sharon Nobel, Josh Del Sol, Janis Hoffman, Magda Havas, Cristel Martin or any other person wanting to discredit me. It is now medical education and not hypersensitivity or microwave sickness. It is subtle electrocution and you can’t put a baby in a microwave.

If anyone reports to you publicly or privately that I am not qualified, you need to call them out and me. This is a microwave oven.

EMF’s MPs Action Group UK – Facebook Pub 21 July 2018 Added 21 July 2018

NYC showing signs of the coming 5G mightmare

Dr Jack Kruse writes in FB

NYC now showing signs of the coming 5G nightmare. No one seems to realize how jump conduction works in wireless. These neighborhoods in NYC is where I went to HS and college and they’re very close to both 5G airports in the city. The symptoms have begun. Stray electric current is been found to be causing copper pipe corrosion on very short timescales. Since bone uses to copper atoms as dopants to keep calcium and appetite on the collagen backbone what you think the effect of jump conduction will be on people’s bones living in the neighborhood?

What will be the effect of calcium flows in the melena propers in the mechanism controlled by calcium? What will happen to mitochondria which uses calcium as a second messangers to control the type and amount of free radicals that mitochondrial matrix makes? These are a few of the collateral effects coming to many cities in the USA in the next two years. Be ready for it

Pub 13 July 2018  Added 14 July 2018

This is the building where I am expected to work – Sydney

Written by Kate, EMF Warrior group, FB

and notice the fancy lamp post

This is the building where I am expected to work on a regular basis sometime soon (Westmead Hospital precinct, Sydney). I managed to negotiate my way out of being in the office daily due to EHS with a letter from my Doctor using the EUROPAEM Guidelines) – but my workplace just moved to a new building (the one in the photo) and after an external assessor they think they can shield my office sufficiently for an EHS person. I think the shielded office might be ok but other areas will not be – and I will be expected to join meetings etc on a regular basis throughout the day. Any thoughts Warriors?

I’ve been doing lots of Dr. Jack Kruse stuff but still felt slammed after being in the building for 90 minutes yesterday (RF = 1.9-2.5V/m using a TES593 meter; Dirty Electricity = 1000 units at 3 powerpoints and 1950 units at 1 powerpoint using a DE meter; magnetic fields fine – under 1 milligauss – all measurements taken before people were in the building and using the Wi-Fi network/ equipment).

The sort of response we can expect

Response from Science and Tech Committee.

Dear Miss Dowd,

Thank you for your email dated 19th June sent to the Government Office for Science, about the safety of radio frequency fields from mobile phones and other devices. I am responding on behalf of the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Dr Patrick Vallance. Dr Vallance receives a very large volume of correspondence so he can’t reply personally to every letter. He has therefore asked me to reply to you on his behalf.
In your letter, you requested that we examine evidence on the safety of radiofrequency fields and attached details of concerns raised in Canada. In England, this is the responsibility of Public Health England (PHE). PHE monitors the scientific evidence relevant to radio wave exposures and health, and publishes comprehensive reviews of the evidence.
I have attached a summary document from Public Health England, setting out its current advice and the evidence reviews that underpin that advice. Their conclusion, based on substantial international research, is that there is no convincing evidence that radio wave exposures below the international guideline levels that are adopted in the UK cause health effects in either adults or children.
The attached advice contains links to more detailed information and, I hope, will help to address your concerns.

Ruth Marshall
Policy Advisor
Government Office for Science

I have written to the recipient asking about the links.  Ed.

I nearly died from Smart Meters

RW Lived in one for 6 months in an apartment after months of getting sick and not knowing what it was till I read a book called Backyard Secret Exposed…finally finding out it was the 9 smart meters on the outside of my bedroom wall plus 2 air conditioners, 4 huge electrical boxes, 15 small electrical boxes…almost died.

My son made me a Faraday Cage but had to put foil all around it because of all the EMF’s.

God had mercy on me thru all this…😇🙏💖

reproduced from @smart meters health problems U.K.


Why are infants more susceptible to RF

Why are infants more susceptible to the influence of RF radiation?
In the first 2 years of life the majority of hardwiring in the brain occurs, in scientific terms the number of connections (synapses) between neurons (brain cells) peak.
During this fragile period the brain tissue is more electrically conductive due to a higher ion concentration and water content. (2)
Infants skulls are also thinner resulting in the wireless energy being able to penetrate deeper into the brain tissue.
Infants skulls are not yet fused, there are large membranous areas between the bones…very thin, like skin.
An important event in neurological (brain) development that occurs post-natally (after birth) is a process called Myelination.
Myelination facilitates the transmission of information within the Central Nervous System (CNS) and occurs most rapidly in the first 2 years of life.
Myelin integrity is vital to healthy nervous system development and functioning. Many studies indicate that wireless RF radiation negatively affected myelin.
“Many myelin sheaths were damaged, with scarring and loose loops of myelin sheathes evident. (2) Later research also indicated damage to myelin.” (3)
“Overall, evidence from in vivo, in vitro and epidemiological studies suggests an association between RF-EMF exposure and either myelin deterioration or a direct impact on neuronal conduction.” (4)
Damage to myelin sheathe is the equivalent of brain damage.
“Consequences of RF exposure during the myelination process is poorly understood due to lack of research. Though because developmental processes are vulnerable to disruption it is reasonable to expect that this important stage of brain development may present its own unique risks. Disrupted myelination might be a potential cause of neuro-behavioural disorders.” (2)
“Mice exposed to the wireless radiation regimen displayed neurological impairment evident as demyelination of cortical neurons.” The scientists concluded the damage to myelin was an influential factor in the hyperactive behaviour observed in the mice.(2)
In ADHD widespread differences in myelin integrity between adults with persistent ADHD and healthy individuals suggesting that abnormal myelination is a common factor in ADHD. (16)
In 2001, a study was done at Yale University by Dr. Hugh Taylor where pregnant mice were exposed to cell phone radiation. The offspring of the exposure group exhibited more hyperactivity and poorer memory.
These scientists and medical doctors concluded that what they saw in the exposure group, if extrapolated to humans, it would have looked similar to what we consider ADHD. Importantly noted was that the mice who had the highest level of exposure gave birth to offspring that exhibited the most pronounced abnormalities. (14)
A different group of scientists came to the same conclusion. “RF-EMF exposure led to hyperactivity behaviour as apparent by significant increases in moving distance and duration in the open field test. (2)
“Epidemiologic studies have linked wireless radiation exposure from mobile phones with neurological and cognitive dysfunctions.” (11,12,13)
In fact after an association was made in study(12) a repeat study was performed after taking in confounders (variables that can render experiment invalid). The result of the study was repeated.
Exposure to RF radiation and to a lesser degree post-natally was associated with behavioural problems in school (13).
We have cause and effect in mice studies and epidemiological evidence in humans.
RF radiation also reduced the amount of brain cells in animal models.
Rats exposed to wireless radiation showed that postnatal EMF exposure caused a significant decrease in the number of pyramidal brain cells.(5)
Pyramidal neurons (pyramidal cells) are a type of multipolar brain cell found in the cerebral cortex, the hippocampus, and the amygdala.(5)
A similar study showed that rats exposed to RF had a significantly decreased number of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum.(6) Purkinje cells, also called Purkinje neurons, are brain cells in vertebrate animals located in the cerebellar cortex of the brain.
In a review of all autism literature a significantly reduced number of purkinje brain cells in the cerebellum was a commonality. (17, 18)
Several studies of maternal occupational RF exposure, have reported an increased risk of birth defects and recent studies indicate heavy cell phone has been scientifically associated with 3x the rate of miscarriage. (15)
A number of studies have reported that RF-EMF exposure of animal models increases blood-brain barrier permeability, impairs intracellular calcium homeostasis, alters neurotransmitters, and increases neuronal loss and damage in brain tissue.
In addition it is strongly suggested that “autophagy” (cellular recycling process) is activated in in the brain cells by wireless exposure as a means of cell survival from the stress. Stress that if wasn’t mitigated scientists conclude would effectively lead to degenerative brain diseases. What this means is that the brain induces this cellular process to protect itself against the insult of wireless radiation. (2)
Autophagy alterations have been observed in a variety of neurological disorders (10)
This is a enormous reason why fasting and a low carb (ketogenic) diet can successfully treat Alzheimer’s. Both fasting and carb restriction can induce autophagy in the neurons (brain cells). (1, 10)
ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s and Multiple sclerosis are all conditions that are scientifically associated with abnormalities in myelin. ALL of these neurological conditions are on the rise.
When industry tells us that this radiation has no impact on our bodies or childrens development we must be skeptical that based on the scientific data available.
Why would we take the chance? Why wouldn’t we protect our bodies and children?
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